Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Photos To Love From Teacher Training

Last week I was in Bancroft, Idaho--which is pretty much the middle of beautiful nowhere (about 45 minutes from Pocatello and 7 minutes from Lava Hot Springs) hosting a Level One Teacher Training and training teachers in Kung\dalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. It was a amazing! So much spirit. So much fun! Such great people! The nearby hot springs were wonderful after long days of yoga and sitting and yoga and dancing. I haven't received all the pics yet but here are a few to show you how much fun we are having and all the beautiful shiny people who are transforming to become even more shining.

These are all out of order, but I captioned them so you can get an idea of what's going on.

Jumping Yoga. Group Photo minus a couple people who left early.
We are so happy we are levitating.  
My husband and daughter. Doing the training!

Visiting Trainer Guru Amrit Hari Kaur hugging Amarjot Kaur
Nabhi Kriya with Siri Marka
Alison (Tara Priti Kaur) visiting and teaching a class 

Gong is good. 

A civilized group pic. We had to concentrate to stay on the ground

Sharing the stage with Siri Marka

Group Photo before Guru Amrit Hari Left

Me and Siri Marka

Our beautiful location in Idaho
amazing beauty.
Youngest member of the group. Can solve a rubix in under a few seconds while doing yoga. 

Bancroft Idaho.

In Soccer, this is a classic move by Amarjot to block the ball from going under the wall. 
Amarjot Kaur listening to Siri Marka tell stories.

Our youngest teachers in training.

Lunch outside. 

Setting up the stage.

Guru Amrit Hari Kaur. Beautiful soul.

Sharing the stage with GAHK

Amarjot volunteered to be her knees.

Little visitors, along for the ride. 

Blissed out. 

Dance party.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Winners of the Raffle Are:

Last November I announced a raffle to encourage people to include their children and other young people they know in meditating.  And to make it fun. I got lots of pictures of people's kids meditating and families meditating. It warms my heart. I'm a month late in announcing the winners, but I believe in divine timing.

Here are the winners and what they won!

Robin Jones - $500
Linda Black - $75 credit for any Tree of Life Store Kundalini Yoga Series
Sharalun Chamberlin $50 Credit for and Tree of Life Store Kundalini Yoga Series
Catherine Dagsland $40 Credit for any Tree of Life Store Kundalini Yoga series. 

If you are a winner please contact me to redeem your prize. If you didn't know you entered this raffle then maybe you just have an angel who wanted to get your attention and so manipulated my random number generator. 

It's Spring! Update

It's spring! This was a long cold dark winter. It for sure has been for me, but it is in the dark that seeds germinate. I feel like that little seed that just burst forth. Yay! Spring is always my power cycle, but it is especially nice this year.

Since I added the Meditation for Cold Depression to my life, I have noticed a few things happening. Number one, things started dropping from my life. Lots of things. People, work, busy-ness, stress, my big house. In some cases it caused more stress because I was grieving the changes. But then I started to just let go faster because I could see how it was for the best.

For example, letting go of my big house was great! It was time to consolidate because I wasn't really using it for retreats anymore and it was just too big to clean myself and there were lots of other things going on there that were not sustainable. In deciding to leave and looking around at the market, I realized that my husband and I could buy a house. So we are in a really cute rental for now, but we are getting our stuff together to buy a house. In Southern California, as a self employed woman, this is a big deal, and I never thought it was possible.  But hey look! Pigs are flying all over the place.

I can't say it is only because of the meditation. Oh no! That is only amplifying some other things I am doing. There has also been a very conscious and daily effort to surrender my life and my will to God. Since last year, when I realized that my life had become un-managable, I had to remind myself (daily) that a higher power could restore me to sanity. And so I turned all my managing over to that power as I understand it. And let me tell you: it works.

What has happened is that things just start to happen way better and I just kind of breathe and watch and wonder in amazement. Something I wanted for 7 years and tried to make happen-- I finally gave it up and decided it wasn't right for me-- and within a couple weeks it came to me without effort. Seriously? Yeah.  (It's not a baby! Don't worry. I'm keeping no big secrets.)

Every time I feel that trying-to-make-things-happen tension in my body I breathe and give it up and trust and it usually works out way better in unexpected ways.

Here is an update on my life and work for those who care:

 I am feeling really healthy. All my blood numbers are totally good and I have energy and vitality just in time for spring and summer beach days. And I feel very mentally stable on a deep level. Like the level below where I felt good before. Way deeper. Deep Peace. In fact, my friend Michelle was in town last week and she said of all the time she has known me, I seem more content than ever before.

Some of you know my husband and I only live together part time. Well, he had an opportunity to apply for a job closer to us and we don't know anything yet, but it feels like maybe it's time to let my fears go about living with him more than part time. So if you want to pray for our highest good and happiness, I am grateful for your prayers!  We are in surrender to it.

My daughter went to New York for United Nations and came back all grown up. I am grateful for everyone who donated money to her campaign and helped her by buying her art.

I finished my 3rd semester paper for Grad school and am now writing poems like a mad poetic hatter and it's so wonderful to be creating. Poetry has this amazing ability to mend ruptures in our society and bring the song back into our lives.

I have stopped teaching retreats for a while, maybe forever, who knows, and I am just seeing some clients, writing poetry, sharing some of the wonderful natural health solutions I have found, and this year I will be training teachers.

The Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher training I am hosting and teaching in SE Idaho will begin May 27, 2019 and despite having my original team drop out, God somehow arranged for an amazing group of other trainers to come and join me. There are still a few spaces left for those who want to come to this amazing 220 hour training. It will deepen your practice, transform your life and give you the credentials to teach with confidence and grace. As a teacher you have the opportunity to help people live in a more exalted way. For more info you can go to my website. We also have an interest group on FB that you can request to join.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why I Almost Let Myself Die

There is a monster with no symptoms. It’s called Cold Depression. During my recent health crash I asked myself why I let me get into such a situation. Me! I’m intuitive, hyper mind-body connected, and aware, I thought. So how did I get there—not just the blood issue, but the severe nutritional deficiencies which were probably behind it all? The answer, I knew as soon as I asked, was cold depression.

Cold depression is not depression. Depression, or Major Depressive Disorder is simply defined as: low mood some, part, or all of the day, every day, for more than two weeks in a row. Depression is fairly easy to recognize by that definition, and one in four people have MDD at any given time.

Cold Depression is not well understood and not even known about by most of the behavioral health world, but it is even more rampant than depression.

Cold depression has no outward symptoms. Often, people with cold depression are happy, successful people, sometimes very high achievers and service oriented givers.
Out and about on my trip to Ireland

Here is how Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa PhD explains it based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
Cold Depression is when the external demand is greater than the internal capacity to deliver and we have spent our reserves. We are depressed but we are so numb and insensitive to our own self, we do not feel it. The depression is therefore “cold.” This leads us to inner anger and isolation from our soul.
Cold Depression is when we are cut off from our spirit, source, strength, and inner guidance. At its core is a deep sense of loneliness, a prevailing sense of anxiety, and a loss of meaning. Yogi Bhajan called this, “The Silence of the Soul.”
We instinctively counter the numbness of Cold Depression with behavior that fulfills the need for stimulation. A person experiencing Cold Depression does not seem depressed to herself or others. This is because she is busy, active, and appears energized. She may overwork, create “emergencies,” or drink 6 energy drinks a day. He may engage in extreme sports, risk taking, or substance abuse. The insensitivity of Cold Depression leads to reactivity, impatience, and drama. Do you know anyone like this?
After reading that description you argue that you are connected to your soul. You are a yogi. You and God are one. Well I have news for you. Even deeply spiritual people often have cold depression, and in fact, I would say it is even more rampant among us folks because of the subconscious sadness about being separated from God. Being on this planet is tough. It creates a pain that is humungous and the subconscious wants to cover that gap. So we do, in all the ways above, and by meditating to bliss out and by overachiever/perfection addiction to feel like everything is ok. And at the same time, some of us even secretly sabotage our lives or health so we can exit the planet sooner. I’ll talk more about that in a minute.
Here’s more on cold depression:

What Causes Cold Depression?
Information overload, unrelenting stress, and rapid change contribute to Cold Depression. Bigger. Faster. More. These are all elements of modern life. The glandular and nervous systems of most people on the planet are not sufficiently developed to meet this challenge. When we don’t have the energy within, we seek it outside ourselves. We go for the rush.
Cold Depression is not just a personal challenge; it occurs across an entire population during global transition such as the one we are in now. When there is a major frequency change, Cold Depression can increase to profound levels, like a sudden tide. Yogi Bhajan said this “gray period” of the planet has occurred in the past, whenever there was an epochal transition.

I knew I had cold depression because I had secretly—I say secretly because it was secret from my conscious mind—neglected my health by resisting vitamins and supplements or not taking them consistently till I was dangling by an eyelash over the canyon of death. This is a secret strategy of many people with cold depression. They subconsciously try to exit. For example, a person might have a small pain that they don’t check out until it has grown to a stage 4 tumor and then die very quickly once it’s known. Another person might have back pain but instead of taking time off from helping and serving and heavy lifting they just take Tylenol or Ibuprofen—for years and years—and then one day they die of liver failure or kidney failure from taking so much pain medicine.

I have been talking about cold depression for a couple of years. I had a feeing I was the poster child for it a while back, and I took steps two years ago to take a lot of the stress off my plate. My life has been very sweet for the last 7 ish years. And it was hard to think that there was a disconnect from my soul. But after my health wake-up call I realized that there was more to this cold depression thing than I understood. So I started doing the Meditation for Removing Cold Depression, which I had never done as a consistent practice. I knew I needed to make it mine for a while. So I did. I stopped my other meditation and picked up this one.

Before you run out and try it, I need to tell you that it is a very powerful meditation. Even though it says you can work up to 31 minutes, it says to start with 3 and build up to that. I recommend heeding that caution. I did start with 3 but quickly increased to 11. I never went past 11 and probably won't for a while.
At first it was sweet. I felt the sweetness of life even more, and then I crashed and burned and felt like I was losing my mind. What was asymptomatic and looked nothing like depression started to look very much like depression and even a bit of anxiety. My body was almost completely better but my mental and emotional state was in turmoil. The mind just wanted to swing, and all I wanted to do was get away from the pain. Ultimately I just had to hold my grace and sit through it. I was super sensitive to everything. It felt a little bit like coming off of an anti-depressant, which I did many years ago.  A friend of mine is weaning off her anti-depressant now, and she is feeling similar things--sensitive and raw and realizing how much it numbed her to feeling things as much.

After lots of debate about dropping the meditation (because I was almost not functional) I decided to stick with it, but add in the one I had been doing before, because it has a very stabilizing effect. This worked. I felt lots better. I still struggled but I could function. So if anyone wants to learn from my experience, I would recommend not dropping your regular practice to do this meditation, just add 3 minutes of the Meditation for Cold Depression and let it work on you slowly.

In January I had the amazing opportunity to go to Ireland for a poetry residency and it was a dream. While I was there I felt so free of all the pain, and I felt so grateful and humbled and had a tectonic shifting of my priorities—more to my personal writing, my family, and simple living. This has been coming, but in Ireland I had the strength to finalize some decisions.

At the Joyce Tower in Ireland

I feel pretty sure that not being in my full creative expression for the last few (ok many) years has been at heart of my secret desire to leave the planet. A blocked creative, if blocked long enough, will eventually die inside and then outside… For me, creativity is a part of my soul. And that is where the disconnect—or not enough connection—was happening.

Panoramic from the cliff walk in Howth
So that’s why I’m not doing any more retreats. I’m facilitating a 200 hour kundalini intensive training this year in SE Idaho and then I’m passing the torch. I’ll still teach, I am just not going to travel any more for work after this year--at least that I know of--for the next seven years. 

Kundalini yoga is not the purpose of my life. It is a tool to support me in my life purpose. Right now the purpose of my life is living and writing poetry and my relationships with family, friends, clients and students. I feel radical acceptance for everyone’s journey. God is in charge, not me. Thank goodness.

Me and a writer friend in Howth thinking about doing a cold dip.

The Seamus Heaney Exhibit at the National Bank was lovely.

I’m going to keep up 3 minutes of the meditation for cold depression for a while. I don’t know how long, but knowing my tendencies and the world I live in, I think it will probably be with me for a while. I have some other changes coming but I am keeping them close to my chest for now. I’ll share them soon if you stay tuned. I also plan to do a webinar soon about all I have learned about health and healing.

Thank you for being led here and reading to the end. I hope something in here can help you. 

Blessings and Sat nam. Feel free to reach out at any time through the comments.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Getting In Tune With My Moon (Cycle)

In my last post, I shared my recent health journey--the slow decline and blood loss and fast rebound to rebuilding my red blood cells and vitamin levels-- but many people have asked about how I healed the heavy uterine bleeding. So here is a quick post about it.

As I have said before, we are educated to believe that the female cycle has a lot of variety and it is normal for some women to bleed a lot or have cramps or spotting or starting and stopping or PMS. It's not true. For almost all women, a healthy cycle is not more than 80ml of blood (16 reg tampons), lasts maybe 4-5 days, has no cramps or clots or pain, and no PMS symptoms. It also tends to start on the full or new moon.

So many women are so far from that "norm" that it's hard to believe. Where there is a lot of variation is in what is making the cycle off. That's why I can't share a one stop fix for everyone. I had to educate myself on a lot of things and test and try some things and eliminate possibilities. Don't assume because your friend had a fibroid that this is the cause of everyone's heavy bleeding. Luckily for me, the ER visit eliminated the possibility of cysts or fibroids or tumors.

Of course, I thought at first it was all emotional and could be fixed by fixing the emotional, and I went that route for healing. There were a lot of emotional layers, for sure. But even if the cause is emotional, the physical body needs a lot of healing with physical healing methods (touch, food and herbal medicine, exercise, western medicine, homeopathy, etc) to support the emotional healing.

I'll share with you some of the resources I found most helpful.

VitaLivesFree is a youtube channel from a woman named Vita who went on a journey to take charge of her health and she has a lot of information.

Here is her Hormones Balancing Series which has great info on heavy periods, and decreasing fibroids naturally.

She also has a playlist on Adrenal Health.

There is a lot of beautiful info out there if you use the right search phrases. Just be intuitive and discerning and you have to do your own research and try things and consult with your health provider.

I have been lucky and it was easy for me to figure out what I needed. But I also know I have to keep in tune with my cycle and my temple body for life. Needs may change. But I know how to find what I need now.

The nutritional support I am getting from the supplements I am taking has been half the healing of my cycle. Firstly, because it is reducing stress on my body. After all the medical help getting my blood numbers back up, I still felt marginal. But after consistent superfoody supplements I am having all kinds of unexpected benefits. My fatigue is gone and I feel 27. Seriously.
This was me and a bestie at the last Hawaii retreat. Still a little tired, but relaxed.
I also added some herbs a couple months ago to help my body make more of the hormone I was low in. And they are working!

But I have found for me that the most important thing is reducing stress. I am taking herbs to destress and am on a regimen of yoga to transform stress.

I can't say enough about how we all have to reduce our stress. If you are having an abnormal cycle, it is a symptom of some kind of stress or constriction. Stress steals progesterone, if you already have low progesterone or have estrogen dominance, stress will just make it worse. And if your liver is stressed, it can't get rid of excess estrogen (one of its jobs). And then the stress and feeling crumby makes it hard to want to eat right or exercise or do any of the things you might do if you felt better.

Life is full of stress. Even good things are stressful: getting married, moving, getting a new job, having a baby, sending a child off to school. These are all on the top stressors, but most people would consider them good things. Then there is a the chronic stress of living in a toxic world, dealing with people who are having an overload of stress themselves, financial stress, deadlines, being interrupted repeatedly by small children, the physical world (cold, hot, prickly, dry, and other physical sensations that stress our bodies, etc.)

I can't write much more today (more will come soon though!), but if you need help with stress, I'm launching an 8-week stress workshop in January 2019. It includes all the yoga for transforming stress and supporting and healing the adrenals, liver, kidneys and other organs that don't get enough love. It will also include hypnotherapy MP3s for repatterning our stress footprint and recipes and nutritional info. By the end, we should all have a new way of being, even if our world hasn't changed, we'll be able to enjoy the preciousness of life.

 Here is the link if you want to register in advance or get the recordings if you find this at some future point. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How I Lost More Than Half My Blood in The Last Year and How I Built It Back Up In a Month Without a Transfusion.

Dear Friends,

This is going to have to be a two or three part blog post, but I hope that what you read here gives you something to think about.

A little more than a year ago I went to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night with massive uterine bleeding. I went to the ER because I was worried I might lose so much blood I would die. After they did their thing, it was deemed that there was nothing physically wrong with me. The blood loss they said was not too much yet. I wasn’t going to die. They offered me some birth control to stop the bleeding. I turned them down and I left.

I sought other methods of help and healing. Other methods helped for a little while, but the next year was up and down. A few months were good and then I’d have another crazy episode. I didn’t bother with the ER. I knew how it would go.

On my natural healing path I started to feel uncomfortable about some things. I believe in natural medicine, eastern medicine, hypnotherapy, energy healing, etc., but I was feeling a lot of pressure from one of my practitioners to only do it her way. She kept telling me I just needed to be consistent. I knew her intention was to help, but I didn’t want it. I stopped going to her because I realized I was giving my power away.  

When I took back my own power I then had to take accountability.

I prayed to know what to do. I took a few small actions, but mostly I just ignored the issue until it presented itself. I wanted an instant healing like the woman with the issue of blood who just touched the hem of Jesus’s garments and was healed. But it didn’t work that way. I need to learn things and share them.

I had a bad episode the night before my wedding and I even fainted at my wedding. Don’t worry, the angels brought me back safe and sound, and the bleeding actually stopped completely for a few hours after that. Thank you, Angels.

After the wedding, things got better for a bit. I plugged along. But I was tired. I would drag myself out of bed every day for my morning yoga and meditation practice. I usually felt way better after. But if I didn’t have anywhere to go that day, I’d go back to bed. And I’d go to bed early in the evening. I said I just loved my bed. In fact, I felt so much love for my bed that I wrote a love sonnet about it.

When I got back from Portugal I followed my intuition and went to the lady doctor covered by my insurance. She was old and sweet and funny and must have been following inspiration when she ordered blood work.

My hormones were fine, but my hemoglobin levels were 6.5 ish. (The normal range is 11.7-15.5.) That means I lost more than half my blood in the last year. And the body doesn't rebuild blood very fast at that level. Those are transfusion numbers. 

She got me into a hematologist pretty fast. He couldn’t believe I was having no other symptoms besides tiredness. He looked at me like I was strange for having no chest pains or shortness of breath. I said, "No I am just tired."

I liked this doctor a lot. He listened to me breathe and he asked if I did yoga. I told him yes. My practice has been keeping me alive.

He said if I didn't want to get a transfusion we had to try IV iron infusions, because when you lose half your blood, you become very anemic. And the body needs iron to build blood. 

All this took place at the Cancer Center with people getting chemotherapy and I had to fill out all these forms about next of kin and power of attorney and living will--not your average doctor’s office forms. It made me think of death. And of my mom, who died when she was the age I am now. She went through this kind of thing for 5 years. I felt so much sadness about it. 

After my first infusion I came home and put on a Yogi Bhajan lecture to try to right myself from all the emotion of being at the Center Center.  He was talking about healing. He said that there are five different systems of health, “One is called the Ayurvedic system, then comes naturopathy system, then comes the Greek system, then comes homeopathy, then comes allopathy, including surgery.” He was saying that every system has advantages and disadvantages. Yes…

Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was feeling a little like a looser for sleeping so much, but Yogi Bhajan was still talking and he was saying that the most healing exercise one can do is sleep. Nice.

I did a lot of sleeping that month. Building new blood is a lot of work. Two weeks later my blood level was 9.5. But then my labs came back and they learned about another problem.

The blood work showed I super low in some nutrients that everyone should have (especially B12). Not just low--Death Valley low. Lowest place on earth low. The doctor was uber concerned.

You need these vitamins that help you cope with stress, build the body, prevent alzheimers, have brain power, be happy, etc. This wasn’t just caused by blood loss. This was a years-long deficiency, mostly likely caused by non-supplementation and improper absorption, or (he thinks) non-absorption.

Of course, my first thought was, what does this represent? What am I not absorbing? I was sorting thought thoughts: Love? Prosperity? Who knows what? And how has this escaped my notice when I'm normally super intuitive and body connected? (That's for another blog post.)

Non-absorption through my gut be darned.  He ordered some injections of the vitamin directly into my muscles. Every day. Then every week. Then every month for …. He seemed to think that if I wasn’t absorbing I would need them for the rest of my life.

I told him I’d go along with his plan for a little while, but then I would just get my gut to start absorbing. He asked how I would do this. I said "I am going to hypnotize myself and talk to my digestive system and ask it to respond appropriately."

His eyes widened and then he said. “I totally believe you.”

That’s when I knew for sure I was being guided to and blessed with the right care providers. He didn’t try to argue with me or tell me it wouldn’t work or subtly roll his eyes when I told him how I’d like to take charge of my healing. He believed in me.

Only now as I am writing this am I realizing that this was the problem with the other professional I was working with. She told me my other ideas for helping myself wouldn’t work or that they weren’t strong enough. She shut me down all the time. While I don’t think this was her conscious intention, people are human, and we are all flawed. I’m sure she doesn’t do that with everyone. Sometimes certain people just interlock with our own special brand of subconscious garbage… and it’s hard to pick up on at first.

This kind of interlocking neurosis has happened to me only a couple of times in my life, and I used to be very alert to avoid it, but it has been so long I was caught unaware. 

The pain this relationship caused me makes me think about people I may have shut down or not encouraged enough and I feel this deep sadness. I am so grateful for four gifts that Jesus offered us: love, forgiveness, repentance and an eternal perspective (I got these from the prophet’s Christmas devotional talk. It was a very inspiring talk if you haven’t listened to it.)  

But back to the narrative. In a month my hemoglobin just tipped the scale at 11.7 

The thing I guess I keep coming back to is that all systems are part of a holistic whole. It’s important to be open and also not to judge others or their intuition and how they are guided to pursue healing. And if it's others judging you, just trust God and believe in yourself.

While I was getting my shots and infusions I kept praying and seeking guidance about how to deal with the root cause and keep it from happening again.

One morning I pulled a hukum from the Bible. I asked, what do I do about the bleeding? I opened to this scripture:

For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs. - Romans 14:2

Wow. I never cease to be amazed at the effectiveness of the hokum for clear answers.

The answer was clear. I was weak. I need to learn about herbs. And eat them. 

I have taken herbs off and on throughout my life. Various healers would prescribe them, but I never knew much about them or the why?

So I set out to get an education. I got one quickly. (You can learn a lot on YouTube  with the right search phrases, a little discernment and supplemental research to verify everything.) I also learned about possible causes for abnormal uterine bleeding, including hormones, adrenal fatigue, stress, nutrition, etc. It’s a bit like a mystery novel and each woman has her own clues and puzzle pieces to fit in to get to the goal of the ideal cycle.  

We are educated to believe that there is a lot of variety in how women cycle. In truth, many of things we are told are normal, are not normal. Cramps aren’t normal. PMS isn’t normal. Heavy bleeding isn’t normal.  But I will go into that in another blog post.

For this post, I want to mention some important things that I learned from this journey. 

1. Getting all our nutrition from food is a wonderful ideal, but it’s hard to achieve without supplementation, even if you think you know what you doing. Most of us don’t. And even then, many people may also need help absorbing.

So I finally have jumped into the supplement thing with my heart body and soul and, of course, was guided to a trifecta of products that I was so impressed with that I bought the distribution rights to them and I have them on auto-ship for life. 

They aren’t the answer to all things, but they are good foundation for helping to maintain optimal health and they also have a product that aids absorption, which is key for me.  I think they are a big part of the reason I am feeling better than I have in 2 years.  

If you are wondering what I am using, I’m happy to share with you! Please ask me! Just comment with your email or private message me on FB (Nam Joti Kaur) or Instagram. @namjotikaur

2.  I realized, if I ended up in this place despite what I thought was good nutrition, a ton of people are way worse off.

This was right around the time that the prophet made the statement about taking your vitamins, which I at first thought was just him being funny—then realized he was speaking to me. His actually quote was: “take your vitamin pills and get some rest, it’s going to be exciting.” So yes. I’m getting ready President Neilson. Thanks for the witness.

Here’s what else:

3.I had a chat with a friend and she said that a ton of people in the yoga community are also messed up nutritionally. Here’s why: people with poor nutrition usually have difficulty breathing, but a yoga practice can mask that.

My yoga practice was saving my life on so many levels, but it was also making me think everything was fine with my health.

4. This then made me think how a daily practice of yoga and meditation can also mask spiritual deficiencies. It can make life so wonderful, make a person feel so connected and spiritually fulfilled—but the truth is, we still need the essential ordinances. We still need to make and keep covenants with God. We need to grow our personal relationship with God.

The daily practice will enhance your spiritual path. It's not meant to replace it. 

Recently I went to the temple and was grateful for the reminder of the need for constant nourishment to body and spirit. 

5. I have been working on prosperity a lot this last years--healing myself and others, and health is our biggest prosperity. I recently asked God what I should do with my wealth, if I was suddenly a gozillionaire--what's the priority for spending my money. The first thing I thought of was building a temple. But then God reminded me that first I had to build my temple body. That is the first priority on which to spend my money. That was super instructional. I think a lot of people are cheap when it comes to their health or nutrition or self-care. But as the saying goes, you pay it now or pay it later in costs of poor health and burnout etc.

In future posts, I hope to share cycle savvy stuff, the role of stress, some herbal learnings, and the root cause of almost all of the problems of the new age.