Monday, February 19, 2018

3 Reasons People Don't Retreat & 4 Reasons To Retreat

 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Retreat

Money - Money is almost never the real issue – usually it is a feeling of powerlessness and money is an easy thing to blame for one’s powerlessness. The truth is not as fun to look at, but a retreat can empower you in the ways your soul needs and wants. This ultimately saves loads of time and money in the long run because you can get unstuck sooner and take a more direct route to healing and happiness and prosperity. 

Time – Over-commitment and overwhelm are a sign of the times. When will you say enough and clear your calendar? Did you know the Hebrew root of the word enough is “to rest.”   When you say enough to your overwhelm you give yourself the chance to experience being enough. Another meaning of the word enough in Hawaiian is “connected to God.” A retreat can give you sacred space for that.  

Fear – I could list a million fears here. Just a few are: traveling alone, fears of being inexperienced, body related fears, food fears, and so much more. I learned a great saying a long time ago in a 12-step program: “Do it afraid.”  When you do things afraid you don’t let fear stop you from doing them. This usually turns out much better than fear told you it would. Fear is just a block, once go ahead, even with fear, the illusion (fear) dissipates. Then you can look back at your life and instead of a scrapbook of fear, you see lots of great times where you didn't let fear stop you. That is a great legacy. 

4 Reasons To Retreat

Try something new – All of us can become rigid and set in our ways, even though we think we are super open minded or flexible. This summer I went to an outdoorsy singles retreat that was not at all my thing or my crowd, but I felt like I should go. It stretched my introvert self, forced me to lighten up, and by the end I was having a great time. I tried acro-yoga, slacklining, stand up paddle boarding, and I also got to introduce a few people to my favorite kind of yoga in the early morning. Which brings me to my next reason:

Community- A retreat is the best place to meet new friends or connect deeply with old ones or with your partner. Putting in time together and having shared experiences is how friendships blossom.

Get Unstuck/ Clarity / Reset – Sometimes you just can’t see your life objectively until you get away, out, above it. Things tend to resolve so quickly with just a short get away where you are focused on other things and on peace and healing.

Unique and Personized Learnings – Sometimes life has something to teach you that can only be learned in a certain place or with a certain teacher or by having a certian experience. If your soul is calling you but you don’t know why, you just have to trust and listen.  

I hope something here has inspired you to join me at a retreat soon. Spaces are selling out though so take action! Commitment is the first step on the path of happiness.