Monday, September 22, 2014

Jupiter and Saturn - What They Are About

Since I have been doing the Meditation to Increase My Intelligence, I have had some really cool insights about Jupiter and Saturn and some other mysteries of God.

Saturn, as I mentioned in another blog post is know is as the IRS of the Zodiac. It doesn't mess around. It tracks and makes statements. It wants things to add up and be accurate. It has no sense of humor. 

Jupiter on the other hand is known as the planet of miracles. It is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is associated with expansion and self-improvement. It's gravity stabilizes the entire solar system. Also, the etymology of the name Jupiter means, God father, or God the Father

I realized that Saturn represents Justice or the Law, and Jupiter represents Mercy. And when you bring the two planets together and merge them, as you are required to imagine during this meditation, Jupiter totally eclipses Saturn. I find it totally interesting that this:

is known as Christ mudra. 

And Christ is depicted in many paintings such as this with his Jupiter and Saturn finger together, such as in these pictures. 

While I do the above mentioned meditation to increase my intelligence, I realize that I am a powerful creator who can move planets around and therefore, play with time (because the planets are just hands on a big clock), but also that I can activate repentance and forgiveness processes in powerful ways. Not just for myself, but for the whole planet. 

It is for the righteous' sake that God hasn't destroyed our planet yet. He is lengthening the time for us a little so that we can have one last chance to uplevel ourselves and the planet and save as many others as we can. And it will also be for the righteous sake that he will shorten the worst of days, and I believe he will do it in a similar manner. He'll have key people on earth use their super powers to move planets around. 

Also, the temple ceremony is all about justice and mercy...more on this another time.

For now, I'll keep working on increasing my intelligence and trying to understand the book written in the sky for all to see.  

This meditation has also led me repeatedly to Fascimile No 2 found in the book of Abraham. There is a lot there for our day. The good news is that God is not good a keeping secrets. He is stoked to reveal the mysteries to us if we search for them.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mandane Astrology OR Why I Have Such a Difficult Time In Utah But Idaho Loves Me

Mundane Astrology is the use of astrology to study of groups, nations, entities, etc. For example, I mentioned that the United States of America has a natal chart. So does each state in the union and each city and corporations do too.

I just realized that Utah is a Capricorn state, and therefore ruled by Saturn. Salt Lake City is also a Capricorn City. If you don't know anything about any of the planets you should at least know the reputation of Saturn. It is known as the IRS of the Zodiac. That means it doesn't have a sense of humor. It makes tracks things and makes statements. It makes sure everything adds up. If it doesn't it does an audit and it is often not pretty. So Utah is a place where people often come and learn hard lessons.

Idaho on the other hand, is just different. I can feel it when I cross the border. Idaho is a Cancer state. It is ruled by the moon. And as I am myself a Cancer, this may explain why I feel more at home in Idaho than in Utah. Although I once grouped them together in an intermountain west prejudice, I realize that they are worlds apart.

I haven't done the date conversion for all of the states in the Union, but here is a link to the dates all the states joined the union and their conventional astrology sign. To do a conversion to get the correct sign, you'll need a date converter. I use an Iphone app called Kabbalistic Calendar. But here are a few I converted:

California: Libra
Colorado: Leo
Utah: Capricorn
Arizona: Aquarius
Idaho: Cancer
New Mexico: Capricorn
New York: Cancer

This might give you a tiny bit of insight as to why certain places appeal to you and others repel you. I'd love to hear your aha's.

Sat Nam.

Running Away From My Get-Away

I am still in the United States. I got tired of waiting near the mail box in Utah for our papers to come, so I rented a car and took off for Idaho in an attempt to take back the illusion of control.

My intention was totally selfish. I wanted to get away and go where no one would know where I was and just check into a hotel and not have to give of myself to anyone and I would read my books and catch up on some work. Of course, it didn't work the way I hoped. The hotel was a total dump. I'm thinking hotels in India might be better. But I paid U.S. prices and they billed it is a fancy place. So I was mad. I guess it was a good preparation.

Then my daughter decided she didn't want to cooperate with my desire to read books all day. I got interrupted every five minutes. Also, the food in this small resort town was not so great. I started to miss friends and their homes and home cooking. I realized with some guilt that this trip isn't just about me, but about her too. Though we both enjoyed soaking in some hot springs, we realized we had enough and we checked out of our hotel early to escape our escape and stay with my lovely friend Robyn in Pocatello.

Robyn has a new house up in the Camelback Mountains with a beautiful view. We arrived as the sun was setting and while I waited for her to come home I watched it, I was caught between orange on one side and pink fading to midnight blue on the other. I looked out at the far away blue shadows of hills and thought that I could be anywhere. I could be in India looking out at the Pakistan border. Yet I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.

My frustration all weekend was because I was struggling against the flow. I was attached to wanting things to be a certain way, and I had let it go. For one, I have let go of being in England for the British retreat that Akashpreet was planning. I am actually not as freaked out about this as you'd think. It is true that nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. The universe is conspiring to help you, even though it may not seem that way.

It looks like she and Sarah will be teaching the retreat themselves. There is a chance I may still make it for part of it, but I won't have any idea till next week. But either way, if you are in the UK, you should just find your way to Snowden and show up. It's going to be a low key family camp kind of thing. You can email Akashpreet or just show up. If you show up, you might need to bring your own food, but it will be awesome whatever happens. I trained both of them as Jedis and the technology does the work for itself, regardless of who is teaching.

I read last night in John 4 about some of Jesus's travels and how the people would beg him to stay with them. He was always surrounded by people who wanted a piece of him. And he just gave. He did sometimes sneak away to the mountain to be alone and meditate. But for the most part, he told his apostles not to send anyone away.

If I am in Idaho I am here to teach and share. So that is what I am going to do. Good thing I brought my gong. If you are in Eastern Idaho, keep an eye open on my FB page for happenings while I am here.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kundalini Yoga World Tour Week 2

This week I went to 2 live Kundalini Yoga classes and taught one while I was in Park City. I was there fore the 3-day Imagery Training I was leading, and most of the attendees were Kundalini students as well, so I taught some Kundalini Yoga after hours.

I could write 10 posts about what happened in Park City, but since it is sort of classified as therapy, what happened there stays there, but some of the attendees may write about their experience. If so, I will link them. Suffice it to say that it was very expansive and transformational for all involved. At one point I looked up and there was a gigantic archangel or warrior angel with a huge sword up in the rafters of the room holding the space for all the miracles that were happening there. Other people saw him too. The best news is that now there are about 18 more people in the world who share this skill for facilitating Christ-centered imagery journeys.

Since then, however, my voice seems to want a vacation, so I am going to lay low for a while and read and write and go to Kundalini Yoga class as often as possible until we leave Utah, which might not be as soon as I thought. There has been a little delay in some documents, which was annoying at first, but it is probably part of the grand plan of things, so I am going with it for now. If you have a car I can borrow or want to host us let me know.

One other thing I have to mention for history sake is that since I drove up the 1-15 almost 2 weeks ago, there has been a major hurricane and flooding in Arizona and Nevada and a whole chunk of that road is not there anymore. It was literally washed away. Of course, there are always airplanes, but I find it interesting that the road I traveled now has no return route. I guess it's a sign that we are on the right track and to just keep going. 

But back to Park City. My favorite thing that happened in Park City was this:

At lunch one day in the cool coffee shop Atticus, I found this journal. I decided it would be my new writing journal. I always have several different notebooks for different purposes, but when I packed for this trip I decided to only bring one. That just wasn't working though, so I bought this one. It's full of pictures of the sky. And you write on them. :) It may seem like just a notebook, but it was God speaking to me. 

Just last Sunday I was invited to fast and receive a priesthood blessing from a powerful and worthy priesthood holder, so I gave some thought as to what I wanted to fast for. I have many blessings and I usually only have to ask and I receive. So I wanted to fast for something big. Or big to me. 

What came to me was that I wanted an opening to do my own creative writing. I have been a writer for years. I have published some poetry and lots of creative-non fiction essays (that I just found out some college kids have as required reading), but in the last few years, I just keep spending all my time on writing assignments from God. The Gift of Giving Life and Awake As In Ancient Days are two of them, and recently, I have felt a 3rd assignment come that has to do with Astrology as God intended it--ooh, that would be a good title. But the idea of another non-fiction book was totally stressing me out. I have put my personal writing on hold for too long, was what I was feeling.

But in truth, there have been a few times in the last few years when I felt God tell me it was time to work on my memoirs and my poetry, but I didn't do much. I kept letting other things get in the way. So Sunday I fasted for creativity, but also to have baggage (mine or otherwise) that has been stopping me, to be removed. 

I felt sort of selfish, but the whole time I fasted I knew it was God's will. It is a fundamental principle of good writing that that which is the most personal is also the most universal. That's why I included lots of personal stories in my book(s). So I trust that whatever I write, God will also use to reach and touch people. But I need to do it for me. 

So when my best writing friend Laura joined me on Thursday night in Park City for fresh air and dinner, I was telling her this. I told her that now was the time, and that I can still delve into astrology as God intended it for my own personal benefit, but I didn't have to write about it for the masses yet. Then I said out loud: "I bet it will be cool to write my memoirs and make sense of my life at the same time as I am figuring out about natal charts and stuff. Hey maybe that would even be a cool framework of my book....."

Ding Ding Ding! This was creative inspiration. 

So we ordered dessert. Chocolate zucchini cake with cinnamon gelato. Yum!!!!

Later that night I began that brilliant idea in the notebook I had just bought that day. Writing on the sky. It's perfect.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kundalini World Tour Week One

Warning: This blog post contains many photos.

My Kundalini world tour officially began the day we drove out of Ojai, which happened to be Monday, Labor Day, September 1. I don't know what my karma is with that date, but I must have something because three years ago, I started Project True Love (1.0) on that date. Two years ago, I married Rocky on that date, and even though that was short lived, it started me on my path to a whole new path of destiny in which I realized I needed to teach and work with people of my own faith. Then last year it was around Sept 1 that I began work in earnest on Awake as in Ancient Days, which will be coming out soon. Now it is the world tour. I have not even a guess what next year will bring. 

Here are some awesome happenings from the first few days our our tour. The tour officially began in Los Angeles. After all, this is where it began, when Yogi Bhajan visited LA in 1968-9 (ish) and then didn't leave. I stayed with Kundalini friend and then went to a yoga class Tuesday morning. Though I didn't sleep well on her couch bed with Phoebe kicking me, by the end of yoga I felt amazing and ready for anything. After we packed, up stopped by that Guru Ram Das ashram, where Yogi Bhajan began it all. We paid our respects to the Guru (Siri Guru Granth Sahib) and then Amajot took lots of pictures. The smartest thing I ever did was give her the camera. Child photographers are the best. Most of our trip will be illustrated through her eyes. But here are a few I took of her taking pictures. :)

These are some she took:

This is a painting of the Golden Temple. I told Amarjot we are going to go there in India.

This is the adi shakti symbol. The swords on both sides represent God's power which cuts both ways through maya (illusion)

When we left the ashram to get back on the freeway and leave town, I went the wrong way. I wasn't sure why I did this and I realized it was a big mistake because turning around in that part of town would take a while, but then I thought, there must be a reason why I went the wrong way. And then I looked up and saw that we were right in front of the Kabbalah Center. AND there was a parking spot open for me to just slide right into. A FREE ONE! This is amazing. 

Photo by Amarjot Kaur

So we went inside to see what was going to happen. I have never been in the Kabbalah center but as you may know, I recently signed up for their online "University." Which means I watch lots of videos of classes but don't get to ask all my burning questions. Inside, I met a woman named Rachel who was fabulous and said she would hook me up with a private teacher. Chaching! Burning questions will now have someone to direct them to. That was apparently what I needed. So then we left. After Amarjot took lots of pictures.

We drove to Vegas in a few hours. Most of the time Amarjot took pictures. But there was a little bit of this:

I don't know if I shared it here, but I sold my car a few weeks ago. My beloved car Reepicheep.  I basically donated it to a needy family. It felt right and it felt time but it was way more emotional than I expected it to be. Amarjot started weeping like a baby as it drove away and I did too. I couldn't write a whole post on it, but it was just surprising how much of our memories and our identity was tied up in that car. But we moved through it and we rented a car for the duration of our time in California. Which is why we drove to Vegas. We were on our way to Utah, and I could have flown, but I don't like to be pinned down to a date. Also I needed to bring my gong and some other things that won't be flying with us to England but that needed to get to Utah. Plus I wanted to stop in Vegas and see Sierra. 

Of course, Amarjot got no pictures of she and I but lots of pics of their baby and their toys and games. Hmmm... 

Amarjot took this pictures of me running to the bathroom at a gas station. Love it. 
Since we got to Utah we have done so much! Amarjot wanted to see the inside of a temple so we went to the Ogden Temple open house.

At the Ogden temple open house
We went hiking, kayaking, saw cousins, and Amajot took a million pictures. She is going to have to get her own blog or something or somewhere to put them.

hiking. of course Amarjot found a stick. She has a special relationship with sticks.



There she goes all by herself. She is good. Born to be in and on water.


Amarjot took tons of pictures of ducks. I thought was was pretty though with the reflection.

I also went to half a day of the Salt Lake City Kundalini Yoga teacher training to say Sat Nam to the trainers and see some of my students who would be in town for it. It was awesome. I found out that the SLC training has 10 people in it and 8 of them were referred by me. Wahe Guru. 
Sunday I fasted and had this amazing shift that was super noticable when I played my gong that night for the family I am staying with. They all felt it and I did, too. I guess it was timely since today (Monday) I recorded a Gong CD. 

messing around
Listening to the test track
Talking to the gong

I recorded 5 tracks and maybe we will layer them to create an epic bonus track. I haven't mastered them yet, but the real live versions were awesome. 

Then I went to a new moon class and met some awesome yogis, including Deva Ji Kaur who is so cool. Anyone in SLC has to go take her class. She teaches at Dancing Cranes. She is so cool. I was talking to her and I just couldn't stop myself from giving her a high five.  

Deva Ji and me

And Khushbir, who is also super cool and anyone in SLC has to go take his class. He teaches at Dancing Cranes.

Me and Khushbir drinking yogi tea

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with Gurprasad, but who is also cool and the local head trainer for the SLC training. BTW as a side note, there is still time to get into this training if you haven't decided yet. Email me and I'll give you their info. 

Whew. Amazing week. We will see what happens next. Sat Nam.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update on Summer Challenge and Positive Health Habits

A few months ago I issued a summer challenge. If you started it and fizzled out now is the time to get all those classes in. I'm not sure how many people are actually doing it, but those who are, and who have been in contact with me are witnessing some amazing transformation and feeling good. Here is one post from Allie about her half way mark. Ryan just barely jumped on board, but he's already learning things. I also am doing my own challenge and am loving the way I feel.
Add caption

So yay! If you haven't committed yet to using this amazing tool on a regular basis, I challenge you. Try to do three classes/week will September 21 and just see.

 Another thing I offered this summer was group hypnotherapy/imagery series called Positive Health Habits. The focus was on creating positive health habits. Many people came for weight loss, but we also focused on healthy relationships to food, exercise, self love and creating your own amazing reality from the inside out by using your powerful mind! I loved it. And the feedback made me so happy. Not only healthy weight loss, but some wonderful awakenings about WHY some of these habits or addictions or negative patterns were there and how to deconstruct them. So many women found their inner wisdom and power and increased their self love.

So I decided to offer it again! It is an 8 week series, and it is already recorded, so attendees can participate each week at their convenience and also receive support by email. I will only be offering this class once in a quarter and the registration period will be open for two weeks. So if you would like to learn more about this class or register, click this link now. 

I will be posting an update on my world tour soon. Just trying to upload pictures.
last day in Ojai before our trip

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Packing For a World Tour

Remember in the Victorian Age when British elite would all send their sons and daughters on what they called the World Tour when they were in their late teens? They considered it and essential part of the child's education.

Now college age American kids backpack Europe and go for days without washing their jeans. They sit in cafes and write in their journals and there is sometimes drinking and debauchery with other Americans.

I prefer the way the Brits did it. I won't be traveling with a cedar trunk or a personal valet, but I believe I can do it in relative comfort. And I think the world will be a great education for my daughter.

All my friends want to know how I am financing this trip. The answer is that I am not. God is. And it happens to be a lot cheaper to travel some parts of the world than to pay rent in some parts of America. So I am putting all of what remains of my stuff in storage. I have the smallest storage unit available, but I still hate that I have one. However, there are a few things I can't get rid of (grandpa's journals) and a few things that are sentimental and I love them (my chaise lounge). And I'd rather pay storage fees than pay rent for an empty house.

Our trip is open ended and I don't know how long it will last. I plan to follow the spirit where it leads us. Beginning in England, and we will mostly likely stay with friends/students and be chasing Kundalini Level 2 modules.

How to pack has been very tricky. All the lists I have found on line are for people who are not traveling with a child. And don't also have to pack white yoga clothes and some other gear I need for doing my work overseas (I have a hard time not brining a million books! So I am only bringing 8.) But I think we have got it figured. We are traveling with one carry on each and I am only checking one bag.

It is interesting to be doing two different kinds of packing. One I am very excited about (our trip) and the other I am avoiding (moving packing). First world problems, right?

I hope that when we come back we are both a lot wiser, more faithful, humble, compassionate, close to God and each other. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as I go.