The Chakras and the Two Trees in The Garden of Eden

Writing a book is so humbling.  Every day I learn more and am challenged more. Sometimes is is related to choosing the perfect word. Usually it is when I receive huge downloads from the higher realms and I realize how little I know or how long I have struggled against the flow. 

This past few weeks I have been trying to write about the chakras and the kundalini in a way that my audience will understand and I have had some big downloads of information. This is sort of a sneak peak at some stuff that might be in the book. Or not. I am still not sure what more God will download to me. 

Chakras (sanskrit word meaning "wheels") are swirling vortexes of energy. The vortex is the most powerful force in nature (tornados, hurricaines). The chakras basically act as knots that hold the physical and spiritual/ ethereal bodies together. They transfer spiritual information back and forth and are centers of transformation. When they are open and balanced, spirituality can flow as well as health and good energy. When they are not, the opposite happens. That is kind of the basics about chakras. 

Here is the spiritual macro-cosmic mind exploding part about chakras. 

It all goes back to the Garden of Eden and the two trees. When Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, this planet became a polarity planet and there was "opposition in all things." Before that, God had created man (in his image) and put into him spirit. Perhaps the chakras already existed in the body then, but I believe they didn't become "wheels" or swirling vortexes of energy until there was opposition. It is this opposite nature that creates the powerful swirling effect, like the clash of cold and hot air that makes a tornado. 

When Adam fell, from the presence of God, the fall was actually quite literal. His consciousness fell from the higher chakras to the lower and all that they represent (survival, sex, identity, will, power, etc) and most of man's life force and his true spiritual nature became locked up and coiled up below the fourth vertebae. That is the mysterious and powerful force the ancients called kundalini. And it is the goal of every spiritual practice to unlock this kundalini (whether they call it that or not) and raise it (re-turn it to God). The definition of repentance is re-turn to God. It all makes so much sense to me. 

Here is the brilliance in the design. Polarity is what causes the chakras to swirl. This vortex swirling is the most powerful force. It is through harnessing this force and the other two opposing forces of the prana (life force) and apana (destroying, eliminating force) and pressuring them within the temple of our body by using very sacred and scientific technology, that we can unlock the kundalini and raise the consciousness back up to the higher centers and to God. 

God obviously knew this and so the first thing he did before he sent them them out of the garden, was to give them a little bit of this sacred technology. Then when they proved trustworthy and faithful, he gave them more. Then more. If you are familiar with kundalini yoga and are an endowed member of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and go to the temple often with an awakened understanding of what we do there, you may understand what I'm hinting at. 

For now I will suffice it to say that when we combine a raised consciousness with the power of sacred ordinances that God has revealed in his Latter-day temples, we can rise to a level of purity and power that is above and beyond maya (the facade of polarity), come into the presence of God and become like God, who does not live in a polarity state. (God has no opposites. He only allows them to exist here for our benefit till we raise to a level where we don't need them.) 

That leads to the next tree, but I'll let you ponder that.  

What this realization finally helped me put into words (that make sense to me), is that happiness and sorrow are the opposites that cause the heart chakra to swirl, and both are sacred. Grief and pain are a part of the journey. The trouble we get into is when we start having painful feelings about pain and being angry and bitter about it, which is our choice, and which is what I consider the real definition of the word "suffering." 

I spent much of my life bouncing between highs and lows, and added plenty of suffering when life was low. For a few years though, and especially this last year, it has been different. This year contained some of the lowest lows and most sublime life altering highs. But through it all, I felt I was in the hand of God. Even in the midst of an enormous bonfire, as Lani described it, I could feel that it was sacred, and I was elevating to a whole new level.

mid painful burning
mid breathtaking wah!

 I don't believe it was pain that elevated me, but my ability to see it as sacred, to sincerely praise God for it all, and my daily practice of doing and so. THAT is what enabled Him to succor me on such a deep level (one definition of succor is: go beneath!) that more of my true divine self (kundalini) was uncoiled and even while burning, I could feel total serenity and joy, which I believe, has no opposite. 

Perhaps this makes sense to someone else besides me. Please let me know. I am hoping to have it make sense in my book/manual.  

For the macro-cosmic mind explosion about the second tree, you might have to wait till my book comes out. Of course, if you have some thoughts on it you want to share, feel free email me privately. 

Sat Nam. Wahe Guru! Happy New Year too.


  1. This post is an answer to my prayers! I haven't actually, intentionally prayed about it... but for several days I've been pondering how the chakras were connected to what we know in the gospel and how I could find that knowledge and use it to my benefit. (I loved the thread on facebook and the "Armor of God" connection - still trying to absorb and put that into use) I didn't even get time to study and search for some answers even though it was on my list. Gee, I am so grateful to you for sharing your great insight and letting me hitchhike along your spiritual highway for a bit. It's been months since I took the time to read your blog (any blog, really) and I've been catching up today. I feel like I'm on a spiritual high and need to slow down to let all these insights settle and absorb.

  2. This makes a lot of sense to me Felice. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoy everything you write and look forward to your book.

  3. You have written about it in a way that totally makes sense! I appreciate you very much. My life is changing in wonderful ways! Thanks be to God for leading me to your blog and making me able to implement what He has released into our world through you. I'm seriously so thankful! :)

  4. I like this post. I've always struggled with the law of opposition. If it's so great and necessary in order to grow, what happens when Satan is bound? Or after this life? Will we still grow and progress? Your explanation of progressing to a place where we don't need opposition to grow makes a lot of sense. I'm looking forward to that day! I loved what you said about God not being in a polarity state. That feels good to me.

    I can also appreciate the idea of sacred pain. When I have turned to the Savior in the midst of my pain, it has become a sacred trial that I am grateful to have experienced because it brought me closer to Him and more like Him. Joseph Smith often referred to his experience in Liberty Jail as a sacred prison or his "prison temple" because of the light and knowledge and comfort he received there in the midst of his extremities. Because of my experiences I have come to understand that a little bit.

    Looking forward to your book! It's going to be epic!

  5. I'm just playing devil's advocate--is there really no opposite to joy? I see happiness and misery juxtaposed often in scriptures (Alma 3, 40, 41, etc.), so it would seem misery is the opposite of joy (unless I'm misunderstanding what total serenity and joy means). Could you clarify?


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