Everything Changes

One thing that I have learned from Jesus is that one of the principles of success and happiness is to follow life and the living. The whole universe is built around this. This means do not follow the dead and dying. By this I am not saying ignore elderly people or ancestors. I believe it means to not get to caught up in ideas or structures or businesses that are becoming ineffective and obsolete. There needs to be new ideas and adventures and understandings that will refresh your life.

I once held onto a business for so long after it was dead that the financial drain was almost bankrupting. But I couldn't let it go. There are plenty of examples of crumbling structures that people are still clinging too, but they won't last long. The only way to make them last is force, and that will not work for long either and it will destroy not only the structure but many people too.

Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead." I believe this is what he was talking about.

Some things aren't "dead" in the sense that they are no longer useful, but for me I get the sense of completion. A friend Andy and I used to do a podcast together and one day we just took a break and never came back to it. We tried a couple times but it didn't feel right. It is done. We did good work. It was fun and full of goodness and light but we both feel it is done and we're going in different directions.  Sometimes that happens in other kinds of relationships. I have finally realized it's ok. Everything changes. College ends. Friends part and change. Jobs change. Marriages sometimes need to be completed.

I used to write a blog about birth. Once the book came out (my first book, The Gift of Giving Life) I was just done with it. My collaborators may have felt abandoned, but it wasn't mine anymore. So I left it to them. Some of them kept that blog going for a while, because they weren't done. They were still in the phase of life that they were really interested in literal birth. I got more into rebirth and meditation. And so I started this blog.

I know my birth book is still doing good work, but I have moved on. And if you have been reading this blog for long you may have sensed that I am done here as well. Teaching kundalini yoga and training teachers is likely to always be something I do... but blogging about every insight as I figure out how to incorporate all this truth into one great whole... that is done. I still have insights, but I don't need to or can't share them anymore. Each person has to do this themselves. It was so exciting for a while and I know it will still be exciting for others when they find it for the first time. But I am now excited about some other creative projects and creating something new. Expansion. Creativity. Love. Beauty.

I was afraid to let go at first... of the known... but I can't ignore it any longer. Sometimes a leap of faith is the only available mode of transportation.

So, I have started a new blog. It is a fresh clean slate. It's such an amazing feeling to start fresh. I don't know how much I will post there, because I am working on an offline project (a novel), but it is a place for me to share and live and connect as an artist. Creation is a spiritual act, and I feel passionate about sharing that message.

If you are interested in taking kundalini yoga classes from me or learning from me I am still offering classes and private mentoring as well as creativity classes. You can find out about offerings by reading my newsletters or on my website www.treeoflifekundaliniyoga.com. Or if you want a private healing session visit treeoflifehypnosis.net. If you want to be friends, you can find me on FB or send a smoke signal and maybe I'll see it from my yogi cave/art studio.

If you are struggling to let go of the past, I encourage you to just pray and then leap. Look after. The universe supports every worthy plan with a whole network of unseen hands.

Sat Nam.
Through the Grace of God,

Nam Joti Kaur


  1. Beautiful change. May you have joy and success in your new journeys. I love you.

  2. I'm excited for you! Thanks for sharing thus far. Peace and love be with you and your progressing journey :)


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