Friday, April 3, 2015

A Post Without "Th" Words

After my recent post on generational healing I had mixed reactions and questions and it got me to considering. First, someone asked what is the difference between generational healing and chain breaking. I used to believe chain breaking and generational healing were one and same but now I realize each has particular differences. Most people, it seems, have some generational healing to do--we all come in with some emotional baggage in our DNA or cellular memory.

Chain breaking is a bigger deal. Not everyone is a chain breaker. Not everyone was allowed to or crazy enough to volunteer for it before coming here. Chain breakers are charged with breaking patterns and abuse and contracts and evil covenants made by prior generations and casting off evil gifts. And I have discovered it is not necessarily only for one's own ancestors only. Some people contract to be a chain breaker--or one of several in a team of chain breakers--for an entire group of people. For example, I felt like some of my work was part of such a team of chain breakers who have helped break both literal and metaphysical chains for black people in America and maybe beyond. Abe Lincoln and MLK Jr were on my team--or I guess I should say was on Abe's team, as well as a lot of others, known and unknown.

I guess my biggest surprise about my recent experience was learning one could actually be DONE with such work. I had always believed it was something you struggled with and struggled with and hoped one day, because of you, your posterity wouldn't have to deal with similar issues. But it turns out--an energetic limit exists to the amount of "work" to be done or garbage to be released and when it is done, it is done! Huge revelation. If I had known it was finite, I would have made more efforts to clear it sooner. But as it was, it happened pretty fast once I was on the path of Kundalini Yoga and healing.

Some people felt discouraged after reading my post because such people have done a lot of energy healing and feel like it was a waste. Energy healing is great for some purposes, but it's really slow for generational healing, as my last post shows. But lets be real, everything is energy and every healing is energy healing and it all comes from God... so let's keep moving forward.

I was feeling so free and clear and happy for my future generations when I realized with some sadness, Amarjot is not all clear. She is a chain breaker for her dad's line. Guh! But I talked to her about it and she told me, "Mom, only 3 chains are left."

I knew what she said was true and what each "chain" consisted of. I also learned she only had 50% left.  So we talked about fasting and kundalini yoga and how I had discovered such progress with each.

She got excited about doing her own work, but as an eight-year old, she is still not hip on going without food or water for 24 hours. So we brain stormed other kinds of fasts. Here is our cloud picture.

She came up with fasting "th" words on her own. She decided to fast words which begin with "th" for a whole 24 hours. I decided to support her and join her. So we began our fast and it was very challenging and fun. We had to consider our words before we spoke. Sometimes we sounded normal. Other times we sounded like we were speaking pigeon.

"Close door, will you?"..... "Put books back on shelf."

Other times we forgot--lapsed and said an unintentional "th" word but we remembered to pray always and ask for help and even our prayers had to be super intentional and ponder-full.

So to get to the good stuff--following said fast, I checked on Amarjot's load, per her request and found she had only 40% left. Woah! 10% gone in one fast. She was very excited and wanted to do another fast. So she decided to fast a personal habit she has struggled with. I am amazed at my girl's determination. She doesn't mess around. She wants to be liberated and liberate all before and after. And I know she'll do it. And before she is nine years old.

Wahe Guru!