GOGL Virtual Book Tour - Interview with Meleah

This interview is a stop on the Virtual Book Tour for The Gift of Giving Life. I decided to interview Meleah for this post because she is one of the unsung heroes of this book. She has answered my interview questions below and of course I had to interject my 2 cents here and there in pink .

Do you remember when you first heard about The Gift of Giving Life? Tell me about that.

My SIL referred me to the GOGL blog a few years ago and I was instantly intrigued. Someone was writing about childbirth and the gospel, my two loves! 

How did you get involved with this book?

 I instantly wanted to help but I am in no way a writer but I love to organize and research so I offered my services figuring they didn't need them, but I thought I would email Felice anyway and sure enough they needed help.

In reality, I thought, we really need an assistant. There is no way this book is going to get done if we don't have someone organized on board. Then Meleah appeared. God provides.

Why did you get involved?

Because this has to be one of the most important topics in my life. I want The Gift of Giving Life to be read by every woman I know. Not just my LDS friends. The insight this book provides is unlike any other book I have ever read. I know that this book was inspired by the lord.

What was your role in working on the book?

 I helped keep the Birth Stories and the essays organized and compiled.

She did way more than that.

How has working on this book effected your life, personally?

I want to do more, although my life doesn't always allow it, this book has continued to increase my interest in spreading the word about being educated, informed and spiritually prepared when conceiving, being pregnant and giving birth. I have started a blog, although I haven't written much yet and plan to become a childbirth educator in the near future.

What is currently going on with your life right now? :)  Hee hee.
 I am waiting on baby #2, any day now and have loved reading the Gift of Giving Life while I wait, in fact I was reading it right before doing this interview! I love this book! I keep hoping that I will go into active labor while reading it, because I feel so spiritually connected to my Heavenly Father when I read it.

I think Meleah is the only one so far to have two Gift-babies, which is what I call babies born under the influence of The Gift of Giving Life. Congratulations Meleah! As of this writing, she is still waiting patiently. 

What do you hope this book does for women?
I hope that it provides them with more insight and encourages them to research more, become more educated about the childbirth process. While i understand that natural childbirth is not for everyone or possible for everyone, I do wish for Women to make educated decisions about their childbirth choices and remember that they are their choices, no one else's. I also hope that when Women open their minds to childbirth choices that it will also lead to more conscious parenting. Our children are precious gifts from our Father in Heaven and they deserve the utmost respect and love us from us.

Make sure that you read Meleah's personal story in the book about finding her motherly intuition.

Visit The Gift of Giving Life site to sign up for their newsletter and to receive a free Meditation MP3 as well as tips to help increase spirituality in your pregnancy and birth.  
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  1. I love you, Meleah! Sending you prayers and hugs as you "wait upon the Lord."

  2. I love Meleah. She truly was the backbone of the operation and did so many little things to keep us afloat. I'm so excited for her baby to come!

  3. I am SO grateful for ALL that Meleah did. I honestly don't know if the book would have been born without her. :)


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