Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Energy Healing Explained For Mormons

A hug is energy healing.
I have talked about energy healing here and there, but I have been feeling the need to explain the basics to people who might want to know.

What is energy healing and how does it fit in with the Gospel, if it all?

1. A better first question might be "What is energy?" If you look around you at the first object your eyes fall on--perhaps your hand, or your computer--and you imagined magnifying that object until you could see inside the cells, what you would see would be just vibrating bits of energy. In truth, all matter is just energy. And not just matter. Sound and light are also vibratatory frequencies. Vibrating energy. So the answer to "What is Energy?" is really: everything.

2. The cool thing about energy is that it is also intelligence(s). The energy/intelligence in your hand knows to be a hand and not a book. The energy/intelligence in my desk knows to be a piece of wood and not an elephant or cloud.

3. Pictures, music, and words, both spoken and unspoken are energy and they influence other energy/intelligences. Some wonderful experiments have been done on this. Probably the most photogenic experiments were the ones done by Matsuro Emoto on the nature of water. Here is an example of some water taken from the same source that was then spoken kind words, unkind words, prayer, etc.:

He also did experiments where he played music to, showed the water pictures, and spoke mentally to the water. 

The logical next thought you might be having is that humans are 70-90% water--depending on age...

In my book, The Gift of Giving Life, I referenced the grain of rice experiment (p.405 ) which you can replicate at home.
In this image they used many grains of rice, but you get the idea. 
You can read more about this in Emoto's books. 

4. Once you understand energy, the next logical question is "What is Healing? And How Do Poeple/Energy/Intelligences Heal?" The simple answer is: all healing comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It just does. Even if people don't know it or acknowledge it.

5. At it's most basic level, energy healing is about changing the energy/intelligence from one frequency to a higher frequency. (The ultimate highest frequency being like Jesus Christ.) Since all energy is also intelligence, it responds to divine intention and command. Because we are all, royal, children of God, and joint-heirs with Christ, we are divine, and energy will respond to us.

This is not a new idea. Perhaps it is just being presented in a different way in this new age and so it seems new. In truth, energy healing happens every day without your realizing it, as you can see with the water experiments above. If you say something kind or give someone a hug, you are doing energy healing. Prayer counts as energy healing. A priesthood blessing does, too.

Our negative thoughts and exposure are also affecting our energy or vibratory frequency. A simple way to think of it is that if our vibratory frequency falls below a certain level, we get sick or other kinds of dis-ease.

5 1/2. Intention
Many great peer reviewed studies have been done on the power of intention and have been replicated hundreds of times with the same results. For example, there are several studies on using intention to stop the growth of yeast in humans (and in dishes). In another experiment, intention was directed at random number generating machines--each time, the subjects were able to get the machines to generate a predictable pattern of numbers. This study was also replicated hundreds of times. The HeartMath Institute was the first scientific institute to notice and document that the very act of viewing an experiment changed the outcome of the experiment.

I should note that because we live in a polarity planet (opposition in all things), the same way that energy can be upleveled to create healing, it can also be downgraded by our own negative thoughts, bad behavior and by tools of Satan to create sickness and sadness and even death. The devil also uses energy as a tool. 

6. Why is energy healing needed? 
If you think about it, a cancerous tumor is just energy. If it is just energy then it can be healed by energy. Old hurts are energy too, and when they get trapped in your body, they start to get everything around them vibrating at the same frequency. Pretty soon everything starts to go to that frequency. Maybe it becomes a tumor or maybe a person just becomes bitter and attracts more bitterness into theirs lives.

Deep down everyone wants to be happy, and deep down we all have the resources to get there. But most people, especially once they fall below a certain frequency, can't access these resources on their own anymore. They need help.

Some people with spiritual gifts and training and who understand the way energy works in the body and with the mind and in relation to the energy around you, can help. Sometimes they call themselves energy healers. Sometimes they have other names. The really good ones will always act under the direction of and give credit to God.

7. The ultimate energy healer: Jesus Christ

When the woman with the issue of blood touched Christ's robe and he felt "virtue" go out of him, what He was really saying was that he felt power go out of him. What most people don't recognize is that this power was not like oil in a lamp that became depleted. It was more like electricity--an energy-- that went out of it. This power doesn't run out. But He could feel it had been activated and flowed from him. It was activated in this case by the woman's faith. Faith is also an energy. The combination of his "virtue" and her faith are what healed her.

8. Distance and Proxy Healing. Energy/intelligence is smart. It knows how to get where it's going, and it knows when it's being acted upon even at a distance. That's why energy healing works at a distance and with proxies. This is how all of our temple work is done for the dead--by proxies. How do you think that ordinance knows how to get to the right person? It just does, conditional on them accepting it of course. There are many examples of distance healing in the scriptures. Christ healed many people that weren't present, just by saying the word and commanding it so. Have you ever witnessed anyone be miraculously healed through group prayer or fasting? I have. That is distance healing.

9. I have found many more examples of energy healing in the scriptures by Jesus Christ, his apostles and many old testament prophets like Elijah and Elisha and many more. I will post about some of them them soon.

10. Energy healing is becoming more common and there are about 100 different modalities of energy healing. There are many great ones. One day, I will list all the ones I have heard of/tried/studies/practiced and you can all help me add to the list.

If God is guiding you to try it, or to study it, etc, you should ponder and pray about how to go about it. We need more good LDS healers. At it's core, the LDS church doctrine and Christ's life are all about energy healing.

11. Some Issues: That said, I do have some issues with what many people call Energy Healing. I have a background in hypnotherapy and then I have added lots of energy healing techniques on top of that. Although hypnotherapy is also energy healing--but for the most part, what is categorized under energy healing tends to be very focused on the past and healing the issues there, and I don't feel that there is enough or any emphasis on developing skills to cope with life now and move forward. Very few "energy healing" techniques have this built in. Sure, clearing old stuff may help with life now, but not as much as you would think. Balance is needed. That's why I always think meditation (and some forms of hypnosis/imagery) is a great core practice if you are on a healing journey and especially if you are a healer.

Meditation, in my opinion, is the best kind of energy healing, and it is free. Everyday you can go to the ultimate healer. Not long ago, I started to require all my clients meditate and it cut their visits down a lot. That sounds counter intuitive as a business strategy, but it allows me to see the next person who needs help and creates more healthy people who can then help others.

My other issue is that there is sometimes a little too much emphasis on technique or training or certification. Certifications are definitely important if you are seeking out a healer, but if you are just wanting to learn to help your family and friends, they are not as important. I went to school for a long time with a lot of people from all walks of life. Some took every course and got every certification and were poor therapists. Some were technically very savvy, but there was no love and they gave up pretty quickly when it wasn't making them rich. I worked with and practiced with many therapists/healers and eventually taught at an accredited college of hypnotherapy. When I taught, all the students wanted to know the secret to success. This is what I found: the best healers are the ones who know their stuff, but in the end, will throw out everything and follow intuition with confidence. They are the ones who have their own lives together, they live what they preach, and above all, they have an unconditional positive regard for all people. These are the people that just being in their presence is healing. I am grateful to know a few people like that. And now that I think of it, I think all of them meditate in some way. :)


  1. Felice, you have such a gift for explaining things. Amen and amen to your last paragraph. Those who can follow inspiration to know when to use a particular modality over another and who also have their lives together really are the best healers. While I have learned several energy healing techniques that have healed many past issues, I am SOOO grateful to have learned KY meditation to help me cope with my life as it is now. KY also was the tool the Lord wanted me to use recently when I asked which modality would be the most effective to help me overcome a particular issue. I love it.

  2. Lovely explination. So happy to have this as a resource to share. It solidified my intuition to train with my massage therapist/therapist. She is wanting to train me in her healing modality, which does give tools for coping with life now and breaking patterns. Even if we release trapped emotions, etc we have developed patterns that need breaking. I can see how meditation and hypnosis help with this as well!

  3. Well said! Thank you for taking the time to write this and join a few voices online.

  4. YES! I have been intending to write this post on my beat me to it and said it better than I could have anyway. :)

  5. Killer awesome post, Felice. Very nicely done.

  6. You put into words exactly how I feel, I couldn't have said it better, and in a concise easy to read way. Thank you so much! I hope you don't mind if I share this with others?

  7. Thanks Felice. I've been wondering a lot about energy healing and how it can be done by someone a distance away. One person I tried charged me quite a bit, but I felt no healing of any sort. I just couldn't relate to her, so I've felt a bit wary of this.

    1. Bonnie, you may not feel any sort of healing immediately. There may not be a physical or emotional feeling that is tangible. I'm a Simply Healed Practitioner, & I know all about this. I've experienced it for myself & see it in clients. Sometimes there IS immediate healing. Sometimes it takes time. I myself experienced both. I've seen it time after time after time. Trust the process & believe that it's safe for your new way of being to unfold. :)

  8. If you had cancer, would you really try to cure it with crystal waving and meditation rather than going to an oncologist? This perfect synthesis of Eastern and Western nonsense would not be noteworthy at all if it weren't promoting dangerous anti-scientific ideas that can get people killed.

    1. Molly,

      Thank you for your question. If you are asking me personally--If I had cancer I would seek personal revelation about what do. But I probably would not see an oncologist at all. No. I have personal reasons for this. My mom died of cancer and I do have experience with it. As for my clients, I adhere to a strict code of ethic in that I will not see a client for something that has a medical ideology unless I have a doctor referral. Which means that their doctor is aware that they are seeking complementary therapy as well as medical treatment. The same goes for problems of a psychological nature. If there is a psychological diagnosis I get a psyche referral and we work together as a team. I could say more about it but maybe I will write a post on it. Thanks for the response.

    2. Molly,

      I'm a Simply Healed Practitioner, & I would like to add a few thoughts, if that's ok. Energy practitioners work with energy. We get rid of energy blocks & balance energy systems. We don't work on medical conditions themselves. We don't diagnose, we don't prescribe, & we don't always take place of a medical doctor. There are many highly successful complimentary alternative medical modalities that have been around for centuries, & energy medicine is one of them. It can be & often is used in conjunction with conventional western medicine. In fact, several top hospitals in the U.S. are now utilizing energy therapy before surgeries & procedures, so their patients' bodies can more easily handle the effects of what they are going through - - - and so healing can take place more easily after the procedure/surgery. Doctors & scientists are rapidly realizing and understanding what energy medicine is & how it works.

      I am in the same position as Felice, as I would seek alternative methods of healing before seeing an oncologist & receiving toxic treatments (which they are) that can often times do more harm that good. Physical healing doesn't always happen with energy therapies, just as it doesn't with conventional therapies. In fact, chemotherapy has a 5 year average survival rate of less than 2%. Yet I know of a couple of people whos cancer healed completely with energy therapy - no chemo/radiation was ever used. If healing doesn't take place, it is usually because of a couple of reasons: 1 - The person subconsciously (without even realizing it) is holding onto the condition, because he/she believes it is serving them a purpose. 2 - There is more in the energy system that needs cleaned out that maybe didn't get taken care of the first time. Energy knows what to do & where to go when needed, but sometimes it's a process. 3 - It may not be in God's plan for healing to take place at the time. Maybe there is more for the person to learn from the experience.

      All in all, healing comes from - and because of - Christ. When it happens, gratitude should be first & foremost in our mind & heart. When it doesn't, gratitude for the experience & lessons learned from our challenge should STILL be first & foremost in our mind & heart.

      Respectfully, energy medicine is not a promotion of dangerous anti-scientific ideas that can get people killed. It is very scientific & has even made its way into medical journals (as well as hospitals, as I mentioned above).

      One of my favorite quotes is this: “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” -Albert Szent-Gyogyi, 1960 Nobel Laureate in Medicine

  9. Molly, there are people who have gone into "remission" utilizing herbs, energy work, energy cyst removal, etc. And then there are some who do not. It's possible that energy work/healing can rid a person of a cancerous tumor or gallstones, etc.

  10. I enjoyed reading your post, but would like to have you clarify about being a prophetess. I know that is spoken about in the bible, but that term concerns me in this day and age when we need to be careful of false prophets. I completely understand that women are intuitive and can have the gift of healing but the term of prophtess takes it to a whole different level. (I do energy work,through footzoning for paying clients .)

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have explained more about being a prophetess in the About section. Basically everyone can be a prophet or prophetess if they testify of Christ and uplift and edify. Would that all of us were prophets. :)

  11. According to the laws of physics, there is energy in everything, and everything gives out invisible energy, including the sun, the moon, and the human body. As a matter of fact, everything is some form of energy, which is either positive or negative. For example, your thinking, too, involves energy, without which the mind cannot function. If you "think" you can heal yourself, your mind sends out positive energy to your body for self-healing.ilchi lee chakra healing

  12. I have a question. I have enjoyed reading and learning so much from your posts. I am LDS but am surprised with how often I get negative feedback from other members whenever I bring up any of the kinds of topics you discuss here. Do you find that many church members oppose the things you teach or are at least not interested at all? Why do you think that is? You must often feel misunderstood, I know I do :)

    1. To be honest, in all the time I have been blogging I have only had one or two weird comments. And in my life in general I don't attract a lot of negative feedback. Maybe this is because they keep it to themselves or they are so overwhelmed by my good vibes that it makes them withhold judgement till they learn more. I believe you attract what you think about and I don't really think about this kind of thing. I think about Zion. I do encounter people who are not where I am at. Lots of them. But I am a teacher. I am here to elevate and touch every heart. I am not here to just find friends that are like me and ignore those in need. Sometimes I feel misunderstood but mostly when I think that way. There is a grace that can happen around communication if you allow it. And God is good.

    2. This reply is exactly what I needed to read today! And you wrote it so long ago. Thank you, dear Nam Joti. x

  13. After reading this, I just kept thinking of the Good Will Hunting scene- "it's not your fault". Robin Williams just kept repeating it till that energy sunk in and rooted out the poison.