Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Astro Download Part 2

Read part 1 here. 

I'm just going to jump in assuming that you have read the previous posts.

A typical natal chart looks something like this. Ignore the ad (I don't endorse that yellow jar-headed guy.):

It's a blueprint of the exact position of all the constellations and planets at the moment of your birth from the exact latitude and longitude of your birth. That's pretty cool if you ask me. It involves some pretty complex math so be grateful for apps and software that can do it for you. 

It usually comes with a short had explanation that looks sort of like this.

The most important things in there for now are the Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign), and the Moon. We covered the sun sign yesterday. It is determined by your month of birth--only in the Hebrew calendar, which is a Lunar-Solar Calendar. So everything on the above table is correct except the sun sign. In the above picture, the sun sign is not shown because it is scrolled up top, but it says it is Libra. But in actuallity for that date of that year, it happened to fall on the Hebrew calendar under Scorpio instead of Libra. 

Your rising sign (Ascendant) is determined by what constellation the sun was in at the moment of your birth. In this chart it is in cancer. Your moon is determined by what constellation the moon was in at the moment of your birth. In this chart it is in Scorpio.

Your sun sign as we discussed gives you a lot of general personality traits about a person as well as their weaknesses and challenges.

The Rising Sign is important because it indicates the tools that the universe has given you to deal with your sun sign, though it can also affect your personality in negative ways and comes with warnings if you don't use your tools.

Your moon sign is your reactive system. It indicates how a person will react to things. 

So for example, if you are a Taurus with Cancer rising, you will have the emotional, nurturing nature of cancer to help you be more caring, as well as Cancer's legendary intuition to help you face reality. If you have Aires rising, the fire of Aires can help Taurus get out and take more risks. 

If you are Taurus with Taurus rising, basically the universe is not giving you any tools. Ha! But don't despair. There are other tools within the chart. That's for a more advanced course. 

There are certain combinations of signs that can be very favorable and others that seem to clash and that person will usually have a very difficult life and a very intense personality. For example, a Scorpio moon is a very difficult moon to have because Scropio is so intense and complex. It is a water sign but its internal energy is fire--two opposite elements. Scorpios are mighty warriors, and intuitive, but they can also be very critical and not give second chances. Famous Scorpios include Biblical King David. 

As I learn more about each sign from a spiritually based standpoint, I am learning so much. I used to dabble in astrology and I could tell people who were certain signs (Geminis are easy to spot, for instance.) But now I can spot most of the signs quickly and I have an understanding of what motivates this person, what they came here for, and how I can help them, and how I should talk to them. This helps me as a teacher because I am here to elevate people. 

Which brings me to the good stuff. The above natal chart is actually mine. Or used to be. I always thought I was a Libra, which I fancied. But it turns out I was a Scropio with a Cancer Rising and a Scorpio Moon. That is a lot of the water element, and one of the most intense moons. 

But as I wrote in an earlier post, Yogi Bhajan said we could rewrite our natal chart and change our destiny through Kundalini Yoga. I never got how this exactly could happen until I got into Jewish Astrology, which goes back to Abraham. But in truth LDS scholars and astronomers like John Pratt know that the Zodiac was fist given to Enoch, but let's start with Abraham because his story is most interesting.

Abram was a master of both astrology and astronomy. He knew the stars planets and how they were formed and he understood their internal energy. He also knew his own chart and knew that having children was not in his destiny, nor Sarai's. But God said to him, Abram, "go outside" and count the stars, and such will be the number of your seed. (I paraphrase.) By "go outside" God is not just inviting him to step out of his house/tent. He is inviting him to go outside of human consciousness and expand it to the reality where you can influence the stars.

And then he told him, from this day forward you shall be known as Abraham. And Sarai got a name change to Sarah. The name change basically created a rebirth and a new identity. God also invited him to go outside and look at the stars because as of that moment, Abraham had to make new natal charts for both he and Sarah.

 Name changes are used many times throughout the scriptures to rewrite a person's destiny. Here is a table I found online that shows some of the name changes in the Bible.
GideonrenamedJerub-Baalthe men of Ophrah
Barnabasalso known asJosephThe Apostles
Josephalso known asBarnabasThe Apostles
EliakimrenamedJehoiakimPharoah Neco
Estheralso known asHadassahPersian/Hebrew
Paulalso known asSaulLatin/Hebrew
Ben-Onialso known asBenjaminhis father Jacob
Hadassahalso known asEstherHebrew/Persian
Saulalso known asPaulHebrew/Latin
Levialso known asMatthewHebrew/Greek
Matthewalso known asLeviGreek/Hebrew
Jedediahalso known asSolomonGod
PashhurcalledTerror on Every SideGod
Solomonalso known asJedediahGod
“the woman”namedEveAdam
Johnalso known asMark
Markalso known asJohn
Of course, just going to the courthouse and changing your name is not going to do it. Courts on earth mean nothing to God. And just applying for a spiritual name doesn't guarantee anything either. A new name has to be earned through spiritual upleveling.

When I put all this together, I realized what has happened in my own life. I never felt that I wanted a Kundalini Spiritual name in 7 years of practice, but last year I suddenly felt that it was time. God told me I needed to be someone new and to go ahead and get one. So I requested a spiritual name and it came a few days later. I loved it and started using it immediately, but only recently do I realize just how important that was.

I went back and looked at the date stamp on that email and made a new natal chart. I still don't understand it all, but the good news is that I went from having one of the least favorable moons to having a very favorable moon in Libra. My Sun Sign now is Cancer, which is one of the most intuitive signs. The intuition of a Cancer is legendary. My rising sign is now Scorpio, which makes sense that since I had so much Scorpio before I'd have the corrected Scorpio now as my tool kit. The corrected Scorpio, by the way, is compared to an eagle, who sees everything, but flies high above it and doesn't get involved in drama. They are also very intuitive. So that is a double bonus.

I looked back in my journal to see what I was doing the day I received my spiritual name and I found that I had just started a new journal the day after I got my name. The entry said:

Had dreams last night. I woke before my alarm feeling very refreshed despite a late bedtime. The feeling was that something wonderful has happened in me. I'm not sure what. The angels definitely worked on me last night....

Looking back, I see that since that date in June I have a whole new life. "Charmed" is not the right word for it, but it is amazingly better than before and much different than most people I know. My friend Robyn says I live like the apostles of old. Ha! Well, I still have to take out my own garbage and put gas in my car and I am not impervious to heat or hunger or cold or headaches (yet), but I don't worry or fear. I am full of love and most days, I walk with grace.

seven-ish years ago
A few months after my name change. Can you see the difference? It's in the eyes.
They used to look inward. Now they look outward and are full of light! Amazing. 

I don't think that getting a name change is part of everyone's destiny. Some people just need to be corrected under the sign they are. But just so you know--if your life has been really intense, you can elevate yourself through meditation and loving your neighbor, and get a totally different life. You can create a destiny where there was none.

That's all for now. More to come. Sat Nam.

Post Script:

Some people want to know if the new name people get a part of religious ceremonies could be a kind of rebirth. My answer is that I can't speak for everyone. It is possible, but that name has different purposes and and it is not something you go by from then on. Abraham was told "from now on you shall be known as..."

The other question is about marriage. Marriage sometimes includes a name change for women, and sometimes for men too. It definitely involves a title change, but whether this corresponds with spiritual upleveling is something to be examined.

Sat Nam.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Astro Download Part 1

Back in April I started my astro journey. I got a clear message that I should learn all I could about astrology. Yes, astrology. The journey led to a bunch of dead ends. I found some cool articles by John Pratt about how the Zodiac testifies of Christ, but as far as crossing that knowledge over to astrology or natal charts and why I should know about them, I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere.

Then God drove my car to Bart's Books (the coolest used book store in the world) and I wandered into the Astrology section.There were lots of books, but one on Jewish Astrology and Kabbalah called The Star Connection seemed to have a spot light on it. It needed me to buy it immediately.

I started the book that night and felt like my mind was being blown into two universes. I understood it on some level, but I felt sure that I could never explain it to anyone. Then a few weeks later I picked it up again and maybe the meditation to increase my IQ worked, because that time, it made perfect sense. (More on that meditation soon. I promise. It's super important.)

I devoured it with the overall feeling of "this is the missing link." And then I signed up for Kabbalah University online and watched hours of videos of Yael Yardeni. She is a teacher at Kabbalah University and a world renowned Kabbalistic Astrologer. I have a super huge crush on her.

For a few weeks my brain has been sorting and mixing and matching it with all my experience and knowledge of Kundlini Yoga and  also the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I will attempt to put it in simple terms in a few blog posts.

First off, if you don't know, Kabbalah is a body of teachings considered Jewish mysticism. The root of the word mysticism is mystery. A mystic is anyone who is attempting to understand the mysteries of God. That would be me. And probably you too.

People who study Kabbalah are going to be concerned with several books: One is the Book of Formations, which was reportedly written by the Patriarch Abraham. It is a very old book. And it is all about the stars and the planets and how God created everything with the word, and contains a lot of the foundations of Jewish Astrology.

The other main Kabbalistic text is the Zohar. The Zohar is 23 volumes. It's massive. It was revealed to Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai and his son Rabbi Elazar when they were in hiding from the Romans (in the second century CE) in a cave (what is it with caves?). They were taught through visits several times per day from the prophet Elijah and also from Moses (both translated beings). I don't know how long these personal tutoring sessions went on, but it was long enough to fill 23 volumes.

I am not saying if it is true or not, but I am saying it doesn't sound unlike those two (Moses and Elijah) to appear together at critical places (to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, and to Joseph Smith, just to name a couple).

The Kabbalah is one of those things that has a past similar to Kundalini Yoga. It was hidden, passed on only from master to student rather secretly for generations and is only recently become available to all. That is the cliff notes background on Kabbalah. If you want more, google or go to the Kabbalah Center website.

For now, here is a beginning of what I learned about astrology and have put together with my own inspired LDS interpretation that I feel is relevant for everyone to know.

First of all, birth dates matter. We celebrate birth dates not just to track our age, but to keep the date in our memory. Time and location of birth also matter, because these things determine a person's natal chart. The natal chart, I have come to realize, is as important as many people view their Patriarchal Blessing, because these charts can give us insight into our destiny, our gifts, they can warn us of pitfalls, and give us a spiritual road map.

The biggest differences between Jewish and conventional astrology are:

1) The stars impel but don't compel. A person is not the way they are because they were born under a certain sign. They are actually born under a certain sign because of the way they already were and the decisions they made before they came. (Kabbalists believe in reincarnation. I believe in a pre-earth life where we made choices that effect our destiny.)

People are born under certain planetary influences because those are the circumstances that are best going to teach them what they need to learn. The Kabbalists call this the "tikune." Tikune means correction. We all come to achieve a correction, to complete some karma or contract, and learn certain things.

Thus, from a person's natal chart, we can learn a lot about a person's personality, why they are here, some possible challenges they may face as well some gifts they are given and need to use. A person's chart can also help give them spiritual goals. By doing their spiritual work and expanding consciousness through meditation, a person is able to achieve their correction. They can avoid the negative influence and fates written in the stars and can become all the good things and none of the negatives that their sign contains. Then you would say they became a "corrected" Taurus (or whatever sign). And in some cases, a person can completely rewrite their destiny and get a whole new natal chart. More on this in a future post.

I love this picture because the man is going outside of "reality" to see what is really there.

2) The second major difference between Kabbalistic and conventional astrology that people should know about is that the calendar is different. Instead of the Gregorian solar calendar, the Hebrew lunar-solar calendar is used. It is too long to explain in this post, but once you understand it, it makes way more sense than using the Gregorian calendar because the signs correspond to months that begin at each new moon rather than seemingly arbitrary dates as in conventional western astrology. Also, this Hebrew calendar is the one that Jews have been using since forever, including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

Why this calendar thing is important is because once you do a date calculation, you may find that you are not the sign that you thought you were. And it will probably make a lot more sense. (Your rising and moon signs and everything else about your natal chart would still remain the same. I will write more on rising and moon signs in my next post.)  So if you want to know what sign you really are, I suggest getting an app like the Kabbalistic Calendar with a date converter.

3) The third thing to know about the difference between conventional and Kabbalistic astrology is that it is not just about the external planetary forces. It is about the internal energy of the planets and signs. And this internal energy is the seed level that influences and is influenced by human behavior. More on this later.

An Example - Taurus

To give an example of what the kind of insights and spiritual goals we can learn from our astrological sign, I will talk about Taurus as an example. (The rising sign and moon sign are also very important, but for now I will only cover the sun sign). I picked Taurus randomly. Sort of. Ok not randomly at all. I have a secret motive but I'll keep that my secret.

Taurus is the sign of the Bull. In John Pratt's article he shows us that the Bull is symbolic of Christ's role as the Lord of Hosts. The white Bull is an extinct type of wild ox. They had long horns and sometimes, in the scriptures, when it refers to unicorns, it was actually referring to the white Bull. Here is what John Pratt says about it.
"The Book of Enoch makes it clear that the white Bull represents the Kingdom of God in the last days, and Moses refers to its two horns as pushing together the thousands of Manasseh and the ten thousands of Ephraim."
Taurus is associated with the Hebrew month of Iyar.  This is known to be a difficult month because the light is hidden and you have to go look for it. But it is the month of the year associated with all healings and many Tauruses are in the medical profession or make great healers in other ways.

Taurus is an earth sign, but it's internal energy is fire. It is the fire of the earth. Like a volcano. Taurus is like that. They can be dormant for a long time and usually are a very emotionally balanced sign, but they can also explode. The anger of a Taurus is legendary. It is not like the anger of Aires, which usually only lasts a few minutes. The reason the Taurus will sometimes blow is because they can live in denial for too long, which I will explain.

Taurus is  motivated by comfort and security. They like the finer things in life. They are in love with love but often very confused about what love is. They are ruled by the planet Venus and so really appreciate love and beauty. They always look for peace and are non-confrontational. But at what price? Often the price is that they are living in denial. They often don't speak their mind. Over time this is not good.

They are good with money-- attracting it, managing it and manifesting it. Which is good since they have expensive tastes and are motivated by comfort.

Their biggest fear is change. They do not like change. If it works, keep it the same. They don't like to take risks. Change risks that things could be worse and they don't like to be out of their comfort zone. Because of this, Tauruses often settle for a lot less, and laziness can be an issue.

They have a reputation for being stubborn, but it is really because they fear change, and so they can get fixed in their ideas. Forty percent of the worlds dictators were Taurus. So you can see that when they get fixed in their ideas, they can be very judgmental indeed. (Incidentally another 40% are Leo, but for different reasons.)

Tauruses are known for their great voices, so if you are Taurus make sure you sing or chant mantras and bless those around you with your voice.

Tauruses can seem cold on the outside but are deeply romantic in their hearts. They care and care, but sometimes only to the limit of their comfort zone. Being an earth sign they also tend to move very slowly. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, be patient and encourage them to take more risks, but when talking about change, never use the word change. Talk to them about improvement and making things better. Speak about softness and love.

The organ associated with Taurus is the throat and thyroid. This can be a vulnerability for them, because they don't speak their mind. (I'll talk more about organs in another post.)

Some Spiritual Goals for a Taurus:

1) Be more open to unconditional love, without judgement and out of your comfort zone.
2) Push yourself to fulfill a larger desire. Don't settle for less for the sake of peace. We came here to receive as much light as we can. Think about the world and the global good. Confront reality. See how the world really is and how you can make it better.
3) Care out of your comfort zone. Contrary to belief, it is care that brings love and not the reverse. The more we care, the more light we get.
4) Learn to express yourself. Say what you think rather than suppressing for the sake of peace. It can often make things better.

For those with friends or loved ones who are Taurus, encourage them to confront reality, express themselves and to take more risks.

A good example of two very different Tauruses are Adolf Hitler (dictator) and Oscar Schindler (Schindler's List). Schindler enjoyed luxury and women and nice wine. He could have stayed in his comfort zone and ridden the war out and made a lot of money. But he answered the higher call and went out of his comfort zone and took many risks to save as many Jews as he could during World War 2. So Tauruses can handle the energy of getting out of their comfort zone and can be great humanitarians and healers, but they sometimes need help getting there.

So, Tauruses, work on yourselves.

Everyone else is also invited to work on yourselves, too. Till next time. Sat Nam.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Not long ago, in a waking vision, the matchmaker, Yenta, from Fiddler on the Roof came to me and told me she had a match for me. She was singing about how he was handsome and rich. It was funny. God often speaks to me in movie lines. I waved her off. Handsome and rich is great, but how was he on his axis? She seemed to know what I meant and showed me a man having an Alma-like experience. "He is getting the download now," she said, in a thick Russian accent.

My life is strange sometimes. For those who have been wondering about Project True Love Reprise, this is how it has gone. It has been nothing like the last PTL. I thought I would date a lot, but this time, it seems that the angels are doing all the work in the background to bring me my most compatible soul mate. I don't have to do much, except work on myself and wait and watch it unfold. Lately there has been some interesting unfolding--mostly in metaphysical realms. I feel very in love, but on the terrestrial plane it would appear that I have no partner. Yet.

If you were wondering, this soul mate is the one who was "tied up in Glendale." I still don't know what that means, and I don't think I know who he is, but I have a feeling he is less tied up now. So that's good. I hope. When I know more than this, I might share it. Or not. But till then, please pray for my most compatible soul mate.

And if you think it's you or you have been secretly in love with me for years and never said anything, for whatever reason, well, now might be one of the last times I will be single. So... I'm just saying.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Is Knowing?

“Quantum physics shows us that what we can visualize actually is what we can see. Our mental picture of the universe and how the universe appears to us basically are one and the same. The world of thought is not isolated from the physical world but, on the contrary is closely bound up in it.” --Rabbi Phillip S. Berg 

Here are some insights from a recent download:

Nothing can be revealed unless it is first concealed. For example, at a human social level a person cannot reveal himself in public without first being concealed in clothing.

Our birth on earth was a revealment of our spirit and intelligences in human mortal form. But our birth also concealed many things about the reality of the universe. Many layers make up what we call "the veil." Yet when one delves into the inner essence of things, these layers are revealed.

In order to achieve this we must not merely have information, we must know

The Jews understood the biblical distinction about knowing. The only time information becomes knowing is when direct contact has been made with the information sought. 

"And Adam knew his wife." 

Knowing in biblical terms mean that direct contact is made. Experience creates knowing. 

Sometimes we think we know. Man has made contact with the moon. But man cannot directly touch the moon. Even if he goes there with all that science has to offer, he is still in a space suit and can't directly touch it or know anything about it's inner essence.

However, through expanded consciousness, anything is possible, even direct contact with the moon.

As the quote at the top suggests, we can only see that which we can visualize. Therefore, expanding our consciousness and connecting to the great endless wisdom, allows us to see more of reality.

The Kabbalah teaches that there are essentially 4 realities on this terrestrial plane: inanimate, vegetable, animal, and human. All have intelligence. Some are mobile. But only humans have higher levels of consciousness 

Man can think about past, present, future, etc. He can even observe himself thinking. This mobility of both psyche and of  body are what allow for expanded consciousness. When you think of the word expanded, you can think what might happen if you expanded your orbit. If a man walked into a different city or neighborhood, he might experience all kinds of new things. Man can also do this with his mind. He can expand it into realms he hasn't been before through certain types of meditation, especially guided imagery.
By this means, instant transfer and communication is possible across the galaxy and to other galaxies as well at faster than speed of light. Man can connect with angels, with God, with his own soul, and the inner essence of other things and people, with past and future, and so much more.

Humans are also unique in the ability to articulate speech. Speech is key. God created the cosmos with a word, and that power, (diluted somewhat by our own ego and impurities) was passed on to his creatures.  We must be very careful with this power. Many of us, when we talk about what we do not want to happen actually create most of our tragedies. Words, in a very real sense, become deeds. 

With imagery we can use the power of the word to help the client expand their consciousness and connect with (know/experience) the Light (Wisdom/ God Jesus Christ, you name it) by guiding their mind and imagination. The imagination responds to words. Words create images. The imagery master, throughout time has had different titles: shaman, prophet, poet, rabbi, therapist, guide, mystic, and more.

Prophet Isaiah by Marc Chagall

Since the dawn of time, very awakened people knew that every event, every action, every idea is connected through the human mind the network that is the cosmos. They knew that consciousness plays a deciding role in the nature of our physical reality. Purity of consciousness creating the ultimate fullness of joy reality. 

Purity of consciousness is achieved by converting the desire to receive for the self alone to a desire to receive to share. Love Your Neighbor. This is straight out of every religion's scriptures.  

The energy of the terrestrial sphere is very negative. This is where Satan can and does (for now) pretend he is the God of this world. In order to free ourselves from the negative energy, we need to connect with the positive energy through expanding our consciousness beyond the five senses, connecting, knowing

Modern science, the deeper they get into things, has discovered that the the only thing they know for certain is that there is uncertainty in science. Everything we thought we knew has exceptions, or is constantly changing. Also, they have proven that observing changes the observed.

I love that Elder Holland, one of the 12 apostles of the LDS church, said this at the last General Conference of the church: 
"I am more certain that those keys have been restored and that those ordinances are once again available through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than I am certain I stand before you at this pulpit and you sit before me in this conference."

The five sense will always lead us into the illusion. But when we use mind power, the word, and pure intent to share, we can know the mysteries of God, and thus change our reality and destiny.  

To read more about imagery upcoming training, and other opportunities to experience, click any of these links. Sat Nam. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing the Jedis

Last year I had a lot of requests from people who wanted to learn to teach Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (R) but who wanted to train with me. I looked into becoming a teacher trainer through KRI and what I realized is that to become a KRI teacher trainer would take years and years of climbing yogi ladders and bazillions of hours, which I don't need to spend away from my daughter. But after a talk with my teacher trainer and a talk with Yogi Bhajan (in his astral form) and also to God, I felt like I should just train people anyway, and not call it a teacher training, but merely a mentorship.

Yogi Bhajan said that every student should be a teacher, and even if you only know one meditation, you should teach it. I know many of my students are teaching their family and friends and some will tell anyone on the street about it. And I figured I could equip those who were serious with tools to do so in an even better way.

It is amazing who was led to me and how I knew they were going to be a jedi. Others applied but I didn't feel it was right or their time. In the end I trained nine Jedis. The mentorship was 6 months. It was a wonderful time and I loved seeing them grown and begin to teach where God led them. Several of them lead addiction recovery groups. Others live in places where there is absolutely no access to Kundalini Yoga except what they are now offering. Others will be teaching online. Several of them are going on to do a full 220 hour Level 1 teacher training in their area as new areas are opening up.

I wanted to introduce several of them here. Some are teaching, others aren't yet, but they are blogging. All of them I would endorse as epic teachers with a deep respect and understanding of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and who also teach from a Christ-centered LDS perspective.


Jessica is in Chicago but teaches online mostly to people in Boise. Go figure. Here is her FB page.

Kalyan Kaur
Kalyan Kaur (Janice) teaches in Pocatello Idaho every Tuesday night. Her FB page is  www.facebook.com/pocatellokundaliniyoga.

Siri Dharma Kaur

Siri Dharma Kaur (Katy) is in Rexburg Idaho. She is teaching a Moonlight Yoga For Women weekly Saturday evening class at a counseling center location in Rexburg. This class will follow up on the 12 steps of ARP. Everyone (female) is welcome. She will be teaching a pregnancy yoga class series, too. She is also a Theta healer and Hypnobabies instructor. So she has your bases covered. Her website is Be Still Services.  

Nancy Holbrook

Nancy is in Honolulu, Hawaii and just had a baby, but will start up teaching again soon. When she gets her info ready I will add it here. In the mean time, if you want to contact her, you can email me or find her on Facebook.

Akashpreet Kaur

Akashpreet Kaur (Hannah) is in England and blogs at: 5 in the Bed. It's her family blog, but there will be more about Kundalini Yoga as the days go by.


Sarah is also in England and has started blogging at Meditationformormons.blogspot.co.uk and has a youtube channel of the same name.

The other Jedis are still working on finishing requirements, but when they are ready, I will add them to this list. Sat Nam.