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News: I am officially writing a full length book about kundalini yoga and meditation for an LDS audience. I even have a deadline from God. I'm still not sure who is gonna publish it, but I'm sure that will work out like it did with The Gift of Giving Life. Hopefully it will be in e-book form too. There are going to be lots of pictures.

Based on some excellent ideas from students and readers it will not only be a book, but also a manual with pictures or illustrations that show how to do selected kriyas and meditations and pranayams. (And some explanation about what all that is.) There will also be a CD with music. Yes. Music. It's been kind of top secret, but I am going to record an album of mantras. I hope to record two albums--one of kundalini mantras (which are mostly all in a language called Gurbani, Gurmukhi, or Sanskrit) and one of mantras in the scriptures. Or maybe I will combine them/mix them. I am kinda loving the remix idea right now. Who knows. I am currently gathering the composer talent and some great voices who know how to sing from the heart chakra and from the aura. I have no idea how it will all come together, but it has to happen, so God will make it work. Did I mention my dad is rich? Yeah. He's highly connected and owns everything. He he.
Me, Dome Rock, Sequoia Nat'l Park
As my dear collaborator Lani pointed out, The Gift of Giving Life has been so successful because we included many voices. So for this book, I plan to include many testimonials and stories that tell the real power of the technology.

I'm not sure how I will organize the book yet, but I think that I may organize the kriyas and meditations by virtues that sort of fall under the umbrella of each chakra. And for each, I would love a short little story or testimonial from a real person who is willing to let me use their name and maybe their picture. For example, I would love to show how meditation and kriya yoga helps with mental illness, addiction, and specific health issues. I have some people already in mind for these stories, but there are dozens more possibilities of things that could be included, including an increase in faith, in unity, in prosperity, peace, health, confidence, and more.

I prefer to hear from people who have completed at least 120 days of meditation and plan on keeping it a part of their life, but I am open to consider anything you want to share.

Here is the general format I am looking for: I'd love to know a little about you (age, job or calling in life, city, state, country, etc), then what drew you to kundalini Yoga or meditation, and what your intention(s) have been for your practice and then what you have noticed after an extended period--everything you have noticed--even the unexpected. Some questions to consider are: How has it helped your daily coping, your relationships, your personal relationship with God. How has it impacted your church service and other basic church practices? How has your family changed?

I would also be willing to consider including any insights you have learned from the scriptures about meditation and yoga and how this discovery or a-ha has helped you/your family. Please send me these as soon as possible. My God-given deadline is soon, so if you feel the nudge to share, why not write it now? You don't have to be a great writer; I can edit it for you if you like. Please share. Email stories to progressiveprophetess at gmail you know the rest. Thanks! I'm so excited.

I heard that the theme for next year's Time Out For Women (big yearly LDS women's inspirational conferencey thing) is ""Neglect not the gift that is in thee...MEDITATE upon these things; give thyself wholly to them."  I love how the first part indicates that we all have what we need within us. Does anyone know how I become a presenter? So far the only requirement I have heard of is that I have to have a book for sale at Deseret Book. (I do.) I have never even been to Time Out before. But I think it needs to happen. Whoever needs to call me please do it in advance so I can be available.

OOH, and I forgot the best part. I would like to do a kind of contest to come up with some cool cover art and interior art for the meditation book. This is why I love self-publishing--I don't have to get stuck with a crappy cover design or stock photos that the corporation--who doesn't meditate--liked. So if you are a photographer or an artist and you can envision something fantastic related to meditation, the chakras, or Christ meditating, or something I haven't even thought of, I would be honored and thrilled to consider it.

When you are ready, please send me a scanned version or high res picture of your image (with your name in the image title) and I'll dance with delight at each one. I will keep them all safe in a folder marked Awesomeness, and in a few months I will pick my favorites and then allow readers to vote what they like best. Sound cool? I hope so. Please email them to the same email mentioned above. By sending me an image or story you agree to let me use it, but understand publication or use is not guaranteed. I may hit you up for official documentation later. Sat nam.


  1. This is fabulous news. I can't wait to read it and study it and let it change my life.


  2. I seriously just found your blog by googling Kundalini yoga and Mormonism. I've been practicing yoga for a while, but I'm completely new to Kundalini. I LOVE THIS BOOK IDEA! I will definitely be purchasing it when it's ready! Also, I'm still exploring the blog, but I also have a question about whether Kundalini mantras are appropriate for Mormons? Have you addressed that before? (Scripture mantras would be awesome!) -brand new fan, Alex

  3. I really like the idea of organizing by chakra, health topic, or something similar. As for the cover art, it sounds like you're hoping for donations of time and talent, or will you pay everyone who submits things? (I'm a designer and am curious, because freelancing isn't free, even if designs aren't used.)

  4. I am so excited about this and am batting around if we can afford for me to take the 40 day meditation class that is coming up... Government shut down is making $ for our one income family of 5, soon to be 6, on the tight side. Prayers your way that things will fall in place. I wish I had discovered kundalini mediation and yoga years ago so I could submit something for you.

    1. Jen. I have partial scholarships for the class available. Just email with your situation and I'll send you the details how to get one. Sat Nam.


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