Thursday, September 24, 2015

What I Did This Summer and What's Next

I don't feel like writing an essay about my summer, but it feels like I need so share so much. Suffice it to say (for now) that it was epic and healed everything.  I traveled a bit both on and off planet. I did 40 days of 2.5 hours of Long Ek Ong Kaars in honor of Yogi Bhajan's birthday (bless that man) which helped to heal everything. Yes. Everything. It was super intense and took some time to process, but it did the job I guess. I am not normally so intense about Sadhana but I sort of got roped into it and saw what I could do, then I kept up. Now 2.5 hour sadhana seems like no big deal when I was doing a 2.5 hour meditation in addition to some yoga and my other meditations.

Wow. Who knew the subconscious mind was so deep and so full of garbage. But I guess when you are as old as I am (eons old I'm guessing) then it accumulates. Now I feel shiny and new and amazing and as I step into fully creating each day based on what's here an not what was affecting me from the past, I am so excited to create and share and help others even more.

As you may know I was in Salt Lake City, Utah this summer, which is not my home and I haven't ever really wanted to live there or spend much time there (I'm an ocean girl), but I answered the call with an open heart and had a good time and did a lot of good, I feel. At the end of the summer I was feeling super torn about what to do next. It felt like some timelines had shifted and that maybe I needed to stay longer to accomplish some things here. So I found a new house that was not just for the summer, and Ack! I signed a year lease.

But just a few weeks into September, I was processing some big stuff (this was the tail of healing "everything") and I freaked out and had a chat with God.

I said, "I know you have work for me to do here, and I'm totally willing... but I am unhappy with some things and feel like I need to get away to fully heal and process. Can I have a transfer?"

And God said, "Sure." God is loving and said, "Why don't you go to Hawaii. I know you have been wanting to go back and I do have some work for you to do there."


"Sure. You are not trapped. My work is not so rigid. You should enjoy it and show others that they can enjoy it. If they choose to. Life is about joy and Love. So I'll send you to Hawaii and you can learn more about Love. You haven't learned it all, but you will. Remember that weaknesses become strengths and you will teach others as you master it."

So that's what I am doing. I'm moving to Kauai for a few months--so far as I know now. I guess moving is a strong word. I still have a house in Salt Lake. But I will not be visiting it for a while. :)

What will I do in Kauai?. One of the things I am going to do with my new perfectly healed second chakra is to create and write more. Creativity is just flowing now. I will be working on poetry and memoir. My spirit guides are excited to help me. They say that there are many gems that need to be "retrieved" and put onto paper in this world.

I have also been given the charge of helping women heal their femininity and restore their grace. So I'll be writing more about that, but the first thing I was told to do was to hold a special retreat for women, on the island of Kauai with that theme. So in the way things work out when you are in the flow, it has all come together and is already planned. And as a cosmic second witness I got an email from Hawaiian Airlines saying that airfare to Hawaii is amazingly low right now through mid November. The retreat is Nov 5-9, 2015. So that helps if women want to come from the mainland.

Hawaii's garden isle of Kauai.

There will be daily kundalini yoga, meditation, snorkeling and beach fun, healing sessions and discussion on the retreat theme including how to heal our sexual selves, restore our grace, and be the Love we were created to be. There will be daily delicious healthy vegetarian farm-to-table cooking, as well as plenty of relaxation and free time. 

Women are the foundation of our society. Now more than ever before, as we have transitioned into the feminine age, all the healing and changes women make will more powerfully affect their relationships, families, and the whole world.  To learn more and Register for the Retreat click here. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Little More Time And a Few More Monkeys

I have been thinking a lot about Moses. There was a moment when God became so fed up with the children of Isreal that he declared he would destroy them all and raise up a new covenant people. But because Moses pleaded with the Lord on their behalf, he changed the mind of God.

I have also been thinking of the parable of the vinyard in Jacob. The Lord of the vinyard is ready to burn it down and cut his losses but the servant keeps imploring him to wait a little longer. Do a little more pruning and grafting and see what happens. 

I feel that this is what happens. The timeline and destiny of the world changes day to day based on the prayers of the faithful servants. Someone told me a story about President Kimball (although she wasn't sure if it was him or President McKay so perhaps one of my readers will have a reference for me) about a time he was late for a meeting and his explanation was that he had received some revelation that Christ was coming soon and he had been pleading with the lord for a little more time to build up more righteous people on the earth. 

I keep feeling like we are getting more time. Things are still hastening, but there is no date stamp on things. And the whole way things play out could be different. 

I was recently reminded of the 100 monkeys again. I wrote a blog post about it last year. You can read it here.  I asked God how many enlightened monkeys there are in the world now (in America is what he is showing me) that can move a mountain with their faith and the number is now 85. That means only 15 more to get to 100!

If you know the study then you know once the population of monkeys who had adopted the new consciousness of washing their sweet potatoes rose to 100 suddenly all the monkeys on the whole island and actually whole chain of islands knew how to do it. 

I'm blessed to know many of these 85 people and hundreds more who are so close. So if you were thinking of maybe setting the intention to increase your faith or be more (rather than do more) I invite you to do so and join me. 

Sat nam

Monday, September 7, 2015

Introducing Some Cool Teachers

This summer I mentored 22 people who were crazy about Kundalini Yoga and wanted to become teachers.  First, I gotta say that if you want teach Kundalini yoga or if you just want to uplevel and toally change your life, a 200 hour level 1 teacher training is the absolute best thing I can think of to do it.

However, for those people who don't have a training within 300 miles of them or can't get a way for whole weekends or who just want a Christ-centered perspective on Kundalini Yoga to supplement their training, I created my mentorship program, or as I some times call it Level  Zero Teacher Training or Jedi Training.

Yogi Bhajan taught that every student should be a teacher. If you even know one meditation you should teach it. It's good to have a little bit more training though if you want to really teach classes and stuff, so I have been training select people for a few years now. Many of them have gone on to do Level 1 and some have not but are amazing teachers. I want to introduce just a few here for you now and I'll share some more later.

Seva Nam Kaur (Beth), Hari Sangat Kaur (Jeanne), and Roni Thompson are all graduates who live in the Seattle area and are already teaching at Sunrise Studios in Kent, Washington. Beth has a great series going on right now called Truing the Wheels Within You. It is all about the chakras. Check it out if you are in Seattle.

Seva Nam Kaur

Hari Sangat Kaur

Madison Waters, the awesome girl who shared her story on missionary anxiety on my blog a while ago, also just graduated from my mentorship and she will be teaching a cool series on Kundalini Yoga and Mental Health. She is also a Photographer and blogs here. She is also getting married soon so congratulations to her. It's a kundalini love story.  Here is a pic I took of her at my drum circle. Maybe one day she'll send me a yogi photo of her to replace this. Please. If you want for info on her class hit her up through one of her links.


Danica Rugg is an amazing teacher and she has an upcoming series on the Breath of Life that may be online. I have no link for her yet, but if you know her, hit her up for class info. 


I have also mentored amazing teachers in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Michigan, Japan, England, St Louis, Hawaii and beyond. I will write more about them soon and link to their stuff as they send it to me.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming mentorships, you can email me for more information. I do not publicly advertise these trainings.