Love Lessons Part 8 - The Church of The Firstborn - The Ultimate Love Lesson

I will skip the rest of my Love Lessons journey and get to the most important stuff.  It feels like I need to say less nowadays and those who are ready will get it.

What I learned from my Love lessons is that Love is the beginning and the end. It is everything. If we are not Love then we are not fully alive. Love is not an emotion or sentiment. It is not something you do. It is something you are. The purpose of all religion and spirituality is to lead one to fully embody that identity. Religion and ordinances and yoga and mediation and healing... they are only steps, and everyone's path has different steps. Though I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and draw a lot of other truth into my circle from many other places, none of that matters so much if it doesn't bring me to be Love.

The truth is that there is a higher organization that is not governed by worldly structure. It is called the Church of the Firstborn. Jesus taught me about it.

The Church of the First born is a gathering of the uniquely righteous from among "every nation kindred tongue and people."

John Pontius wrote: "It may be important to note that the Church of the Firstborn is not an earthly organization. It does not own buildings or land and hold conference every six months. This is a sacred society whose highest officer is Jesus Christ and whose members are those who have been ushered into his presence and there received the endowment of Zion and thus membership in this august body."

In the early days of the Christian church there is evidence that there may have been both a general body of members and another, special body known to Paul as he wrote to them in his letter to the Hebrews  "To the general assembly and church of the firstborn..."(12:23)

According to the Doctrine and Covenants, the Church of the Firstborn enjoy the privilege of receiving the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, to have the heavens opened to them.. and to commune with other members of the church of the Firstborn and to commune with God him/her self and with Christ. (D&C 107:19)

The Doctrine and Covenants mentions the Church of the Firstborn at least 10 times. It is something to consider and study. My understanding of it, from my experience, is that it is made of people who have learned to be Love. It is made up of saints who dwell in his presence. Who dwell continually in Love. It is made of up of yogis, saddhus, saints of every age and religion and race and tongue. Some living, some passed on and some in between living in some translated state.

Some Mormons think that only members of the church can be in the Church of the First born, and might ask: what about the essential ordinances? And I ask in return, what about them? If they are essential then the members of this body have them. Remember that time is not a linear thing. To God, who exists in the eternal Now, all is as it should be. Just as Christ's Atonement was retro active and future active, so are any and all essentials. It is way more important to figure out Love than worry about who is going to be at the party with you. Just be Love. I can't tell you how to do it because it is not a doing thing. But I do believe it is a fruit of some things I have been doing, which have aided me in shedding all other identities and allowed me to be only the true identity.

Does this church have meetings? Yes. They do. And members may attend them without even knowing they have. But they are the most love filled gatherings in the universe and the love that radiates from these gatherings spreads so far and wide and is so strong these days that whole worlds benefit.  If you are curious about this, I invite you to join me. Ask and trust and let God lead you to Himself/Herself, which is the True You.

Many blessings. Sat Nam.


  1. Awesome! Much of what I have seen written about the Church of the Firstborn seems very exclusive and includes long lists of requirements to attain it. Being LDS myself, I have also heard that only LDS can be part of the Church of the Firstborn, which never made any sense to me (why would God cut out 99.8% of people?). It seems that maybe some of the writings I have seen have been written by people who are not actually members of the Church of the Firstborn :)

  2. I LOVE this! I have been thinking, meditating, dreaming and praying about this lately. Thank you for sharing all of your insight about it.

  3. I am loving these posts. Thank you!


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