All Souls Deserve Wholeness

About 4 years ago I was standing under an oak tree in a wedding dress about to say “I do,” when my heart stopped and I died. 

When I came back to consciousness, I was laying on a bed of crunchy oak leaves and was very surprised to find that I was at my wedding. “Wasn’t this weeks ago?” I asked. 

According to those present, I had only “fainted” for a few seconds. All I could remember of the few seconds that felt like weeks was the feeling of being “sent back” from somewhere and that there had most likely been angels. I didn’t remember anything else and the wedding officiator was asking if I’d like to proceed. Rather than make me stand up, he got down on his knee and asked the final question, to which, I answered, “I do,” and he pronounced us husband and wife. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop laughing. Everything was so insanely funny and I felt unexplainable bliss. I didn’t know I had died. I didn’t even know yet how sick I was. If you have followed my blog you know I found out later and I got some medical intervention and got well. I still had no idea how sick I really was until I learned more about heart failure, but that would come in bits and pieces later. 

For the next few years I went with the story that I fainted at my wedding, that angels had worked on me and then sent me back.  But a couple of weeks ago when I was in Chaco Canyon doing some shamanic work, I was telling this story to a friend, and it was like a bell went off as I put together all the clues and came out of denial. The blood loss, the signs of heart failure, the medical interventions later that year. I realized that people don’t wake up from fainting and feel bliss. I had died. My soul left my body and went on a journey and then was sent back. 

 So the last few weeks I have been pondering. What happened? Why didn’t I remember all of it like some people do? Was it safe to remember it now? 

 So far, the memories that have come to me are this: Remember to help people’s souls. Focus on the Whole Soul. 

 As I have unpacked these feelings, I have felt inspired to teach and share about Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval. 

 What is Soul Loss? And What Causes it? 

 Soul loss is when a part of one’s soul is fragmented or splits off, primarily because of trauma, but also for other reasons--empathy can also cause soul loss. The shamanic view is that the soul "fragments" or disconnects to protect you in the moment. Initially, a disconnect from the soul can be a temporary analgesic. But if we don’t reconnect with the soul soon after, these parts or fragments of the soul become lost. Over time, increasing disconnection from the soul results in ongoing issues like anxiety, depression, feeling empty, angry, aimless, purposeless, suicidal tendencies, exhaustion, immune deficiency issues, confusion, lack of clarity, numbness, feeling drained or dis-spirited. 

Many mental illnesses also result from a disconnection with the soul, and talk therapy is often ineffective to help when not all parts are “at home.” Most mainstream therapies diagnose and prescribe for the metal or physical symptoms but don’t see the cause as a soul issue. 

 What can cause soul loss? 

As mentioned, soul loss is generally caused by trauma, both acute trauma, such as abuse of any kind, as well as chronic stress that becomes trauma. 

Here’s a short bulletted list. 

  • Abuse of any kind—sexual, physical, mental, emotional. 
  • Prolonged stress 
  • Moral injury 
  • Prolonged fear and impotence against attacks 
  • Abandonment 
  • Intense rejection 
  • Witnessing a sudden or shocking death 
  • Witnessing violence 
  • Deep seated addictions 
  • Out of body/near death experiences 
  • Drug use 
  • Possession by evil spirits 
  • Being in a close or entangled relationship that resulted in a loss of or giving away one’s personal power. 
  • Long term repressed emotions
  • Too much empathy for another person can cause a fragment of the soul to split off and try to "help" them but in reality the giver is hurt and the other is not helped. 

 Though Soul Loss is a significant spiritual illness, it can be a gift in disguise if you believe that all things work together for one’s good. Soul loss and even soul theft, can send us on a search, of longing, transforming, and deepening that can lead us to wholeness and Home. 

 What is Soul Retrieval? How is it done? 

Soul retrieval is an advanced Shamanic technique in which the shaman or guide helps to find, heal, and retrieve the fragmented parts of the soul or psyche. Where do these fragments go? There are differing viewpoints on this. The shamanic viewpoint is that the soul parts literally leave—they go to the spirit world or are held captive in other dimensions. The modern psychological perspective is that the soul remains whole but that part of the psyche (or mind) fragments and therefore needs to be re-integrated to wholeness. Whichever way you think of it, with an experienced guide, the psyche or soul parts are gathered, healed and integrated. 

 In my shamanic work I use helpers and guides from the realm of Jesus Christ, the master healer. In many cases the fragments are heavily guarded by guardians or monsters (or from the modern perspective, defenses of the mind) and this is why the fragmented person often cannot do the retrieval themselves but needs an experienced guide or facilitator to go with them. 

When was the last time you felt whole? When all parts of your soul are gathered, healed and reintegrated to wholeness people usually feel: 

 • More grounded and “solid” 

• More like themself 

• A greater sense of purpose 

• More Alive! 

• More energy than they ever imagined 

• Lightness and joy 

• Deeper Sleep 

• A greater ease and motivation in overcoming addictions 

• Increased spiritual strength against attack. 

• More clarity of mind 

• More happiness and connection to the soul means more happiness and connection in other relationships 

 • Mental health issues diminish or resolve 

• Physical health issues begin to resolve with the return of life force energy 

 What I’m Offering 

 I’m always here for you if you need help. Soul Retrieval can be done in a private session or sessions. I have lots of experience with soul retrieval and I have powerful support from the realm of Jesus Christ. 

AND For healers, I am also offering 

Soul Retrieval - An Advanced Shamanic Workshop*

NOTE- WORKHSOP POSTPONED: Soul Retrieval Training is an online training that starts DECEMBER 1, 2022. This course will give you the skills necessary to facilitate soul retrieval for clients, loved ones and friends. We will explore the many aspects of soul loss, retrieval ceremonies, and how to use Angels and other helpers sent from the realm of Jesus Christ to safely and gently reintegrate all parts to wholeness. 

Dates:  December 2022- March 2023 (6 weeks online meetings with additional monthly support meetings to be scheduled.) The class is part videos you watch on your own time, part live Q&As and demos, and part practical application and practice. (The one hour weekly live demos will be scheduled to accommodate participant schedules. We can make it work in your schedule!) 

 Tuition for a workshop of this kind if normally $1875 but for this year it is $999 if you register early. Payment plans available. 

As soon as I have a registration link I will post it here. Or you can reach out to me via IG, FB or email at progressiveprophetess at gmail dot com. Sooner the better as it's coming up soon and spaces are limited!

 *Pre-requistites: This workshop if for those who have already taken SHIFT for personal development (Beginning, Advanced, and Metaphysical modules) 

 [If you want to learn Soul Retrieval but have not done SHIFT level 1, my next online course starts April 1, 2023. However, I am gathering interest for an intensive (in-person) course potentially in January 2023. Reach out to get on the list if you can’t wait till April.] 


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