Friday, October 31, 2014

A Free Country Depends On Enlightened Citizens

Last week I spent time in our nation’s capitol, whose sacred geometry was designed and influenced by George Washington and other inspired and God-loving men. Sacred geometry is a real thing, but most people don’t understand what is laid before their eyes for all to see. The short story is that the layout of that city was inspired and designed to augment power. So long as the powers-that-be were righteous, this was a good thing. When that power becomes evil, it can augment evil.

DC Temple

On the outside temple doors 
Sacred geometry everywhere. Kale Plant outside temple.
The covenant on our land (America) has always been that it was to be a promised land, but as soon as the people became predominantly wicked and put wicked leaders and laws in place [this is not a political statement. Evil does not have any party lines], then the covenant was broken and the people would be destroyed. It has happened at least twice on this land that we know of. The Jarodite people and the Nephite people both flourished and then were totally destroyed on this continent. (If this is the first you have heard of these people, click the links to read the stories in the Book of Mormon.) We (those of us living in America now) are the third group of people I know of to occupy this promised land.

As you can read here, I have been instructed to learn all about astrology (as God intended it) and this quest led me to Kabbalistic Astrology and the importance of a correct natal chart. Then I discovered that the United States of America has a natal chart, too. This is called Mundane Astrology, it is the astrology of groups of people or nations and it is actually the oldest kind of astrology. Many people argue about the “birth” date of America and whether it was 1776 or the later date when the constitution was signed.

The answer actually came to me in Relief Society one day when I was half listening. The answer was neither date. Some Ezra Taft Benson or someone else that stated that the true birthday of our nation is April 6, 1789, the day that the first joint session of congress met and the electoral votes were tallied and George Washington was ratified as President.

 Woah! Of course, if George Washington is the Adam figure in this drama that date makes some sense. But it gets better. When I did a Kabbalistic calendar conversion of that date for that year, I found it was 10 Nissan. Historically that is the same day that the Jews crossed the river Jordan and entered the promised land. It is also the same day 40 years earlier that the Jews selected the sacrificial lamb for the first Passover.

 Interesting detail: The newly signed constitution required the senate and houses to meet in March, but because everything was so new and everyone was still so far apart and traveling by horse and buggie, the Senate did not have a quarum until April 6. So there you go. No accident. God picks birthdates.

 At his inauguration two weeks later, George Washington opened the Bible to swear in opened to Genisis 49:22 to the part that says “Joseph is a fruitful bough…” The scripture that basically talks about God’s covenant people. (It also talks about the zodiac sign for each tribe of Istreal.) If you are not sure yet that America is a covenant land, or was, go pray about it.

 The problem is, just a few weeks ago, around Rosh Hashana, the covenant on this land was broken, and the calamities which have been foretold by many prophets are about to come upon this land.

I was in DC by direct guidance from many angels and witnesses. One of them was Abraham Lincoln (the Christ figure in American history). Turns out he has been following me on this whole trip. (He was the giant angel I saw on occasion.)  So I organized a small group of powerful people to meditate (during the new moon and partial solar eclipse) at certain spots, including Arlington Cemetery and the Lincoln Monument.

Teddy Roosevelt Island

The trees at the cemetery were amazing.  

Among giants
Things happened. Archangels were there. Armies of light were with us. And we changed things. At least for a little while. I am not allowed to write about it in detail, but I want you to know that there are legions of armies of angels that have been organized or are currently receiving instructions for how to help you in the days to come.

You have been given a little bit more time to prepare, but I implore you to do so now. Spiritual preparation is what I am talking about of course. But if you are given other instructions for how to temporally prepare, follow them to the letter--but never at the expense of your spiritual preparedness.  Remember that you are so loved and that there are glorious days ahead and more blessings that you can comprehend.

 You notice I am skipping over some of the really dark stuff ahead. Well that is going to come, but here is one inspiration I got about that: I don’t watch violent movies or shows or play video games. I don’t watch the news. (I’d rather not be misinformed. I stay informed in other ways.) I don’t even listen to the radio and never watch even a Disney movie without putting up a subliminal message shield. This is because I am very sensitive to violence and I am suggestible. I like to live in a peaceful bubble. I wondered and asked God if maybe I should be desensitizing myself now to the scenes I will likely witness in the next few years. But the inspiration I got was that (as a general rule) people who have desensitized to or delighted in watching or simulating violence will be the ones who will end up living through it most. Those who sought and sowed peace will be given certain measures of protection and healing.

 I have so much hope for the days ahead because I know, many people will grow in faith and witness and perform miracles.

 But wait--- I just said that our country is going to fall apart soonish. Yeah, I kinda said that, didn’t I? And you want to know that you can do? Well, as strange as it may not sound coming from me, the answer is meditate and do lots of Kundalini Yoga. You need a strong nervous system and you need to be spiritually prepared.

I love this quote I saw at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial: “Thomas Jefferson often referred to knowledge as LIGHT. His life’s work was as much a quest for light as for LIBERTY. To America and the world he affirmed that light upholds liberty, that a free government relies on enlightened citizens.” 

Awake! You can rely on me writing more about this.


  1. I had chills the whole time I was reading this. Can't wait for more.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you. This really spoke to me today and the things I have been feeling and pondering lately. I love your blog. Thanks for letting your light shine.

  3. I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear more about the angel ever since you first mentioned him. And I was definitely not disappointed! Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences with us. I can't wait to read more.