Monday, December 12, 2016

Life Now

In April I stopped blogging on this Progressive Prophetess blog. I haven't missed blogging, because I have been doing so much other fantastic writing that fills my cup of joy. But I have missed the weird one-sided communication. It was like writing letters to an aunt or friend that rarely writes back, but who I know is reading and who I like to share with and have as a witness.

So I thought I'd post and update.

I am still very actively teaching Kundalini Yoga and doing my healing work and healer trainings. If you are on my newsletter list I also sometimes write bloggish newsletters. If you are not, you can get on that list here (in the right side bar.... scroll down.... a little more... there.)

I am also writing a novel. And poetry! I took Julia Cameron's advice in The Artist's Way and got serious about taking myself lightly. So I make sure to get in my fun and my artist's dates. I found a great group of poets in my area, and we have a lot of fun at a weekly reading series hosted by the poet Laureate of this county. Here is a video of me reading a new poem at one of these readings. Warning: It might make you want to write your own poetry.

I did some surfing this summer, but mostly watched my daughter surf, who has all the coordination in every sport. Sigh. I aim to be as good as her. Also, she started a daily meditation practice that she has kept up for the last 6 months. Wow. It has had a profound impact on her, but also on our family life.

I have grown so much this year, and despite all the polarity of life, and this country just getting more polarized, I feel that I have just become more graceful and beautiful and calm and able to live in it but beyond it all. Wahe Guru!

When we moved back to California from Hawaii a year ago, I committed to staying put and not traveling so much, because my daughter and I both needed to get grounded. That commitment to stay and be part of the community and not run away when things got hard, has made a huge impact on our happiness and on the community here.

I have been praying for more Kundalini Yoga in our small town and it seems that in the last year, the community has grown exponentially. We went from one class a week to a class every day by different teachers. It's so exciting.  I started teaching a live class once a week here, too.  I also continue to teach online, which is only getting better and better.

In regards to online yoga and community--some friends of mine from my local kundalini yoga community will be launching something very cool in the next few days, which you will want to be a part of, so I'll post that here when we are up and launched.

Here are just a couple of pictures from my recent sold out Hawaii women's retreat.

If you have been waiting for the ultimate yoga/vacation/retreat experience, then make sure to make it to my next one in Bali, Indonesia. This one is co-ed. All levels welcome. It's 7 days and 7 nights. More info here. And here are pictures to entice you.

I hope to see you at an online or in person class or retreat soon!  Also, feel free to contact me by email or telepathy. I'll try to respond to all messages. Even the telepathic ones. Love and Sat Nam,

Nam Joti Kaur

Monday, March 28, 2016

Everything Changes

One thing that I have learned from Jesus is that one of the principles of success and happiness is to follow life and the living. The whole universe is built around this. This means do not follow the dead and dying. By this I am not saying ignore elderly people or ancestors. I believe it means to not get to caught up in ideas or structures or businesses that are becoming ineffective and obsolete. There needs to be new ideas and adventures and understandings that will refresh your life.

I once held onto a business for so long after it was dead that the financial drain was almost bankrupting. But I couldn't let it go. There are plenty of examples of crumbling structures that people are still clinging too, but they won't last long. The only way to make them last is force, and that will not work for long either and it will destroy not only the structure but many people too.

Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead." I believe this is what he was talking about.

Some things aren't "dead" in the sense that they are no longer useful, but for me I get the sense of completion. A friend Andy and I used to do a podcast together and one day we just took a break and never came back to it. We tried a couple times but it didn't feel right. It is done. We did good work. It was fun and full of goodness and light but we both feel it is done and we're going in different directions.  Sometimes that happens in other kinds of relationships. I have finally realized it's ok. Everything changes. College ends. Friends part and change. Jobs change. Marriages sometimes need to be completed.

I used to write a blog about birth. Once the book came out (my first book, The Gift of Giving Life) I was just done with it. My collaborators may have felt abandoned, but it wasn't mine anymore. So I left it to them. Some of them kept that blog going for a while, because they weren't done. They were still in the phase of life that they were really interested in literal birth. I got more into rebirth and meditation. And so I started this blog.

I know my birth book is still doing good work, but I have moved on. And if you have been reading this blog for long you may have sensed that I am done here as well. Teaching kundalini yoga and training teachers is likely to always be something I do... but blogging about every insight as I figure out how to incorporate all this truth into one great whole... that is done. I still have insights, but I don't need to or can't share them anymore. Each person has to do this themselves. It was so exciting for a while and I know it will still be exciting for others when they find it for the first time. But I am now excited about some other creative projects and creating something new. Expansion. Creativity. Love. Beauty.

I was afraid to let go at first... of the known... but I can't ignore it any longer. Sometimes a leap of faith is the only available mode of transportation.

So, I have started a new blog. It is a fresh clean slate. It's such an amazing feeling to start fresh. I don't know how much I will post there, because I am working on an offline project (a novel), but it is a place for me to share and live and connect as an artist. Creation is a spiritual act, and I feel passionate about sharing that message.

If you are interested in taking kundalini yoga classes from me or learning from me I am still offering classes and private mentoring as well as creativity classes. You can find out about offerings by reading my newsletters or on my website Or if you want a private healing session visit If you want to be friends, you can find me on FB or send a smoke signal and maybe I'll see it from my yogi cave/art studio.

If you are struggling to let go of the past, I encourage you to just pray and then leap. Look after. The universe supports every worthy plan with a whole network of unseen hands.

Sat Nam.
Through the Grace of God,

Nam Joti Kaur

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Vending Machine

A lovely human named Gordon B. Hinkley once said something like: "The way that some people pray you would think they were ordering groceries..." He was a sweet heart. He was encouraging more gratitude and meditation and less demanding. We demand and demand, don't we? Because the mind is always seeing lack. God continues to bless us, but it's amazing how much more we can get by not asking. Buddha taught this to his monks. Taught them never to beg for food and they would never go hungry.

Think about it. When someone asks your for something, you may give, but you are already contracting. Thinking of how you might go a different route next time to avoid them. But if they don't ask, you want to give. I know this is true with my child. When we go to the store and she asks for everything. I may begrudgingly say yes once or twice. But if she doesn't ask for anything, and is just helpful, I want to give her what I know she likes and would make her happy.

The only difference with God and us is that he doesn't every totally write us off.  He gives and gives even though we demand and demand and continue to see lack in what we have. (I'd have stopped giving by now.) But when we don't ask, as Buddha taught, we get so much more. We always get more than we deserve. But for those who have planted the feeling of Wahe Guru in them, God can actually show up and Deliver instantly, like a vending machine. It can be quite funny sometimes. But it's not any kind of normal vending machine. No formal request was made, just a thought, or a plan or an unspoken wish that hadn't even finished forming.

Here is an example. I get a a text from my friend Alison a few weeks before Easter. It says something like this:

I was meditating today during the Sacrament and thinking about the eater dresses I was going to make for my daughters and designing the pattern in my head (I know silly earthly stuff but it was what was on my mind) and I was wondering if i should draft the pattern myself or buy it. I decided drafting it would take too long so I'd just buy one. Right after the meeting a woman came up to me and handed me a pattern that was exactly what I had been thinking about. She said "I thought you needed this." It was so crazy. Like God is a vending machine or something.

A few years ago I realized that that night was the night of a concert I had wanted to go to but had forgotten to buy tickets. Oh well, I thought. Must not be meant to go. An hour later a friend called and said the had 4 tickets to that concert and couldn't go and wanted to know if I could use them. Free. We used 3 and gave the 4th away to a family at the event looking for another ticket.

One day on a road trip I was thinking about a piece of art I hoped to someday buy from a gifted artist friend. She called me 5 minutes later and said she wanted to give me that very piece of art. Free. She was tired of looking at it and the hotel hadn't bought them and she knew I loved it.

I am betting that these types of things have happened to you at least once in your life. But what if they started to happen every day. Several times a day.

That's what has been happening to me... and some other people I know since beginning on my journey of Long Ek Ong Kaars and creative recovery. If I shared everything that has happened you wouldn't believe it. There are too many things. Big and small, and sadly I probably don't even know all of the miracles because so many have been behind the scenes. But I wake up chanting Wahe Guru. It's so much a part of me. Even for the aches or struggles or uncertainty, I chant Wahe Guru!

One of students said her husband thinks this meditation stuff is a little weird but he is supportive but non participative. One night at the dinner table their 6-year-old son was pushing boundaries. He was told not to do it again. Well he is six. So he did it again. Out of the blue her husband shouted: "Wahe Guru Ji!" The six-year-old and everyone at the table just stared. Then she said: "The was awesome!"

That's a good story. Wahe Guru for six-year-olds who show us our unhealed parts of ourselves and what we can work on as parents.

There is so much to be grateful for.  Especially for Jesus Christ and his INFINITE atonement. At-one-ment. So that we can also at-one with God and receive all the blessings they are wanting to give us. All that they have.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dispelling Myths about Calling and Election

Sat Nam. This post is not about politics. As I learned a few years ago, being "elect" doesn't mean you are more special than any of God's other children. It just means that God recognized that you are one of those A+ students He could count on to help out all the others in the class. And if you recognize this and do help out, it often results in God falling in love with you and giving you untold bonuses. 

In Mormon (and other Christian) doctrine there is this thing that should be talked about more called Calling and Election Made Sure. To have one's calling and election made sure might be the equivalent in other religions or cultures to what some call "enlightenment." It is also called "sanctification" or receiving the "more sure word of prophecy." Here is how Bruce R. McConkey would sum it up.

To have one's calling and election made sure is to be sealed up unto eternal life; it is to have the unconditional guarantee of exaltation in the highest heaven of the celestial world; it is to receive the assurance of godhood; it is, in effect, to have the day of judgment advanced, so that an inheritance of all the glory and honor of the Father's kingdom is assured prior to the day when the faithful actually enter into the divine presence to sit with Christ in his throne, even as he is "set down" with his "Father in his throne." (Rev 3:21.)
So, for all those people who think that you need to die to advance or get exalted, they are wrong! Isn't that wonderful. You can be a Queen/ King,  Priest/Priestess now. For all those people who think that this doesn't happen very often, that's also not true. It's happening a lot lately! And some people don't even realize that this is what has happened to them. That's why I am writing this post.

How does one get sanctification? It's not a checklist. Some people think it is, but the way you get your calling and election made sure is by fulfilling YOUR contract with the Father, and keeping the basic commandments along the way.

Each person's contract is unique. You may know yours and it may be simple. Maybe it is to give birth to a saint. Maybe it is to write a book. Maybe it is to teach Kundalini Yoga to Mormons. You may not have figured it out yet, but you will always get nudges and guidance if you are seeking for them. Father never gives up and never stops calling you, no matter how long you ignore or wander, so don't worry. You can always begin to listen.

There is an ordinance in the temple that is associated with C&E, but it is a couple's ordinance, and it is not required to have your C&E made sure. God can just tell you that you have it, and that is all you need, like he did to Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants. He just told him in a revelation.

It can happen in an imagery journey, in a vision or dream, a visit from Jesus, a blessing, or some other unique way. Many people don't know exactly what it was that happened to them at the time, but they usually know that something happened, and hopefully you put it together later.

When Christ visited the Americas after his resurrection, there were a lot of people with their crowns already who didn't realize it. The same is happening now. God needs a lot of Kings and Queens and Priests and Priestesses to help with the great work that is happening on the earth now. Many people don't realize it but they have their crown already. And when they realize this, I hope they stop worrying about whether they will make it back and realize they already have and use the energy for something else! Like joy!

The thing I have learned in private conversations with lots of people is that C&E is not what most people think. It doesn't mean you are perfect or will be made perfect. You're still human. You'd be surprised if you could see everyone who has had this blessing.  They may be overweight. They may swear occasionally, they may get impatient with their kids. It doesn't mean one is without sin. It means Christ is written in one's heart and God knows that they aren't going anywhere. They will constantly turn again and again back to Christ. Every day. Every day. And they will constantly be growing and learning.

And for those who think that certain criteria have to be met before C&E can happen, I will tell you that things don't always work the way some people have written about them. Mostly the people who have written about C&E have been men, and in my experience, God has different feelings about women. For example, most of the writings out there will tell you that you have to have the temple sealing ordinance to have your C&E made sure. It's not true. At least not for women. I know single women who have had theirs. Remember, time is not linear. So if God wants to work it out now, the lack of some ordinance for a worthy woman won't matter, because in His view--the perpetual Now--it has already happened.

So if you want this blessing, pray for it and ask for it. But know that it might involve you going deeper than you planned. A few years ago a friend of mine learned about Calling and Election and thought that she totally met all the criteria so she went home and prayed for this blessing, and assumed it would be granted immediately. Ha! She went through a few years of restructuring as God knocked out all her walls and made her rebuild her foundation using lots of tools that were previously out of her box.  It's not something you get just for doing the regular Sunday school checklist. It comes from deep deep work.

So if you have done the deep work and you think maybe it has happened to you, I invite you to do your own research and learn more. I will tell you that one of the pre-requisites for this blessings is the power and ability to subdue all foes. When I am talking about foes I am not simply talking about the devil. He is not public enemy #1.  He gets way more credit/blame than He deserves. The biggest enemy is the subconscious thought forms that allow that darkness in. Fear, is the biggest one. Also, unforgiveness. Hatred. Anger. Pride.

A regular practice of meditation will give you that power. It doesn't mean you won't encounter these emotions any more or the darkness that they may invite. It means you have the power to get out of the ticket and you make the choice to sooner than later.

After C&E made sure, Jesus may come to you personally, but if you have expectations about how this should be, you gotta let those go. Jesus coming in an imagery journey or a vision during meditation may be way more powerful than Him coming in the flesh. In fact, lots of people who have had both experiences agree that it often is more real and powerful in the imagery state. And up close and personal association with Jesus doesn't have to be a thing for holidays and temple visits. If we stop and practice awareness one might notice He is there all the time. Also, Jesus coming to a person, doesn't mean that they have had their C&E. He comes to all kinds of people who are in different states of spiritual development. Remember Saul? But if he does come, be sure to ask him about all this.

I submit this with much love and peace and pray you have great understanding as you ponder these things. Please forgive any errors.

Through the Grace of God, Sat Nam.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Will Corporations Survive the Aquarian Age?

Lately I have felt a strange pull. A shift in my attention. Some might call it a career shift. When I got back from Hawaii I thought the biggest shift there could possibly be was this happy and full reclamation of my artist self.  But as I settle into that change and commitment to show up for my inner artist, there has also been a polar opposite inspiration. Perhaps it is the groundwork that first shift has laid that has allowed me to even think about what I have been thinking about lately.... So I'll just spill it. I keep thinking about corporations. About CEOs and directors and managers and people that work for them. In my view, office buildings are the places that creativity goes to die, and the thought of working with or for anything corporate used to make me cringe or wonder if my Prostitute Archetype was in shadow.

But I don't live in a bubble, and many of my students or their spouses are in this world. And I can see that there is an acute need there. Many powerful people are misusing their energy and have lost a sense of purpose in their work.

I was reading from my current favorite book Love Without End the other day and Jesus was talking to Glenda Green about the shift that is going to have to take place... He said all this is 1992-ish so I have paraphrased and changed some of the verbage to reflect the now, but this is basically what he said:

"The structures which dominated man's lives [in the Piscean age] were all created in a state of disconnection and unconsciousness....Within these structures is the seed of continuing oppression. In order to survive, such creations must suppress the soul of man and perpetuate his enslavement to them. However, [now that we have changed the age,] as the time of man's fulfillment arrives, this will have to change. [We are already beginning to witness] the simultaneous collapse and retaliation of that which wishes to survive against the good of man. 

However, this exposure will assist in the elevation of man's consciousness and bring about a new era of brotherhood on earth where structures are re-established from a state of consciousness and connection with Divine Order."

Will there be suffering? she asked. He answered that "Many will feel no suffering except for the compassion extended to those who do experience pain and sorrow... but for those who are attached to the that which much fall--there will be no reprieve from their agony. Even this is a blessing, that lives full of anguish may bleed the venom and thereby have a chance to heal."

And so. I have decided that I need to expand my work to include working with corporations. There are many ways that some corporations are trying to be more conscious and offer more to their employees, such as corporate wellness programs and retreats and stress reduction programs. I'm all for that, and please call me if you want to do a corporate retreat, or need help de-stressing your employees or helping them get along. And I am also open to working directly with CEOs and COOs and Directors of all kinds to coach them in creating a new corporate consciousness that will ensure prosperity and success of their business in the Aquarian Age.

You may remember the way the entire music industry as it once existed crumbled in the early 2000s. That was a result of the change of the age. A similar shake down happened to the publishing industry and it almost collapsed entirely. They both had to scramble to figure out how to work with the changing reality and consciousness of people. Both survived, but in a new form. Other industries, however, have completely dried up and blown away. Whether you want to believe it or not, there are still many more shake downs to come.

I believe that this is an area where I can make a profound difference and I hope to be able to support willing professionals in a seamless transition to greater consciousness. If you feel like you are one of these professionals or you know one who might be open to this, let's talk. You can find my contact info through my hypnotherapy site or just about anywhere. Or leave a comment here. Sat nam.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Growing Up Blogging

Blogging over a period of years, especially when you are on a spiritual journey, is sort of like growing up on television or in the tabloids. Not that I am famous or anything, but I can sort of understand how Drew Barrymore feels. Though I might wince a little bit when I think about awkward phases or bad photos, I doubt I will ever attempt to hide them. Everything has been part of the journey, but none of it defines me. I can reinvent myself every week if I want to. Because I understand the I AM.

Once, the Relief Society in my old ward wanted to "spotlight" me in the newsletter (they chose someone every month at  random) and the lady who interviewed me asked me who I admired. I told her Madonna. She didn't understand. She sorted through her prophets and then remembered that's what the Catholics call Mary. Well no... actually, not the mother of Jesus. Although I admire her too. A lot. At the time, I was talking about the singer. I admire the way she has reinvented herself so many times. And I feel a kinship with her in that we have both been boat rockers. And don't tell me she is not on a spiritual journey. We all are.

Just a few of Madonna's many reinventions
In the past while I may have emphasized certain things, you might notice I am now de-emphasizing some, or emphasizing others. The reason being and this is the biggest learning that I can't emphasize enough, is that we create our lives by what we choose to amplify. (Which is why I am pro-peace and not anti-war.)

In case you are wondering, I am still very devoted in my discipleship to Jesus Christ and his teachings. He is truly a yogi. He is Love and I am Love too because we both dwell in God together. I remember once, a few years ago, I saw yogi friend of mine wearing a t-shirt that said Love is My Religion. At the time I thought it was an anti-religious sentiment that made her wear it. Truth is, I don't know why she was wearing it, but defensiveness at the time led me to believe maybe that was why. Now I see that I can wear that t-shirt and it is true for me too, while I am also a faithful member of an organized religion. The fact is, at the heart of every bonafide world religion is Love. If it has been forgotten, then it is our job to recover it.

None are exempt from the Lord's work. And though we don't always know our calling early, we eventually get nudges. It's now pretty clear that mine is to be a teacher and a bridge builder, and to use words--both written and spoken. It happens to be a big calling, and I have had to expand and consolidate as I grow. I have been through a period of consolidation and now I, and the work, is about to grow again.

I love being a bridge. I love showing people how to bring all truth into one great whole, and how to, when needed, put some issues in the God Box until later, when there is more understanding.

My retreats keep getting better and better. Even I am amazed. I feel very connected to the flow of all creation and guided by Love every moment when I am teaching and holding space at a retreat. 

My old urgency has fallen away. I no longer freak out about time, and about saving the world and hurrying up about it. Everything will get done and will be even more enjoyable if I am relaxed. I now know that only the right thing happens and everything is as it should be. Until it changes, and then it is again, as it should be. Often it changes just by my loving what is. 

I have also found that I am moving a way from certain kinds of healing that focus on what is wrong or on the why? When we ask why did this happen? Or where did I go wrong? etc etc, we are usually asking the wrong questions.  If we ask the wrong questions from an off-rhythm place we will get off-rhythm answers. And sometimes the moments (or hours or longer) we spend asking why, are actually our small window of time to get back on rhythm. The only question I am inviting you to to ask when finding oneself off rhythm is: what's the next most harmonious move? 

With regard to my healing work, I am now moving only toward work that is experiential and positive for the client, like imagery, which continues to blow my mind, and a few other very useful and experiential coaching tools. And in cases where the client needs a healer, I am being guided more to practice and use Sat Nam Rasayan (Healing in the True Name) which is a way of healing through presence and the neutral mind. 

I like the neutral mind. It's the fruit of a deep meditation practice, and it's so powerful it can heal others. 

I have also made the commitment to put down roots back in our home town in California and not travel much, if at all. My daughter needs this. And I do, too.  People can come to me for retreats now. After all, I do live in a fabulous retreat destination.

So I would like to announce my next retreat. In Ojai, California April 28-May 2, 2016. The theme will be Authentic Intimacy. Real intimacy begins with self and then affects all your relationships: with nature, with animals, with other humans and with God. This retreat will be open to men and women and there is room for a few couples. I haven't booked the center yet, so I can't post the prices or the link to register, but if you are interested, save the date and make sure to be on my newsletter list. And subscribe to the blog. I have a few more big announcements I'll be making shortly. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

From Sedona to the Uintahs

In January I taught two retreats. A short one-day retreat in Sedona Arizona, and a 4 day Snow Queen Visionquest retreat in the mountains above Park City. Here are some pictures from both amazing and intimate retreats.  There was no official photographer for either of these so these are just snapped by me or other attendees. Many moments could never be captured on film. And some that were captured might not be appropriate to share here. He he. Let's just say it was a break through and a rebirth for all involved. 

The view from right outside.

I call him bliss boy.

Bridge for seasonal stream.

Many faces.

come join us next time! There's room for you right here.

Preparing for a rebirthing. Looks like a big slumber party I know. 

And now for a change of scenery.

Our retreat cabin. it was very retreaty... as in remote.

I decided I like snow ok. Especially when the sun is out. It's so white!

Our view from the cabin

She wanted me to take a before and after picture. This was the before. Her eyes look super wide. I never got the after picture. She was really relaxed and totally a new person.

A few of us  made snow angels in our bathing suits... Then jumped in the hot tub.

In the kitchen

Wolf Moon. We might have howled at it.

Drum making

Making a drum is not just a craft. It is a journey. Remember to breathe.

Buffalo medicine.

Deer medicine.

Horse Medicine.

Alison and I drumming. We used our drums a lot. They were a great tool. 

Drums are medicine for the heart. They help you connect with and back on rythmn. We used them to let go, forgive, manifest, refocus, get into journey and more. 

Walking down the road.

Her last name is Snow. She had to come. 

Alison arrived but had to walk the last half mile. Lots of cars kept getting stuck.

A little yoga...

A little gong. I borrowed this gong so I didn't have to travel with mine. Wahe Guru for more gongs in the world. 

It snowed on the day we left. We were lucky to get off the mountain. But so pretty.