Egypt Catapult

For my birthday this last October I went to Egypt. It was a spur of the moment trip. In September I had a vision about a sarcophagus in Egypt that contained ancient wisdom that belonged to me. and I wondered about it in my quiet moments. I was trying to get my landscaping done before the winter but was hitting wall after wall, so I decided to give it up till spring and go to Egypt with the money instead. So a friend and I just jumped into a tour without knowing much of what we were getting into—only that Egypt was calling both of us. 

 I’m not going to write a huge travelogue about it because it would be huge… and so much of it I am still processing. There are so many instances where the Goddess is so there. So alive. She never was removed like she was on the other side of the Canal. But that’s for another post.

There are a few things that felt relevant for sharing here now. The first night after our arrival was the full moon. We had the day to rest and relax before we started out mad tour the next morning at the Pyramids of Giza. A few of the people I knew on the tour wanted me to lead a full moon meditation and of course, I was willing. So I led a special meditation out by the pool under the moon and the palm trees. It was beautiful. And familiar. 

The next day we also meditated in the “Kings Chamber” of the great pyramid. It was dark and hot and humid and sweaty and we only had a few minutes, but it was also really familiar. 

I realized that it was exactly 7 years before (to the moon) that I was in Washington DC, going around to different sites and meditating with a small group of people. And if you don’t know--which I didn’t until that night I got to DC seven years ago--is that our capital is laid out with remarkable similarity to the inside of the great pyramid of Giza. If you don’t believe me google it. Or watch this video for a full mind blow. It’s wild. You can also read my old blog about that experience form 7 years ago. There was a lot I didn’t say then too, but you might get the feeling of what we were doing.

The rest of our tour was full of interesting activations and learnings for me but I continued to wonder about the timing. When I got home I still wondered. Why exactly 7 years and why on the full moon in October? I thought I just jumped in spur of the moment but apparently there was a bigger plan. Finally I asked with intention and immediately opened the scriptures. It fell open to the Bible Dictionary entry for Sabbatical Year. Here it is:

"As was the seventh day in every week and the seventh month in every year, so also was every seventh year consecrated to the Lord. The land, inasmuch as it was the Lord’s, was to keep a Sabbath unto Him (Lev. 25:2–7). In this year the self-sown produce of the arable lands was to be left for the poor and the beasts of the field; and the fruit of the unpruned vineyards (and oliveyards) was not to be harvested but to be left to the owner, his family and servants, the stranger sojourning with him, his cattle, and the wild beasts. A release of debts owed by Israelite to Israelite was made. The year was intended to be not simply a year of leisure but also one of religious instruction and exercises. To mark this, at the Feast of Tabernacles (at the commencement of the sabbatical year, which began with the seventh month) the whole law was read in the hearing of the people. The law of the sabbatical year was habitually broken by the Jews for a long period before the Babylonian exile. The 70 years of exile and the land’s desolation were regarded as making up for the unobserved Sabbaths of the land (2 Chr. 36:21)." [Italics mine.] 

So....Of course then I remembered that October usually falls as the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar (which is lunar solar), so both times, I was there right at the kick off of the Sabbatical year. And I remembered the year of Oct 2014-2015. Do you remember it? It was so interesting. It was full of blood moons and many people prophesying and freaking out about what was coming. For me, it was a year of huge learning and spiritual growth. 

 So there I was in Egypt, and here I am now, having a few months of insight. From that day in the great pyramid, it is like I have been shot out of a catapult. As a teacher and a student of life and light I like to always be growing, but I have to admit that in the last seven years, though there has been huge spiritual growth, it hasn’t flowed with the ease like it has since October. The floodgates are open, the mysteries are being unfolded. So I look forward to spending this year in study and spreading consciousness (even more than normal). I have missed this velocity! It's not sustainable all the time, but once every 7 years it's so fun!

In the future I may share more about some of the specific learnings and healing and integrations I had there, but if you’d like to join with me in study sooner, come to my weekly Come Follow Me Bible-poetry-yoga class. It’s not your grandma’s yoga, or her bible study class. Join my mailing list to get info on joining. Or follow @treeoflifekundaliniyoga on Instagram. 

 Happy Sabbatical Year!


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