Kundalini Yoga and Our Adoption Miracles - Mandi's Story

My book is done, but I don't have a firm date when it will be out. But I just had to share this awesome story from Mandi that she sent me for the book. She wrote this just a few days before their baby was born. I cry every time I read it. For joy.

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation one year ago, and it has changed my life. After a few weeks of doing Kirtan Kriya, I began to feel more calm and balanced. I was more patient with my family. I felt the Spirit strongly every day. I felt inspired, and enlightened. My thoughts changed. My desires and goals changed. I re-did my Vision Board several times, and as I listened to God’s voice my path became clearer. I received great insight to His plan for me. Each morning as I meditated, and then prayed, my heart and mind were opened to amazing things. Let me share with you how these amazing revelations led to the miraculous adoption of our little girl.

We adopted our son Leo, as a newborn, four years ago. He has brought us so much joy. We have hoped and prayed for a second baby to join our family for the last three years. On New Year’s Eve, I was updating my Vision Board for 2014. A friend asked why I had dates on everything, except for the photo “We welcome a healthy new baby into our family.” I told her that it was really on God’s time and that I couldn’t put a date on it. She said “Everything is in God’s time!” She was right, of course. I rewrote it, adding “in January 2014.”

Two weeks later, we got a phone call from our adoption agency. There was a birth mom named J. that was looking at our profile. They emailed us some information about her, and asked if we were interested. I read over the file and learned that J. was in prison, serving time for some drug charges. She had done drugs (Heroin and Meth) during the first two months of the pregnancy, so we were concerned about possible complications for the baby. But we signed the form and submitted it, stating that were we interested in J seeing our file.

Over the next two days, we submitted forms for three other birth mothers who seemed like better matches because there were no drugs or alcohol reported. We were starting to get excited, and feeling like we would be getting a baby very soon. We started preparing the baby room and getting ready.

A few days later, I got another email from the agency about J. It was the final cost breakdown and approval sheet. I let the email sit in my inbox. I didn’t sign it, because I still had some concerns, and besides we were being looked at by those other birth moms. But for two straight days, I had this nagging feeling… “Sign the form”… “Sign the form”…

Friday afternoon the agency called, asking if we had signed the form for J. I asked her a few more questions, and then hung up the phone. I was still very nervous about it. With the form in my hand I said a silent prayer. “God, is this the baby for us? Is she supposed to be in our family? Will she have major health concerns because of the drugs? Will she be okay?” My answer was a single line from a song: “I walk by faith.” and I could hear the tune so clearly in my head. I hummed it out loud, and began to sob, as I signed the form. “I sign by faith.” I felt scared and unsure but also calm. I knew that everything would work out like it was supposed to.

Three days later, we got the call--J. picked us! A baby girl would be joining our family just a week or two later! We were so excited.

The next day we learned a tiny bit more about J. She had conceived in less than ideal circumstances, and she didn’t know much about the father. She did some drugs during the first two months of the pregnancy, and was currently in prison, serving an eight-month sentence. She would be moved to the Hospital for the birth. Our poor little baby. She and her birth mom had been through so much already. I felt incredibly grateful that God had given me some extra tools to help her-- energy work, essential oils, prayer and meditation. I knew that we could help her. I knew that she was going to be okay.

A few days later, I had the most wonderful experience while meditating. I was asking God what the baby's name should be. We liked the names Lucy and Lena for a very long time, and they are both names from our grandmothers, so I asked God what her name should be. The name Mary came to me. I tried to dismiss it because it's such a common name, and we prefer more unique names. But that is what I thought of. Mary.
The following day, as I was praying and meditating about it again, I asked if Lena was the right name. I was told to look it up. The first website that came up said that Lena is a form of Magdalena, as in Mary Magdalena. "Oh- I love her!" I thought. Then I read this paragraph:
Mary Magdalene (or Magdalena), a character in the New Testament, was named thus because she was from Magdala. She was cleaned of evil spirits by Jesus and then remained with him during his entire ministry, witnessing the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Wow! What a perfect name for our little girl, who was coming into this world with so much to overcome. I believed she would need to be cleansed of some evil spirits. She would need Christ's healings, in so many ways. But she would remain with Him--always.

I was so moved by this. I cried silent tears, as I praised God for this beautiful answer to my prayer. I then asked him about a middle name for Lena.

God told me that it should be “Love.” I thought, Really? Love? Is it too cheesy? Would she grow up hating it?

And I heard clearly, “It’s not cheesy. It’s an affirmation. Love will be the affirmation for her life. She will overcome all things with Love.”

Again, I was moved by this tender voice speaking to my heart. Lena Love. What a beautiful name for our beautiful little girl. I could feel her spirit with me, and I could feel the strength of her spirit. She has a special mission on this Earth. And I have a special mission to help her accomplish it. I felt so honored and so blessed to become her mother.

I shared this experience with Felice, and she responded with this:
This morning I was meditating and I felt your baby come to me and I just started weeping. She was saying ‘thank you.’ I don't know why I was privileged with a visit, but it was awesome. She is so happy to come to your family. I think she had a little fear it would never work out. I also got the feeling that you should do some work on her before she is born to clear some DNA stuff from the line she had to come through. My feeling is that it is not a ton of work, but she wants it done before birth.
Felice was booked so she referred me to Wendy, who is an energy healer who also does Kundalini Yoga. I immediately called Wendy, and we did two sessions of energy work for our little Lena. She cleared a lot of blocks, false beliefs, and bad conception-energy. She could also see that during the drug use there were evil entities that entered J’s body, which scared the baby, and this fear was crystallized in her brain. Wendy meditated for two days and was finally able to clear this from the baby and replaced it with healing, peaceful energy. She also cleared the need for addiction, feelings of worthlessness, and a host of other things. We could both feel her aura brighten as she did all of this. It was a powerful and spiritual experience.

Lena wanted me to know that she chose to come to Earth this way, so that she could learn and grow. She also chose her birth mom because she wants to help her. She has a deep love for her. She also wanted me to know that she knows she is coming to our family, and she is excited. She wanted me to know that she will always have energetic ties her birth family and that part of her mission on Earth is to heal that family tree. I knew that the energy work we were doing right then was the beginning of that process. Wow. What a privilege to be part of that.

I began doing a healing meditation each day--sending lots of love and healing to J and to Lena. I asked God to place a protective shield around them. I asked healing angels to perform miracles on them, to nurture and protect them. And I know that He has.

We flew to another state to wait for baby, and there met with J’s mom and sister. They were so nice, and they told us a lot about J. They told us that she has a really big heart, and that she loves everyone. She is truly a compassionate soul. If she sees a homeless person, she wants to help them, and weeps for days if she is unable to help. She is very social, a people-person, and loves everyone. She is extremely intelligent, with an IQ of 160. She loves to travel and try new things.

The case worker told us that J. went through dozens and dozens of family profiles. She picked ours first--we were her number one choice. She loved that we value education, that we travel a lot, and that we love the cultural diversity in our area. She told the case worker: “This is Leo’s little sister.”

They told us that J. would be transported from the prison to the hospital for just a very short time. She would be shackled to the bed, and a guard would be at the door. That broke my heart. She couldn’t have her mom or a friend there to help her during the delivery. She would be feeling so alone and scared. That made my heart break. It was so cruel.

That night I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and was thinking about J. and the baby. And then the most wonderful thing occurred to me. There is a picture on my Vision Board of some children, with the phrase “Liberate the Captives.” This comes from my favorite scripture in Jacob 2:19: “And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.

This scripture became my mantra about a year ago, as I was building my business. God told me that it was okay to build a successful business, if my intent was to do good. Truly, my vision is to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and particularly those last two--administer to the sick and afflicted (with essential oils) and to liberate the captive (which had meant, for me, advocating adoption--truly the liberation of innocent little babies from captivity).

I have this scripture on my wall, and I think about it constantly. In fact, part of it is on my Vision Board (Liberate the Captives) because I want to start a foundation that advocates adoption. It is part of my mission on this earth. I want to help as many babies as I can. So, that night, as I thought about baby Lena, I realized that she was in prison right at that very moment. We were liberating her from captivity, literally. I was stunned and overcome with emotion, and gratitude for God’s tender mercies.

I told all this to Felice, and she told me that Mukunday is one of the names of God and means "Liberator" and that I might want to look up a mantra called Har Har Mukunday. I realized that I had a mantra with the word Mukunday in it that I had been chanting in my head for weeks. I couldn’t get that line out of my head. I have heard Felice say that mantras have embedded within them the ability to bring you everything you need, even when you don’t know what you need. Again, I was astounded at the wondrousness of God. He was caring for Lena and caring for us during every part of this journey.

 I also realized that intentionality is powerful. That Vision Boards are powerful. Whatever we envision, we can create. And the The Word is powerful. God answers our prayers and guides us along our path if we stay close to Him and co-create our lives with Him.

Our baby is due any day now, and we can’t wait to welcome her into our family. I know that many more miracles are ahead. A year ago, I could not have imagined the inspiration, and miracles that are now a part of my everyday life. I really am more enlightened and so much more in-tune. I know it’s because of my daily meditation practice and that I am making time to really connect with God each morning. I am so grateful for this ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. I truly believe that “all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole.” Kundalini complements and strengthens my testimony of the restored Gospel, my faith in Christ, and my relationship with Him. It has changed my life. It has changed me. Wahe Guru!

They did get their baby a few days after this, and she is perfect. Mandi will have to write more about all the miracles since then. 


  1. This is an absolutely wonderful story! I love so many things about it. Thank you for sharing, Mandi!


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