Ascending After Descent

 It has come to my awareness that many of my people have recently be experiencing an intense and dark descent-- Maybe you would describe it differently-- like a bomb went off in your life for several months-- or maybe it has been voices in your head causing you to question every possible thing you have ever held sacred--maybe distraction took you down a road you thought would lead to freedom but it was leading you away from your destiny. So many of my strongest people are going through something similar that it almost seems targeted. Whatever it was, we suffered, but we looked to God.  The strong have only got stronger, and the fog is finally clearing. The worst is over. We are all re-aligning. 

Remember that decent is part of the pattern of growth, and that after the descent, those who kept the faith, will ascend to magnificent new heights.

What I have had to re-learn the past few months is that Satan is real and very powerful. He is able to lead entire nations astray. So why not us, a small group of yogi Saints. We need to keep Jesus Christ close, every day. If not, we will not survive the attack. 

Wherever you are, I encourage you to turn again and bind yourself to Christ. Freedom is Peace (as Christ gives it) not anything else. Touch not the evil gift.

I have been pondering on ways to better protect myself from the onslaught of evil and I keep coming to the same answers: Go to the temple and come out clothed in power. Invite Christ to sit with me every day as I meditate, study his teachings. Give back what I have been so generously given but serving and teaching others. Keep it super simple and take it EASY. Slow everything down. Do less. Make sure I have transition times. Leave my phone at home at least one day a week. Read more poetry.

I just re-read my last post on this blog and a numerological preview of this year-- and boy was it accurate to date. We now have to look forward to October and November which are both instant karma months. I believe this will be so helpful. It will help us all to understand consequences better because these two months they will be instant energy return! I am praying that I can be slow enough to be conscious enough to create all good consequences. I invite all to join me in doing the same. 


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