The Shamanic Initiation to Trama Healing

Wow, what a great time to be alive. A few weeks ago I had this huge lifting of my complex trauma, through doing some familiar but also unfamiliar work. I feel like I just got initiated into a deeper level of shamanic healing, which I'll say more about later. My healing journey was a lot like a birth: pressure wave, release, pressure wave, relief... intense pressure wave, and look, you have given yourself new life.

I see the results of my transformation affecting every area of my life and as a result I am so much more able to help my fellows.

I feel so light after so much heavy. Wahe Guru.
One thing I really had to learn and dig into was the body and how it holds trauma in the cells. No amount of energy healing or eastern or western medicine will release this. It has to be released through the body-- by feeling it, or a small bit of it. A lot of this is possible through yoga, and kundalini yoga is the best (for reasons I can get into another time) but even Kundalini yoga is often non specifically targeting your trauma, and so doing other somatic work specifically on trauma has been helpful.

I'm not ready to share all my cools stories today, but with the help of my sweet little natural born shaman daughter, I realized that the somatic work I needed was already built into the shamanic imagery work I do all the time, I just had to understand how to use it. Now I do.

So, of course, as a result of my learning, I'm passing it on, or preparing to. I'm adding a module to my shamanic imagery training about that. So stay tuned for more info on that if you already trained with me. And if you didn't train in SHIFT (Shamanic Hypnotic Imagery Facilitation Technique) yet but want to learn tools to better help your clients or family or friends, sign up for my hypnotherapy newsletter to get an update about when the next SHIFT training will be. The SHIFT training has been online since 2017, and one of the best part of putting it online (besides me not having to travel for work) is that everyone also learns how to facilitate for clients remotely. So if you haven't done much remote work, you'll get lots of experience.

Since this lift a few weeks ago (right before general conference) I have moved house, which has been a ton of work and we are still getting everything set up. There is something about moving that I need to learn--I keep having to do it--all in my same town. I think I'd like to stay in this spot for a while.

I have sort of enjoyed the pandemic shut down because it has given me the chance to show other yogis that teacher trainings can work just as well online. I have been doing them for years. Of course, it's not as fun as all of us eating dinner together and then going to the hot springs. But there are other pros. And other cons. It's like a house. Every house has pros and cons. I know! I've moved a bit.

This is our group photo from day one of our online Vitality & Stress module.
We played a game that involved grabbing as much toilet paper as you could in your house.
Now we know who took all the toilet paper. :)

The pandemic has also been nice because I wasn't expected to be anywhere--and I really was in no shape to be. So no one noticed. Ha.

Pandemic laptop buddies during the lock down.

But I am feeling so good and so light now. Heavy has given way to light. It really is worth it to go through the black dot. It feels like you might die, but you don't. And then, the dot shrinks. And life is so much lighter. I'm sure there is more work to do in the future, but the principles and practices I have learned (and the friends I have made-- even though I didn't go anywhere, I have a whole new fellowship of friends through this) have changed my life and created a whole new level of resiliency. I will share them soon!

Love and Sat Nam!


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