Monday, March 30, 2015

Providing For Women and Girls

Last week I pulled the same hookam 3 times in both the paper scriptures and on my phone. It was 1 Nephi 6:5
"Wherefore, the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write, but the things which are pleasing unto God and unto those who are not of the world."
I knew that God was telling me to write this post. And so here it is. It might not be pleasing unto some but it is pleasing unto God.

My friend Heather proposed this idea to me a few years ago when I was receptive to it and I have thought a lot about it since then. It is this: No girl or woman should ever be obligated to provide for herself.

If she is married, this is duty of her husband. If she is not married, then it is the duty of her father or brother or uncle or other male family member. If she has none of those, it is the duty of the community (remember all that talk in the scriptures about caring for the widows and the fatherless).

I am not suggesting that women shouldn't do things or make money doing them. Women can do as they choose. I am saying that they should not have to and should never feel the pressure or anxiety of providing for their temporal needs. Neither should they feel that they would be a burden if they did not provide.

When a man provides for a woman's temporal needs, he is being like God. God is a giver and a protector and a sustainer. God gave that duty to men on earth.

Alma 30:60 says "the devil will not support his chidlren..."

It is the devil who teaches men not to support their children and wives. Or ex wives as the case may be.

The Family, A Proclamation to the World says:

By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.
I know that circumstances vary greatly, and creative adaptations are often needed, however, most people are not adapting in the way God intended, and they don't even realize they are buying into another version of the illusion.

In the Old testament it is very clear that providing goes even beyond physical needs, and if a husband died his brother was obligated to go in and take his wife and not only support her but give her children in the name of the first husband. (Dueteronomy 25:5) That does seem a little weird by today's standard, but think about it. If you are a woman who wants to bring children into the world and you lose your husband before that can happen, then you are essentially barren until you can get another husband. If you can. Therefore, the brother's sperm donation is providing in an essential way.

The thing is, women are special. Jesus Christ has a special place for women and he always treated them with love. In this he was like God, as he was in all ways. Women have a special work to do on this earth and they can't do it as effectively when they are required to labor for their support. This is true no matter what a woman's age. Just because her children are grow doesn't mean she should be expected to now pay the mortgage. Why are women so special? Well, because what happens to us determines what happens to the whole human race. An elevated woman can elevate her husband just by beaming at him and praying for him. An elevated woman can exalt her whole community. But in order to become elevated, she must not be thinking about her basic needs.

It is clear from the scriptures that a husband is also partially responsible to provide for a woman's emotional health, or at least create the best possible environment for emotional health.
 "Husbands, love your wifes, and be not bitter against them." (Col 3:19)

And the scriptures show that community needs to support this as well:
"When a man hath taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business; but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken." (Duet 24:5)

When I first read the scripture above I wondered how on earth he was going to support her if he didn't work for a year, but on re-reading it it does not say that. Being "charged with any business" seems to refer to something similar to going to war--some business that the community would need him for that would take him away from his new wife.

There are so many scriptures to study about this and lots to ponder and I'm going to let you do most of that work . But here is one more thought stream.

As you know I am a single mother. I have no father to take care of me. I have no brother or uncle who is willing. If my grandfather were alive he would happily do this. He is a man who understood this duty and always took it seriously. (My grandmother still did what she wanted, but not because he didn't provide.) But my grandparents are gone and the whole child support thing was exposing me to so much toxicity that God told me to release it a few years ago.

In a total leap of faith, I did, and he showed me, slowly at first, that he was my rich father and would always provide. The reason it was slow was because I was slow. When I worried about how I was going to provide, I sent that message to the universe and the universe said "Oh you want to provide. Okay. You go ahead."

Finally, I told him I was done. I was going to be a stay at home mom. And he said okay. Now we have a great thing going where I work when I want, at the things I love (usually it is for Him) and then only about a few hours per week. People think I'm super busy, but that is just because I get a lot done. It is all Grace that gets it done. The rest of the time I am with my daughter being a mom.

For the men who are reading: When you accept this duty to provide it does not mean that you are on your own--unless of course you start to think the thoughts I mentioned above. You are also supported by the Divine. You are at-one-ing with God when you do this. Providing for women and girls in your life is spiritual work. If it is a struggle, then it should show you where you need to work to better at-one with God.

And for women who have no righteous man or community who cares for the widows and fatherless--Believe this: "Thy Maker is thine husband" (Isaiah 54:5)

Trust God and ask him to root out all the unhealthy beliefs you may have about being provided for. Maybe you have a good career and you think it doesn't matter because you have no worries. It's okay to have a career if you want. Women do amazing things everywhere. But still clear the unhealthy beliefs about being provided for, because then God can give you even more abundantly all the things that you need. As Yogi Bhajan says, "the universe will be at your feet."

And for women who have a husband who is not providing, all I can give is the same advice above: root out your beliefs about being provided for. You set the tone for the home. If you are telling the universe you want to provide, or praying for scarcity (as worry is a form of prayer) then all the circumstances and environments will combine to give you that. As I said above, you can elevate your husband by first elevating your self. It is difficult to do this when also trying to provide. But if you allow God to lead you along, he will take care of you and show you what it means to be His cherished daughter.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Generational Healing--Check. Chainbreaking--Done.

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Last week my book came out on Amazon and it was #1 and I had a bad case of Post-Book Depression (PBD). It happened after my last book came out, but this time it was much worse. There was still joy and beauty, but there was also a lot of crying. I felt unstable. It felt like spiritual blow-back times a million. I did everything I knew how to do and called every qualified person to help me. Not much improvement.

I kept up.  

I reminded myself that every 72 hours the body changes. I knew it couldn't last forever. 

On Friday I went to the temple. I got some relief! I came home and meditated. As I was praising the Lord's name I had the sweetest voice tell me that almost all of my generational healing/chainbreaking was now done. And it was largely because of the fast that I did. (A 25 day fast you can read about beginning here.) I was told that the rest would be taken care of the next day at White Tantric Yoga. 

And it was. 

During the first meditation of the day I felt all my thirty trillion cells vibrating and singing and totally unburdened. The thought of de-materializing didn't seem hard at all. So I did. Then came back. And all my ancestors and posterity were celebrating. I was the repairer of the breech, which is one of the blessings of the fast. (Isaiah 58).

I asked a friend to verify if this was true. "How much of my generational healing is done?" I asked her. She muscle tested and looked at me surprised. You're all done. 

Through out the day I thought about this and asked Him more questions and asked Michelle to see if she got the same answers. I am a firm believer in the second witness. 

Here is what I asked

What percentage of this healing was done with kundalini yoga- including my daily practice, teaching, and the 4 White Tantric Yogas I have attended so far?  


What percentage of this healing was done through fasting? 


What percentage was done through energy healing such as theta healing, emotion code, body code, healing codes, Simply Healed, EFT, etc etc and all the other modalities I have used or practice?  

Less than 1%.

Woah. I knew energy healing was way slower than Kundalini Yoga, but it still serves its purpose when some things have to be know and it has helped develop my intuitive powers and connection with God. But if energy healing did less than 1% of my healing (basically God said the amount was a lot less than 1%--almost negligable.) and I know how much work I have done (miles of work)--then there must have been a butt-load of chains to break. BUTT-LOAD. Can I use that word here? I can't think of a better one right now, although the vastness of the ocean comes to mind.

These answers brought up more questions. 

If I had done only energy healing, the fastest kind I know, how long would it have taken to do this work? 

65- 500 years. (Michelle got 65 years. I got 500. But we discussed it and realized it wasn't so much about time as it was about using the body and about participation. The problem with most energy healing is that there is not much participation--from you or ancestors. In the temple and in mediation our ancestors can be there with us and participate, and in these ways and especially with fasting we use our bodies--the thing they need most in order to heal.)

Paul says: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)

 By the way, the verse right after that is in Romans is one of my favorites when talking about the mind body connection:  "Be Ye Transformed by the renewing of your mind...." 

Next I asked: 

What about the temple? Where does that fit in?

The healing you did was emotional healing. The temple is a different kind of healing. Without the temple all the healing would be meaningless. But even though not all your family temple work is done, it will be, and therefore, since time is not linear, it is already done. 

He also told me that my temple status (being endowed with power from on high) had increased the effectiveness of the Kundalini Yoga and the fasting. As I suspected. 

Then I wondered about Imagery and hypnosis. Where does Imagery fit into all this? 

He told me that though imagery can be used for generational healing, the best thing that it has done for me and and for others is to help them feel the love of God without the barriers of Maya. When people feel that, they are not the same. It is a seed of change. They long for it more and recognize it more. Imagery, along with Kundalini Yoga has been a vehicle for enlightenment. It has cut through maya so that I can see the true reality. It has made me visionary and prepared me for the more sure word of prophecy, if you know what I mean. And it is doing the same for others and will do so for you if you use it. 

But lets get back to generational healing....In between asking all these questions I was feeling grateful, blessed, in awe, praising God, and marveling at how good it felt. It was amazing to think about the week before, when there was still just a small percentage of it left and I had no idea how close I was. I had felt like I had regressed a million years yet I was 95% there.

Now it's done, and I can feel it. 

Some of those generational issues defined my life for years without me knowing it--such as anger, frustration, impatience, a deprived mentality, abandonment issues, addictive personality. Through a consistent daily kundalini yoga and meditation practice for only about 3 years (before that it was sporadic) I gained mastery of myself, but I didn't dare miss a day of my anger meditation or I would have anger flares. Over time, these became less intense, but I still struggled. But after fasting for 25 days, I cleared 55% of it! I had no idea till now that this is what I did. If you read my journal entries during my fast you know it wasn't easy. But it was so worth every crazy day! I don't feel the weight of that anger or abandonment anymore. This should tell you the power of fasting for generational healing. Wow! That wasn't even my intention for the fast. My intention was simply, Peace.  

Wahe Guru!

And now, after breaking all those heaving chains, I am feeling as peaceful and amazing as a person who mediates as much as me should feel. Whew! Looks like it is time to move on to a more joyful project, such as preparing for the Highest Yoga. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

At Long Last - The Book Is Out

I don't have much else to say but that. It's done. It's out. You can buy it on Amazon, or at my new Tree of Life Store. I truly only make $.04 cents per copy on Amazon. So it will never go on sale. But you can get free shipping there. From Tree of Life store I make a few dollars (all goes to charity anyway) but you have to pay shipping. So you decide. I wish I could give them all way for free but that is why I put all the chapter text free on my blog here. I hope you will enjoy it and use it as a manual/text book for a long time. Please feel free to leave reviews on Amazon and the store. Sat Nam.

Order Now From Amazon.  Order Now From The Store.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Negative Attraction Happens

I stumbled onto some old notes I took in hypnotherapy school. They mostly say things I have been teaching for years but some are said in different way. Sometimes that is all it takes. Here they are almost exactly as I hand wrote them:

When negative attraction happens 
        it is a revelation of hidden beliefs... 
about our desires, etc.   (metaphysical view point)

You may not yet be a metaphysical match to it [your desire]
Maybe you didn't realize you weren't at one with it. 

I used to be so resistant to this idea that I had any ownership of things that happened to me and through me. Maybe because some really awful things happened. And it was hard to think I could be so sick as to co-create anything like that. It was easier to look at those around me and blame their sickness. 

Yet somehow, through the grace of God, I was able to put aside the new age guilt and strengthen my vibration. Because reading my scriptures and praying and going to the temple once a week weren't cutting it by themselves. I was alive. But barely. So I followed inspiration and added hypnotherapy school and Kundalini Yoga. I did it for the sole reason that it made me feel better. But ultimately, if I hadn't, I would not have survived. When I say Kundalini Yoga and Hypnotherapy saved my life, it is not hyperbole. 

Now I am strong enough to admit that I co-created all the drama of the past. I am also strong enough to bless it and call it good. And I take all the good I am blessed to receive, including opportunities to re-examine what I am at-one-ing with. 

More notes:

all things, from the standpoint of the infinite, 
are all good.  Out of this, only good can come. 
out of adversity comes happiness. 
only the man who declines the challenge suffers. 

There is beauty all around.

I just like this picture. Img source

Monday, March 16, 2015

5 Great Things For Monday

1. The Writer's Mind: I have been teaching a writing workshop called The Writer's Mind. It just started but has been keeping me thinking about writing other things than blog posts. I love it so much. Writing is my first love. This week I assigned them to write a letter essay, or open letter and some of theirs brought me to tears. Here is an example of an open letter, in case you feel like playing with it.

2. Imagery in Idaho: I am going to be bringing Imagery Training to IDAHO later this spring. Can I get an exclamation mark for that one? !! May 28-30, 2015 is the when. The where is Pocatello. Why? Because I love Idaho and one of my best friends lives in Pocatello and it's an easy drive from Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Salt Lake, and even Boise if you love imagery and have been wanting to do this training.  People who have already done the training and audit it again can do so for half price.

Testimonials? Registration Page? Yes. Here they are. My favorite was from Lani, who said it was 10 billion times more awesome than she expected. Yes, I have known Lani for years. But I also know she is not easily impressed.

3. Fasting: I have been thinking about fasting again. I sort of miss it. I love how close I felt to God at every moment. But I need to take a break from food fasting. I think I want to try a day of silence. I thought of this today when I got mad that Amrjot wasn't listening. So I decided to stop talking and only write notes. It made her pay attention so much more and it made me be thoughtful about my communications. I remember reading that Yogananda used to have a day of silence once/week. It drove some of his people around him a little crazy but it gave him time to catch up on correspondence. I think it would be a real sacrifice and tricky to do some days, but I'm going to do it one day next week. Would you like to join me?  I will still chant mantras during my sadhana, but I'll begin the fast after that. So I will fast speaking out loud from sun up to sun down. I'll report back on it.

4. To Be Revealed (TBR): God has something interesting planned for me that I am not going to reveal yet.

5. Wednesdays with me: I have been teaching a live online class Wednesday mornings in an interactive format which I haven't done for a while except to my mentorship students, and this has been fun. We are currently doing a Beauty Series. Last week I taught the Kriya to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful, then I spontaneously shared yogi recipes that will make you never need cosmetics. It was fun. This week I might teach one to stop aging and grey hair. Or maybe I'll teach one for glowing skin. So many choices. It's fun to see everyone's face and the technology is cooperating better than it used to back in the day when I started online classes. These Wednesday classes are not being recorded. So join live or not at all. I hope to see you this week. All you have to join is click the link on this page and turn on your camera. See you Wednesday!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Store - Wahe Guru!

I had this inspiration 6 months ago but hesitated because I thought it would be too involved. Yet in 2 weeks, it has happened. As it turns out some things are faster than writing a book and getting it in print. Here is what I have been up to.

I have been creating a marketplace for all things Christ-centered Kundalini and healing and edifying. It has digital downloads of Kundalini Yoga classes, e-books, MP3s, and so much more. Right now all it has in it is my stuff, but very soon, it will have products from other vendors including: Kundalini Yoga classes, e-books, white clothing, imagery MP3s, and more I haven't dreamt of yet but someone else will.  You will also be able to order my book there in just a few days. For real this time. Just a few days. Really.

It is called Tree of Life Store and right now you can get there by going to I might add additional domain paths to get there, but that is where it is now.

I am still uploading my pre-recorded classes and they will be available to download now instead of stream (all by the Intro course, which will remain the same format.)

For those who prefer streaming of the yoga classes, I will have a subscription option available soon, but or now, you can still do that on the old platform. 

If you have bought any of my yoga series' in the past under the old system (where you had 3 months to watch) then you can get free downloads of them emailing the store email. But right now, only the Rebirthing Series and the Kids Yoga series is available for download. We will add more soon.

By the way, Kids Yoga is new. I only advertised it privately when she first decided to do it. It is Amarjot Kaur's debut, and it was all her idea. Yoga for kids taught by a kid. I hope you enjoy this. I sure enjoyed watching her grow as a teacher. 

If you haven't taken the Rebirthing Series or the Kids Yoga Series yet, they are 20% off this week only for our Grand opening sale! Go to the Store to download them.  (Discount expires March 20, 2015)

I am really excited about this store because it means that many more people can be reached through one central hub. It will be like the trunck of the tree with many branches. I'm really thrilled I am no longer the only person out there offering Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga Classes. This will give us all a place to cross-pollinate and help each other get the word out to everyone else.

It has a place to leave reviews. I hope you will leave some reviews right away. Feel free to buy things and check out all the free stuff. Go ahead and play with it and test all the links and try to break them. Ok don't break anything. But email us if anything is not working right.

Right now there is no forum, but I did start a FB group that anyone can join for Christ-centered Kundalini Yoga teachers and students all over the world to connect.

If you want to submit digital products or be a vendor of actual products that ship, there are instructions on the site for how to apply or submit them for review.

Thank you for checking out the site and sharing it. Sat Nam!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Girls With Wings

I started a new podcast with my dear friend Lani. Lani was the co-author of my book The Gift of Giving Life, and she has written a few stories and guest posts for this blog. She is awesome, but for years she was painfully afraid of using her voice. Her writing was powerful, but she was not into public speaking or even talking on the phone. But the last year or two has changed all that and now she is even more awesome! I have sometimes wished that people could listen in on our phone conversations because they are often full of great insights and deep discoveries for both of us. And sometimes they are very silly. Well, I roped her into doing this podcast with me and now you can. It is called Girls With Wings:Getting Carried Away. 

We are calling it that because of the scripture that I love:

 "... and [she] shall mount up in the imagination of [her] thoughts as on eagles' wings."  D&C 124:99. 

Lani and I both have great imaginations. And this podcast is about the many ways one can use your imagination to mount up with wings of eagles.

The subtitle is based on many scriptures in which the ancient prophets, when describing the vision state say they were "carried away in the spirit." Indeed, it is through the imagination that visions often come to us. For example, Nephi, was caught up onto "an exceedingly high mountain," yet his body was at home on his bed (1 Nephi 11). This is the imagery state. The imagery state and the vision state are one and same and Lani and I are both hooked. So this podcast will discuss lots of imagery stuff and we'll also include lots of free imagery journeys and a few silly songs and silly Psalms. I hope you enjoy it.