Starlight Navigation

I haven't blogged much in the last few months because I have been practicing being more and saying less. It is like living in haiku. It has been challenging. The last few months have burned away everything I thought I was. Which means I now get to expand the limits of an identity or a definition. I am. I am.

The one thing that hasn't changed is that I still rise before the sun and put 10% of my day on the altar. Here is a poem I wrote about it in Kauai.

Morning Sadhana

My boat knocks gently against
The other shore of the night
Long before first light shines
On the blue faced doves.

I am writing another one called Starlight Navigation. Did you know that that the north shore of Kauai is pitch black at night? There are no streetlights and the St. Regis Hotel has to black out all their windows with shades at night to prevent light pollution. This is because of the albatross and the shearwater, protected birds, who navigate by starlight.

The albatross and I are more alike than different. Navigating long distances by starlight. Half asleep.

Sometimes I look up at the stars and feel like I might fall into them. Like perhaps they are just their own reflection on water.

And I think about the new star, shining brighter than the rest.

Jesus Christ came to earth to redefine our navigation system.

He is the Light of the world and He is not limited to anyone's definition of him. He is an artist, a lover, a warrior, an engineer, a destroyer, a creator, a friend, a brother, a mentor, a gardener, a God, a human, a yogi, a Jew, a savior, a rabbi, an astronomer, a sailor, a fisher, a builder, a traveler, a healer, a bridegroom. And more. But primarily, He is Love.  Love is not something He said or did, it is just what He is. And what I am. And what you are.

But how can you remember this when you do not get up before the sun rises? The 4th watch is when Christ will come to you. I encourage you to spend time in the early nectar hours meditating on Him in the glow of your tree lights. Or if you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can see stars, turn out all the lights and navigate by starlight.

Happy holidays and lots of love from me and Amarjot Kaur this season.


  1. I love the first two sentences of this post. The rest of your message sank deep into my heart. The imagery, the poetry, and the dedication in your words put me right onto a boat gently rocking in the water, fully in love with life.

  2. "He is the light of the world and He is not limited to anyone's definition of him." Why this strikes me so deeply... I can't figure out how to explain it. I guess it makes him so POSSIBLE. Makes him personally what I experience him to be. Beautiful, Nam Joti !

  3. Beautiful friend. I love the images you've expressed here so much!


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