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About This Blog

The post below is just a copy of my about page. If you read it once, you might want to read it again because I have revised it (again. 2020). Also, a friend of mine suggested that I should make it a blog post too-because I guess not everyone reads the about page. So here you go. I love comments.

About Me
A few years ago (more than 10 now), I started a blog called The Gift of Giving Life, as a counterpart to the book I was working on. When that book become a reality, the blog necessarily changed. It no longer made sense for it to be my personal blog, so I now share it with my book collaborators, guest posters, and a birth story of the week. This change made me happy, but also sad. For a good long time, that blog was my friend, and at one time, my only meaningful connection with sisters in spirit.

That's when I got the nudge, gentle this time, that I needed to start another blog. If you are wondering about the title, well--there was really no other title. The story about m…

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