A Dry Nest

My friend sent me this email a few weeks ago. I love everything about the email and the poem, so I thought I'd share:

"Poetry is sweeter to me now. Jack says it’s because I’m “enlightened”… and I agree. This one is just lovely. It made me think of you, and your journey to Ojai …"



Like a bird grown weak in a land

where it always rains

and where all the trees have died,

I have flown long and long

to find sunlight pouring over branches

and leaves. I have journeyed, oh God,

to find a land where I can build a dry nest,

a land where my song can echo.


-Emanuel Di Pasquale



  1. It IS perfect. I sure love that enlightened friend.

  2. Beautiful. And Ojai means "nesting place."


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