Love Lessons Part 3

A few days after my initiation into the Love Lessons I woke up in the middle of the night feeling the most intense joy I have felt in my life. More joyful even than having a baby, if you like that sort of thing. It was even more Real that that. So much Joy and Love that it could have no opposite. I felt like I was bathing in something. I could almost not suck in the air it was so rich. Angels were in the room, but I have felt angels in the room many times and nothing like this. In this Love there was no fear of lack or of separation from that Love. I wasn't worried it would end and so I fell blissfully asleep again soon after. I think whatever I was swimming in must have reverse-aged me 10 years. In the morning I was sort of drunk on it and my total YES to all of creation, and I realized that Love is everywhere. It is not something one has to look for or try to create. It is in the breeze. It is in the air we breathe. If you have read the  Prana chapter of my book you know that prana, which comes in with the air, is the same thing as the Light of Christ. And since He was Love... 

The following journal entry was written probably shortly after the middle of the night intoxication.
This entry is not about leg hair. It's about Love. But at the time, I was having a journey with leg hair, so it may figure prominently in this entry.

"What can I write about Love except that I do know of it. I do know the way it feels to have the breeze blow through my leg hair. Dear breeze that came all the way from across the world and over the ocean cooling, surfing, making waves and rustling leaves and feathers, and then coming to lift the hairs on my legs. To ruffle them, caress them. That sounds sexual. But it was a deeply sensual experience the first time I felt the breeze blow through these newly grown hairs.  
I am so deeply in love with the breeze for being exactly as it was. For surprising me, for knocking me into the realm of the magical. If everyone could feel this they would stop shaving too. Part of me was missing and now it has regenerated and can wave at the poppies like my arm hairs do. Oh arm hair, I stopped noticing you ages ago, but I would notice if you were gone. 
Thank you breeze.  Thank you universe for breaking my razors after New Years. The armpits were easy. I liked them right away. I pet them like little bunnies. They were soft and powdery. Sensual and special. They seem to be a flag, waving. How wonderful it must be to be a flag, waving. Like loose fitting clothing on a breezy day. At one with my clothing it feels good. Almost as good as the breeze in my hair. 
It was my little secret for a long time. I fully intended to end the experiment with a deeply satisfying shave. A mow. Bulldozing. Deforestation. And then. Unexpectedly. I found a part of me that had been missing. Cliche I know. But true. I found myself endorsing what had once repulsed me. All great conversion stories go this way.  
I suppose, Breeze, that you have been a good missionary for other causes too. Ambassador. Persuasive, is perhaps a good word to describe you Breeze.  The leaves, the fall grasses, bend their ears to you, lean in the direction you persuade them."

Alisa  catching her scarf in the breeze. North Shore Oahu


  1. Yay for hair! :) I love thinking of the breezes that way; the world is indeed a beautiful, magical place.


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