Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training 2021 - It's Coming

 My dear readers and anyone who finds this here, 

I am so happy to announce that the wait for a fully Christ-centered Kundalini Yoga teacher training is over. Fully full on. Here we go. I have been waiting for the inspiration on this for a good long time and it's finally here. Here is what it's going to be like. Picture this: Chanting meditations under the stars and moon, morning sadhanas outdoors (or close to it) as the sun rises, sitting down to healthy delicious evening meals together, community storytelling and wisdom sharing around the fire or around the circle, being close to nature yet with comforts, the sound of birds, of water, of the drum, and the gong, reading and inclusion of ancient scriptures and the mysteries taught by Christ to his most trusted disciples. Imagine too, if you can, walking with Christ and having deep and personal experiences with God inside yourself. It is your birthright to be happy, healthy, and holy. Join me. 

There is no age limit, size, shape, or religious affiliation required to attend. Kundalini yoga is for anyone, but it is not for everyone. Only the devoted seeker finds it. 

Here is more info on the five modules that will make up this 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The Word - This module as you can guess is going to be a lot about mantras, calling on the names of God, the sound current, prayer, poetry, the scriptures, how Christ is "the Word" and so much more. This module will be highly experiential as well as full of deep discussion and study of the many levels of teachings available to us through the yogic teachings and the scriptures and other texts.

Prana - Prana is basically the life force which permeates through all things, which is basically the same definition of the "light of Christ." We get the most prana through the breath, and we can get more of it if we want to by changing or controlling the flow of the breath. If you have never done a deep dive into pranayam, be prepared to have your hair blown back. More of the light of Christ creates ecstatic states of being, healing, personal revelation, visions, and total rebirth. You will just have to experience this. 

Humanology and Yogic Integrated Living - This module is all about everything that has to do with being human and living in a body as a householder on planet Earth. So, just to name a few things... birth, death, yogic diet, communication, sex, relationships, communication, showers, stress, etc etc. This is going to be a very full module! It will be a lot of fun. 

The Temple Body - This module will cover all the things about the body-- both physical and etheric. From chakras to the ten yogic bodies to the musculo-skeletal system.  We'll also be talking about the temple (your body as well as the temples of old). We'll covering sex in depth and the covenants we make in the body. This is a module not to be missed. 

Gathering - This last module is still a mystery to me, but as it unfolds I'll keep you posted. My feeling is that it is about creating community but more specifically about building Zion and a literal gathering of those ready to welcome the second coming of Christ in their bodies as well as on earth. 

Oh, I also forgot to mention! We are going to make this teacher training -- at least some of the modules, open to partial participation and also make them family friendly. We hope that this will give more people the opportunity to partake in the experience at least part of the time. You can learn more about that on the training page. 

I am still securing dates and locations for all the modules. I have the first three pretty well planned, so you will have to go on faith until I get the others sorted. You can learn more about those dates, modules and locations here. And you can register there too! There is limited space so register as soon as you can. There is also an early bird discount that will be flying away sometime soon. Register Now!


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