Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018

Happy New Year. And Welcome to Your Year. 2017 was a great but really challenging year. Numerologically it was a 10 year which is always full of polarity and pretty much awfulness. Of course, great things did happen, but if it was also the hardest year of your life in a long time, you are not alone. It took every ounce of consciousness to get through it with grace.

The good news is that this year is an 11 year. Our year. Last year was their year, if you know what I mean. But this year-- if you have any consciousness or compassion or are awakened at all--this is the year for you. This is the year for love--for being love. For remembering that you are love and so is everyone else. For compassion and consciousness. In this year, for those of us who put up our sails, the winds of change are going to take us on the ride of a lifetime. It will be a huge shifting year.

The last 11 year was in 2009. It was a big shift year. It didn't do all the work though, unfortunately. And the last one before that was in about 1901. They weren't that common in the 20th century. But in this new age we will have an 11 year every 9 years. Wahe Guru. I am so grateful. Even the numerology shows us what's coming--what we are preparing to do. Rise up planet. Lets usher in the 1000 years of peace.

So if you feel like you couldn't possible take any more of what last year dished out--you're not alone-- and you will see big shifts, and we can get through them all with balance as we support each other.

Last night I had a great time chanting and blissing out with other Yogis in LA as we chanted in the new year. One of the mantras we changed was:   "I'm ready, I'm willing, I'm able somehow. Humme Hum Too Me Too-- For change and challenge and growth right now--Wahe Guru!" It sounded super cheesy at first and I resisted, but after 31 minutes, I felt it in every cell. It was like a cleansing of last year, and blessing on this year. We've got this. All 12 months. The year for Love. Wahe Guru!

A man giving the shoes off his feet to a homeless girl