Introducing Some Cool Teachers

This summer I mentored 22 people who were crazy about Kundalini Yoga and wanted to become teachers.  First, I gotta say that if you want teach Kundalini yoga or if you just want to uplevel and toally change your life, a 200 hour level 1 teacher training is the absolute best thing I can think of to do it.

However, for those people who don't have a training within 300 miles of them or can't get a way for whole weekends or who just want a Christ-centered perspective on Kundalini Yoga to supplement their training, I created my mentorship program, or as I some times call it Level  Zero Teacher Training or Jedi Training.

Yogi Bhajan taught that every student should be a teacher. If you even know one meditation you should teach it. It's good to have a little bit more training though if you want to really teach classes and stuff, so I have been training select people for a few years now. Many of them have gone on to do Level 1 and some have not but are amazing teachers. I want to introduce just a few here for you now and I'll share some more later.

Seva Nam Kaur (Beth), Hari Sangat Kaur (Jeanne), and Roni Thompson are all graduates who live in the Seattle area and are already teaching at Sunrise Studios in Kent, Washington. Beth has a great series going on right now called Truing the Wheels Within You. It is all about the chakras. Check it out if you are in Seattle.

Seva Nam Kaur

Hari Sangat Kaur

Madison Waters, the awesome girl who shared her story on missionary anxiety on my blog a while ago, also just graduated from my mentorship and she will be teaching a cool series on Kundalini Yoga and Mental Health. She is also a Photographer and blogs here. She is also getting married soon so congratulations to her. It's a kundalini love story.  Here is a pic I took of her at my drum circle. Maybe one day she'll send me a yogi photo of her to replace this. Please. If you want for info on her class hit her up through one of her links.


Danica Rugg is an amazing teacher and she has an upcoming series on the Breath of Life that may be online. I have no link for her yet, but if you know her, hit her up for class info. 


I have also mentored amazing teachers in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Michigan, Japan, England, St Louis, Hawaii and beyond. I will write more about them soon and link to their stuff as they send it to me.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming mentorships, you can email me for more information. I do not publicly advertise these trainings.


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