Monday, December 12, 2016

Life Now

In April I stopped blogging on this Progressive Prophetess blog. I haven't missed blogging, because I have been doing so much other fantastic writing that fills my cup of joy. But I have missed the weird one-sided communication. It was like writing letters to an aunt or friend that rarely writes back, but who I know is reading and who I like to share with and have as a witness.

So I thought I'd post and update.

I am still very actively teaching Kundalini Yoga and doing my healing work and healer trainings. If you are on my newsletter list I also sometimes write bloggish newsletters. If you are not, you can get on that list here (in the right side bar.... scroll down.... a little more... there.)

I am also writing a novel. And poetry! I took Julia Cameron's advice in The Artist's Way and got serious about taking myself lightly. So I make sure to get in my fun and my artist's dates. I found a great group of poets in my area, and we have a lot of fun at a weekly reading series hosted by the poet Laureate of this county. Here is a video of me reading a new poem at one of these readings. Warning: It might make you want to write your own poetry.

I did some surfing this summer, but mostly watched my daughter surf, who has all the coordination in every sport. Sigh. I aim to be as good as her. Also, she started a daily meditation practice that she has kept up for the last 6 months. Wow. It has had a profound impact on her, but also on our family life.

I have grown so much this year, and despite all the polarity of life, and this country just getting more polarized, I feel that I have just become more graceful and beautiful and calm and able to live in it but beyond it all. Wahe Guru!

When we moved back to California from Hawaii a year ago, I committed to staying put and not traveling so much, because my daughter and I both needed to get grounded. That commitment to stay and be part of the community and not run away when things got hard, has made a huge impact on our happiness and on the community here.

I have been praying for more Kundalini Yoga in our small town and it seems that in the last year, the community has grown exponentially. We went from one class a week to a class every day by different teachers. It's so exciting.  I started teaching a live class once a week here, too.  I also continue to teach online, which is only getting better and better.

In regards to online yoga and community--some friends of mine from my local kundalini yoga community will be launching something very cool in the next few days, which you will want to be a part of, so I'll post that here when we are up and launched.

Here are just a couple of pictures from my recent sold out Hawaii women's retreat.

If you have been waiting for the ultimate yoga/vacation/retreat experience, then make sure to make it to my next one in Bali, Indonesia. This one is co-ed. All levels welcome. It's 7 days and 7 nights. More info here. And here are pictures to entice you.

I hope to see you at an online or in person class or retreat soon!  Also, feel free to contact me by email or telepathy. I'll try to respond to all messages. Even the telepathic ones. Love and Sat Nam,

Nam Joti Kaur