Sunday, November 25, 2012

Changing Times

For the last 2-3 years, I had a lot of time on my hands. California courts seem to think that 50/50 custody is always the direction people should be headed, even if the child is very young and there are major problems with one parent. So I complied. It was awful. But I found things to fill my time. I wrote a book. I went to hypnotherapy school. I trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher, as a hypnobabies instructor, as a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher. I also still have a memoir writing business that I started 11 years ago. I teach classes. I do public speaking. I volunteer in her class room.

In the last 3 months everything has changed. I got married. The next day, my daughter's life long best friend, and my neighbor and number 1 support person, moved to Seattle. A week after that, I got full custody of my daughter. All good things except for loosing the friend. All major things. At once.

It is strange. I never wanted to be apart from my daughter for 5 days at time as I often was during those 2 years of 50/50 custody, but I got used to it. The transition back to full time parent has been tough for me. Also, the reason I got full custody is because she was being treated poorly at her dad's house--extremely poorly--that's all I can say about that. Though that nightmare is over for now, I am still dealing with the fall-out. Prophetess is not only adjusting to having Rocky around, (competition for my attention) but also adjusting to the idea of being safe. So she's expressing all her upset from the last few years in different ways. Thank goodness I have many tools to help her and myself. But it's still a lot.

Also, my husband moved to LA to marry me, and he couldn't bring his job with him. He still hasn't found a job here. So there's that.

So after three months of trying to make it all work, I realize that my big wake up call has been that I need to take some things off my plate. I need to focus on my daughter and my relationship with my husband and helping him find a job.

The trouble is that I love everything that I do. But I have decided that I don't love them at the expense of my relationships with my loved ones and my sanity. I have decided to sell my old business of 11 years to someone who is passionate about it as I am no long interested in writing for other people. It's time to focus on my own writing. I am going to finish teaching my current meditation webinar, and I probably won't teach another one for a while. Instead I'll work on my e-book on meditation while I can.

I still have a wonderful yoga/mediation retreat planned in June, that I look forward to, but all my streaming classes are suspended till further notice. If you live in LA, you can come to one of my 2 classes/week at the YMCA. Other than that, I'm just going to work on my own private yoga/meditation practice. 

I'm still going to see hypnotherapy clients, because I love one-on-one healing, and because that is my primary career right now, but I won't be offering any group sessions or seminars except those already scheduled. I do have room for a few more clients as I am always loosing them due to how much I help them. :) That is the rub with being a true healer. Your ultimate goal must be to eventually make yourself obsolete.

While I am cutting things out, I must cutting blogging to a minimum. Not that I have been doing much lately. And so maybe as I become less overwhelmed, more might happen, but I am not going to commit to anything.

One thing I don't want to cut out is public speaking opportunities. I love speaking to large groups and if someone else is planning it and will pay me to be there, I love to inspire myself and others through public speaking. 

As far as book promotion, The Gift of Giving Life is still going to sell loads of copies because wonderful people like you are spreading the word. I also have 4 other collaborators, and we all help each other when one of us needs a break. Thank goodness for that.

So that leaves me with 2 yoga classes/week, a private hypnotherapy practice 2 full days/week, perhaps a a speaking engagements or two in the next year, a retreat in June, and time to be with Rocky and Phoebe.

Sigh. I feel so much lighter. Also, I would love to ask for prayers and good vibes in support. 
Also, if anyone knows anyone in LA or vitually who want to hire my dear husband to do just about anything at this point, please let us know. :)