Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Generational Blessings

This weekend when I was visiting Lani in AZ (full details of that to follow) I watched the movie Ephraim’s Rescue. It’s about pioneer stuff. Particularly one guy named Ephraim Hanks who had a gift of healing. And a nice face too. At least the actor did. They also made him sort of funny, which added a lightness that pioneer stories always need.

I have talked about generational healing before and how we can inherit either genetically or epigenetically, our ancestors’ garbage. But I think we forget that we can also inherit spiritual gifts and good things from our forbearers. Yet we tend to focus more on the garbage, because many of us in this generation have the heavy job of chain-breaking and clearing all the bad stuff. I tried to concentrate and think of what good things I have been blessed with because of my ancestry, besides my good looks. J

I was stumped for a whole hour. I couldn’t think of much except the bad stuff. Finally I asked God to show me the blessings and gifts. Now I have a long list. The main thing that I am grateful for from that list is strength, though I wasn’t always. People have always told me that I am very strong. Perhaps they are surprised to discover this because I look like a cream puff on the outside.

They would say it because they saw me going through difficult times and doing alright. “You are so strong,” they’d say. “I could never do that…” etc etc. And I would wish I wasn’t strong because I know God only gives people what they can handle, and I cursed that fact that I could handle a lot.

I am grateful for that strength, and all I have been through and that my ancestors have been through. My ancestors were really strong people—like metamorphic rock.  Watching Ephraim’s Rescue will give you a
small inkling of what some of the Mormon pioneers went through. I have 3 lines of Mormon Pioneer ancestors and one of African American slave ancestors. Only the strong survived.

Yoga photo shoot in AZ. Keep cris-crossing your legs please for 5 minutes.
I have that legacy of physical, mental and emotional strength. Maybe they also accumulated trauma and garbage that I am now clearing, but I don’t feel resentful about it anymore. And wouldn’t you know it, without the resentment (for a task I probably volunteered for) it is loads easier. And I’m sure that when the baggage and the blessings/gifts weigh in on the scale, they are about equal.

What are your generational blessings or gifts? What have you done to discover and develop them?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Healing is Remembering

Lately I have been in contact with a number of people who do some form of energy healing and who are struggling with their own healing. I noticed a common theme among them, and it was a fundamental belief that something was wrong with them. While healer trainings and healing tools are great, they can often be a way of reinforcing this belief, and finding more problems in self and others. It is the positive mind serving the negative mind. It is a way of continuing to be your own worst enemy while pretending that you are doing the opposite.  (I have done this. I know. This is not easy to hear or to admit.)

Learning to muscle test or intuitively read what is “wrong” and release it through energy healing is a great skill to have. But if one spends all day focusing on the problems, it is easy to forget that these are not a person’s real identity.  I would counsel anyone who thinks that they might have fallen into this trap, to limit the digging into your own problems to 1 hour/day and spend the rest of the day chanting Sat Nam (I am Truth, Truth is my identity) or “I am Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. I am.”  

True healing is just remembering. The more you remember, the more whole you become. Remember your own divine nature and let it unfold through the grace of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. I invite all the reachable and teachable to call that highest self forth and live with a nobility and royalty that you are

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. Thank You.

I blogged today over at The Gift of Giving Life about my visit from Abe Lincoln and Joseph Smith. It's all about chain-breaking, rebirth, sacred contracts, imagery, kundalini yoga and more.

I got this lovely comment from Sierra on my FB group:   I had an interesting thought on parallelism. I think it's funny that Abraham Lincoln (one of my ancestors) freed one of your ancestors. Generations later, you returned the favor to me (though the freedom is more emotional/spiritual this time around). Interesting, eh? And thank you for that.

I love that!

I love these three men.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today's Podcast

Today Andy and I recorded our 5th episode of our podcast Zion:Consciousness and Covenant. I am really starting to feel comfortable, and we have a good rapport, which is nice. This week was totally inspired and epic. It is about The Word and mantra. I have been writing that chapter of my book for the last few weeks and so I have been thinking about it a lot. I'm getting lots of mind-blowing inspiration as well as some free gifts--like a conversation or an email with the exact scripture I needed, etc. The scriptures really do contain everything. If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, this week is a good one, and then you can go back and listen to the others. They are great too. It is now on iTunes and Spreaker. And we have a website for it here where we post all the resources we give each week. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am. Sat Nam.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Energy Healing and the Importance of the Ecological Check

If you are into energy healing or healing of any kind then I hope you know about ecology. The reason I am posting this because I keep getting this huge big red flash in my mind that says POST IT. And last week I took it as a sign when my friend who is an ecologist, got up and shared her testimony about ecology and jaguars. (It made sense.) Okay. So here is what I have to share.

I have trained in many different healing modalities, but the only one I have ever heard talk about the "ecological check" is NLP parts work. I realized by sad experience over a few weeks last fall, that everyone needs to understand this. Ecological systems are systems in which all the parts are related and interdependent. In nature this is called a habitat. But our bodies are also ecological systems. If your liver fails, the other organs are going to be effected. Your family is also an ecological system.

It is important to understand that when you are healing using whatever modality you choose, that you need to make sure that the changes or healing is going to work with the ecological system. Here is an example. Let's say a client wants to be more assertive. So you help him/her become more assertive, but their non-assertiveness was holding their marriage together. That will cause new problems, or the healing won't work because their system won't allow it. Saboteur at work helping again. Let's say it causes new problems. You work on those and don't check the ecology. Next week, more new problems. Seems to be an ongoing domino game.

So the simple solution is to just ask if there are any objections to the changes/healing withing the person's ecological system. This could be the system of their body/energy field and it could also include family and others. I usually just ask God, but you could ask their body or unconscious mind or however you do things.

If there is an objection, figure out what that part needs to be okay with the changes and then do healing in that area. Then check once more for objections to that.

If when you ask for objections you get many of them, you can request that they all form a committee and agree on what they need to feel better. I usually ask Jesus Christ to head the committee and the deliberations are much smoother. Sometimes they will only agree to be okay until more healing can be done, but at least it will keep you or your client from falling apart till then.

In general, though, if you want to avoid falling apart, you should really be doing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. There is not need for an ecological check when you do a balanced kriya or meditation. You might get resistance at times (devils don't like you to do this stuff) but if you keep up, you'll always be kept up. Sat Nam.