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The post below is just a copy of my about page. If you read it once, you might want to read it again because I have revised it (again. 2020). Also, a friend of mine suggested that I should make it a blog post too-because I guess not everyone reads the about page. So here you go. I love comments.

About Me

A few years ago (more than 10 now), I started a blog called The Gift of Giving Life, as a counterpart to the book I was working on. When that book become a reality, the blog necessarily changed. It no longer made sense for it to be my personal blog, so I now share it with my book collaborators, guest posters, and a birth story of the week. This change made me happy, but also sad. For a good long time, that blog was my friend, and at one time, my only meaningful connection with sisters in spirit.

That's when I got the nudge, gentle this time, that I needed to start another blog. If you are wondering about the title, well--there was really no other title. The story about my being a prophetess begins years ago when I was trying to conquer my fear of public speaking. I threw up all night before I had to give a speech to a very large audience (still my largest audience). I called my friend for a priesthood blessing and in the blessing he blessed me with the spirit of prophecy, which I thought was strange. He also blessed my body to be well and that I would radiate light. Not only did I feel immediately healed from my nausea and weakness, but it was the best speaking high I have ever had. I did feel that I radiated light. Since then I adore public speaking.

Me hosting an art, music and spoken word salon at my house. I love the microphone.
When I went home that day, I said a thank you prayer and read up on prophecy. I didn't realize regular people could have the spirit of prophecy. I learned that in fact, a prophet is anyone that testifies of Christ and teaches righteousness or "uplifts unto edification." Missionaries are prophets. Teachers, parents, bloggers--can all be prophets and prophetesses. Of course, they are not the prophet, or the person called by God to give revelation for His church on the earth (I believe that this is Russell M. Neilson), but within our own circles of influence (home, family, work, blogosphere) being a prophetess is something that I think we can all humbly strive for.

Me and my little prophetess

I also chose that for blog title because ever since my sweet five-year-old daughter told me what she wanted to be when she grew up--a prophetess--I have not been able to stop thinking about this. If I am raising a prophetess, I need to be one.

The definition of "progressive" means moving forward and improving. I firmly believe that each generation should be better and more spiritually evolved that the last.We do this through steady incremental growth, facing resistance when it comes up, and by allowing our Source to heal and transform us. By Source I mean one's higher power, whatever that means for you. I call my higher power God, and for me that refers to two people, a united eternal couple that are my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Oh and Jesus, our brother.

Like Joan Didion, I write to know what I think. I can't not write, and I write about everything. No topic is off limits, but you will find that I blog a lot about meditation and the mind-body connection. And because the body is a temple, I also sometimes blog about temples--both the ancient temple (ie. Solomon's temple, etc.) the temple of our bodies, our modern temples, and how meditation relates to the temple. As a hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, I love to share these wonderful teachings and tools with everyone. One of my gifts is explaining the technology behind them in terms that people from a background of organized religion can understand. Though I am a Mormon, this blog is not written exclusively for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So if you are Mormon, get used to a few terms that might sound new-agey to you, like Source, or Higher Power or Aquarian Age (I'll do my best to explain all these things or link to their explanation for you), and if you are of some other faith, I'll do my best to explain any specifically LDS doctrine or jargon. (LDS stands for Latter-day Saint, which is part of the official name for the Mormon Church which is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--which we now encourage everyone to try to use the full name-- because it has Jesus in it. And Jesus is the man.

I hope that you will sign up for my newsletter  and follow the blog and read the free e-book on meditation that you get by subscribing.  I hope that what I write and share is uplifting and edifying and that you will share it with others. Because, as Yogi Bhajan said, "I have not come to gather disciples, but to train teachers." I also love to learn from my readers through comments and discussion. So I hope you will not only read but engage, even if it is just to say you've been here. Many of my best friendships began with a blog comment.


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