Love Lessons Part 7 - The Sea Turtle

I went to Hawaii in April and spent time on two islands. The island of Kauai is very special. This is where I learned about Aloha. In Hawaii they use Aloha for hello, goodbye, and love. But Aloha is actually an invocation of the divine. So of course it is love. And Mahalo (traditionally thought of as the word for "thank you" is actually a blessing of the divine.

As you step off the plane in Kauai you feel the aloha. Not all beaches or tropical islands in the world have the same energy. Some have very dark energy. Kauai is peaceful and light and abundant and wild. I was there for a Level 2 Yoga course, which was challenging and which taught me a few things but the most important thing I learned in Kauai happened in the ocean.

I was snorkeling on my day off and saw a sea turtle gliding along under the water. I matched her pace and swam up and down in undulating patterns. She poked her head up and I poked mine up. It was surreal to be with her. I had explored the whole reef and seen amazing colorful extravaganzas of fish, but nothing compared to her. We were in shallow water and there were no other fish or visible plant life. Hawaiian waters are so clear because they are basically a desert. There are very few micro-organisms to cloud the water.

I drifted with the current and watched her. Suddenly there were three turtles. They were playing. They had no fear of me. It was like I didn't exist. They flew gracefully through the water with their legs like wings. There is a rule that you aren't supposed to touch them, so I didn't swim toward them, I just floated. But the current began to draw me near to one... the one I had been following. She turned and looked at me and we made eye contact. And in that moment something happened. She gave me a transmission mind-to-mind.

Not "the" turtle but another one. Mine was twice this size.

I knew it had happened but I couldn't say what it was she transferred to me without words. But I had it. And later I would unpack it, slowly. Since then I have learned that it is about not needing words. It is about communicating and healing through your presence.

This is the essence of Sat Nam Rasayan. It is the heart of Christ consciousness.  Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing technology that Yogi Bhajan gave the world and Guru Dev Singh helped put into words and teach it. It was originally taught in silence. Transferred from master to student. Sat Nam Rasayan is not Kundalini Yoga. It comes out of the fruits of Kundalini Yoga though. It is about healing through your awareness and your presence. Sat Nam Rasayan means healing in the true name. Which I believe is the essence of what Jesus Christ did. He did everything in his Father's name. Which is the name of Love. Which is all of our true identity.

True Divine Love heals without any techniques. When a person becomes the Love that they truly are, their true identity, people are healed just by being with them.

I know a few people like this. Not enough. Thankfully, I know the sea turtle, and she is there inside me every time I need an anchor to this peaceful, playful, Love Force.


  1. Thank you for sharing this - you have put into words what I feel when I'm breastfeeding my babies. I will ponder on this more, so I can bless the lives of others with my presence. Sat nam.

  2. I've enjoyed this post a little bit more than the others, mainly bc I can connect with the sea turtle and resonate with its presence. I've also been thinking about how to heal others simply through my presence and work as a hospital chaplain. Thank you for sharing Nam Joti. I will be thinking about this and processing it for some time...


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