Thankful Thursday. On Friday

I am thankful for my blog reader, Tori, who invited me to do Thankful Thursdays a long time ago and who didn't take it personally when I didn't. You see, I don't always like to be committed to blogging on a certain day or on a certain topic. But gratitude is not something that is far from my mind at any time, so I am going to try to incorporate it into my blogging schedule. It might not always be on Thursday or every week. But here goes:

Last week I took my daughter to the temple (in my heart) and prayed about what to do to be the best mom to her, to mitigate all the negative messages out there, etc. I am grateful for the answer I received. The answer was make art of the temple and hang it in your home. So I spent a day making this collage out of an old Book of Mormon, foreign money, magazine pages, a travel guide of Italian cathedrals, and blue paint. I am going to hang it inside a big naked frame with the wall behind it as a the matt.

My rendition of my beloved Los Angeles Temple

Phoebe thought it was the coolest thing ever when she came home and saw me finishing it. This is what she delivered under my bedroom door the next day.

I heart the way God works in simple ways. I think I was expecting to be guided to some parenting book or something, but instead, He said, make art.

Sigh. Heart.


  1. I love your insight. I have been told that art is a form of processing our feelings. It is wonderful therapy. I think I'm going to have to do some art therapy soon, you've inspired me.

  2. You're an artist. It's beautiful. I want one!

  3. Robyn,

    I agree. I think what we choose to make art about is what our feelings are flowing to/around. And in making the art we come to better understand how we are feeling. That is how writing is for me. I have to write to know what I think. I would love to see any art you do. xo

  4. Your writing is always a blessing to my life! I'm glad you're joining to shine the light of gratitude into our fallen world. And of course I would not take it personally! I'm not your boss! ;) I look forward to all of your posts, but I'll especially look forward to your Thankful "Thursday" posts! ^_^

    I love the temple you created! And the one your sweet daughter created, too! :) You are an inspiration. ^_^


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