Conscious Communication

Sat Nam. Maybe you are like me and you always wish for harmonious communication, even though your actions may not result in it, you wish you know what to do to have it.
Communication is my joy and my pain. I love the thrill of writing and combining just the right words together so that they create a little spark. And I love reading writers whose words do that for me. But I also love talking, behind heard, and listening and understanding. When these things are working just right and I have a wonderful dialog with someone--it's pure magic. If it's with my husband, it's a huge aphrodisiac. If it's with my daughter or a friend, there is a huge bond that seems to form. If it happens with a stranger, it feels like the angels are dancing around me that day.
When it's not working, it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under me and I have no place to stand. It's awful.
There are so many great things I have learned about communication, but many of them are just tricks. The best things I have learned and will continue to study until I master them are from the yogic teachings brought to us by Yogi Bhajan.
Did you know that you communicate from different chakras? Have you ever wondered how it influences your communication to speak from your root chakra? Or from your heart and navel combined? Or that you can speak (or sing) from your aura? Also, did you know that you can send your communication to others' specific chakras. Like aiming. Point and aim, for different effect.
They say if you think you are enlightened, go visit your family. This was the first all family reunion and the first family event where I was not totally triggered. It was fun. Wahe Guru!  
How well do you think you communicate? The holidays are coming up and you can use so many interactions as your barometer. Are you being heard? Are you missing things others are trying to say? Is your marriage what you want it to be? How are your prayers? If it feels like you have a lot to learn, you are right! We all do! But that's not a bad thing, unless you don't know where to go to get the knowledge and experience.
Because I believe it's so important and the foundation of success in so many areas, its the first Level 2 Module I am hosting as a Kudnalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. I am brining in some amazing teachers to help me share this with you and we look forward to this so much.
If you want to learn more about the art of Conscious Communication, there is a 60-Hour Kundalini Yoga training on this topic coming in just a few months in Ojai California. Do you want to empower or hear your relationships, your work life, your prayers and more?
I hope you will make a trip of it and come, from wherever you are. We already have people joining from around the country and you will probably make life long friends. Ask me if you need help. There is a way through every block.


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