What Can We Expect in 2022 - A Numerological Preview

This is a simple summary of a presentation from professional yogic numerologist Dharma Kaur about the year 2022, shared with her permission. 

Keep in mind this is a numerological reading of the year 2022 for the whole planet. It tells where all of humanity will be this year. One’s own personal numerological chart can tell you where YOU will be, but this is what to expect from the outside world this year so you can prepare. (And by prepare I am talking about strengthening your nervous system and your neutral mind—you’re going to need to be the eye of the hurricane.) 

This year, there will be a deep look at many big structures that are not working anymore. Old structures will be falling apart as we move into the last stretch of our transition to the Aquarian Age –to usher in that Age of more Consciousness and Peace. Some of the numbers for this year relate to the soldier element so don’t be surprised if you see people fighting all over the place about what they perceive to be their rights. There is likely to be much emotionality and reactivity around you. So remember, eye of the storm…Here we go! 

Special months to pay attention to are: 

February & April 2022 – During these months all consequences will be double (good and bad). Expect intensity in April until April 22 when things should be completed or end. Completions/endings in the outer world always creates change. It may be positive. Depends on your outlook. Look for it. After that, until the end of the month, this intensity is directed towards all that is starting. So you may see new beginnings with a rush of extra force. 

May 2022 — May will demand consciousness and collaboration from the whole planet. If you are already on the path of consciousness, maybe it is a good to time to think about what you contribute to help others be more conscious. It may be a good time to start a Kundalini yoga teacher training. {Yes I am offering teacher training again in 2022. Stay tuned for dates} 

October 2022 – October is always a preview of what is coming the following year. For those of you who have been complaining about how long karma takes to come back around, get excited. October will be a month of instant karma. Consequences (good and bad) will be instantaneous. This should be interesting! It is a great way to train all of us to be more aware of what we create and the consequences in our lives. This will be a month of growing and looking inside. 

November 2022 – In November 2022, there is an interesting opportunity coming. Again, consequences double. November is always about consciousness but this year it is also about empathy, finding solutions and taking care of social needs. 

The pattern that repeats again and again in 2022 is the urgent need to become aware of the consequences we create, not just for tomorrow, but the whole chain of consequences into the future—from an action, reaction, inaction, word or silence. This should make us very thoughtful of how we are shaping our reality now, and into the future for ourselves, and others.

If you'd like to learn more about yogic numerology, I will be hosting a 6-hour training taught by Dharma Kaur this month. There is still time to register if you act soon. Here is the link for more info. 


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