Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Raise the Vibration of the East Coast

I still can't believe that this entire massive country I live in is governed from one tiny city in the east that is so unlike other cites. I have been to DC once or twice and I found the city itself lacking something. I couldn't figure it out but I finally labeled it as lacking bohemians. It seemed bereft of artists and spirituality. Today I talked to my friend who is planning the East Coast Women's Retreat (about 45 minutes from DC) and she expressed that there is something heavy in the air since the government shut down. It is effecting everyone's moods. Everyone knows something is about to happen but they aren't sure what. I tuned into the city and saw that the vibratory frequency of the whole area has almost fallen below the level it needs to be at to stay in God's good graces. Actually, there are many cities in the US that are currently almost below this, but because of just enough righteous people (and a lot of yogis), it hasn't melted down yet. I feel like this is one of the reasons that Mandi felt inspired to plan this retreat there at this time. The east cost needs this. Badly.

However, we still have spaces left to fill for this wonderful and important event and it just feel like not everyone who is supposed to come has registered yet. I have been praying that the right people who will embrace all the teachings and share them, will not only hear about it, but that the money and time and other resources they need will fall into place for them to come.

So if you live anywhere near or far from DC and feel the pull to go, it might be inspiration. I invite you to follow it.

If you feel the inspiration to share the retreat info on FB or with your family, please do. Here is the link:

Many has some special deals for sisters or friends or a group who wants to pay together. But it's in JUST A FEW DAYS, so it is important to act now. Feel free to email either of us with questions at any time.

Oh and here is a tentative retreat schedule in case you are interested.

4-6:00pm           Check-in/Relax time
6:00                     Ice breaker
6:30                     Cooking demo/ Dinner  (Lentils, veggies and jasmine rice)
7:30                     Yoga, Meditation and spiritual discussion on Zion Consciousness
9:30                        Hot tub, or go to bed. Yogi’s choice.


4:00                        Sadhana (optional)
6:00-7:00              Downtime/ Journaling
7:30-9:00             Cooking demo/breakfast  (Green smoothies)
9:30-11:30           Yoga, Meditation, Humanology (Remove doubt, fear, conquer imagined disabilities,
                                  and tune into 1000 Kilowatt awesomeness)
11:30-12:00         Journaling, Mastermind Conversation about creating Zion Consciousness
12:00-1:30           Lunch/cooking demo  (Yummy Salads)
2:00-3:00              Workshop #3 – (Mandi)  Essential Oils for health and emotional healing
3:30-4:30              Tea Time and snacks on the balcony
4:30-5:30              Therapeutic Guided Imagery- Restore the Heart, Meet a Spiritual Guide
5:30-6:30              Yoga, Meditation, Humanology- Theme TBD
6:30-8:00              Cooking demo/ dinner (Thai Red curry quinoa)
8:00                       You and your body:  Body Language, Thoughts about bodies (Mandi)

4:00                        Sadhana (optional)        
6:30-7:30             Breakfast
7:30-9:00            Healing Circle/Meditation
9:00-10:00           Packing, Check out by 10am

If You Need More Time

Recently I told a friend/student to add in the prosperity meditation to her practice. She told me that they they were good. They didn't need any money. I said it's not about money. Maybe God will pour out time. Time alone with your husband. Time for yourself. I have seen God do this for me in amazing ways.

Of course, it will also help with financial pressure. I gave it to a friend and her income increased by 10x in a very short time. (It started VERY low.) This was the only meditation she did.

There are a number of times I recommend the prosperity meditation to people and I don't know why. But it always works in the way it needs to and has about a million side benefits. Sometimes it brings more knowledge, more joy, more spiritual power.  I recently received a testimonial from someone who started doing it and as soon as she did things started to shift. She found and started walking her life path. Opportunities and also things they needed poured in. One of the side benefits of this was that her children started to recognize that this was a result of their mother's practice. They started to see the hand of God everywhere, but also see the power of a daily practice of meditation.
On a field trip with my daughter. I always seem to have time now to do the things that matter.

Fer real. I almost can't believe it either. 

So if you haven't tried it, you can start with just 3 minutes per day. If you are already meditating, add this in anywhere in your line up after you tune in. If you haven't yet tried Kundalini Meditation, you will need to tune in first and tune out when you are done, so that might max you out at 5 minutes, but if time is your issue, I promise it will be worth it. :)  Here is a link to the video on how to do it. You can find the tune in and tune out videos on the same channel. 

And if you want more than that, I am doing a 6-week Kundalini Yoga series on prosperity (it's online streaming) that starts tomorrow. There is still space, so if you feel it is for you now, sign up here. If not, there will be videos later. The important thing is to start something now.

If you have been doing the prosperity mediation, please leave a comment about how it has been working in your life. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Dad Is Rich

My dad owns all this.
A few months ago I wrote a post called Building the Boat. It was about how my Dad is rich, and how I was finally coming to understand and integrate what that actually means. When your dad owns the whole world, you shouldn't have to worry, right?

But I had worried. For decades. If I wasn't worried, then I was in denial, and I would stay there till I had created enough problems that I was worried again. A few years ago I realized that this was probably a form of subconscious sabotage. Not long after that, I ended up in hypnotherapy school. I took the opportunity there to work on some serious prosperity, lack and worth issues, and it was immensely helpful. I learned how to double my income, success and happiness by using a simple 5 min/night tool that I then taught to other people.

But deep down I still kinda worried. And I still kept subconsciously attracting situations that created the ping pong between abundance and lack.

Then one day I felt that God wanted to teach me something about prosperity. I was deep into Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by then, and He started to guide me little by little. 

The first thing He taught me was that money is just symbolic. It's an energy exchange. I felt inspired to let got of some negative exchanges that were costing me too dearly in ways I didn't fully understand till I let them go.
God also showed me that prosperity is not abundance of anything, but rather the right resources at the right time in the highest and best way to help me achieve my destiny and identity.

I recently moved (after 11 years of being very happily rooted). Moving brought up so many first chakra issues (survival, shelter, security, support, etc.) And so I decided that it was time to go deep into these issues and once and for all I was going to let God heal all negativity, past, present and future surrounding prosperity, support, and more.

Here is what I did and what happened: For 90 days I did a meditation for clearing negativity past, present and future (Ganputi Kriya) with that intention. I followed it with a prosperity meditation. I also did some kriyas and scriptural studying around prosperity. (I will be discussing and teaching these in my upcoming class.)

What I learned and integrated on core level is that I am a Goddess on a divine mission and that so long as I let God direct me, I will always have everything I need for myself and "my people." My patriarchal blessing mentions my people a lot.  When I think of prosperity in terms of achieving my destiny and identity (Truth, Goddess), it changes everything. I am no longer thinking about being in the top 1% of earners or being on welfare. The answer is not to be somewhere in the middle either. It is to be on a different page all together--God's economy. 

The saying, "God Will Provide" used to drive me crazy, because it didn't seem to be real in my life. But it is a true statement, if you let Him. It doesn't always look like what you think it will look like. Often, it is different--but in my experience, it is better. I loved Elder Bednar's talk in General Conference on tithing. He expressed many of these same thoughts.

God provides in miraculous ways. One of the ways God provided for me when I moved was by showing me that I didn't need anything and that my stuff was weighing me down physically and energetically. So I sold it all! I can't tell you how liberating that was. And the money I got for things was a side benefit. 

This lightness has allowed us to live in the place he prepared (which is furnished) and to be able to travel around and do retreats, which I didn't realize would be part of my destiny, but now I see it is.

I could go on for days about all the ways God has provided for me. The amazing truth is that since I sold everything and moved here to my promised land, I haven't worried at all. And I'm not worried that I'm not worried. I'm not in denial. 
Not only is my destiny on fast track, but when I allowed it, lots of comforts and joys and things to please they eye and gladden the heart are also provided. I looked around my life the other day and I thought. Wow. My Dad really is rich. Look where I live. Have you seen the view from my front porch? My back porch? Look what I get to do.

I don't feel like I work at all. Maybe a few hours/week.
Playing "Sink or Float" in the pool for home school science fun.

 I get to home school my daughter, which (after 9 months of semi-torture against my will) has finally become an idyllic dream which I will write about another day. I even have time to organize my drawers and sew things. I am feeling totally self-actualized by domestic things like making home made glass cleaner and doing laundry (I have a washer dryer!) And the best part is that my daughter and I have both healed immensely as we have let go of the old life. 

Don't get me wrong, I still drive an old (but adorable) car, I don't have my student loans paid off, and sometimes I get a headache or I get tired. Praise God for all this too, because it must be the best way I can grow even more bountiful, beautiful, blissful.

I want so much for everyone to have this experience and understanding of God and of their own identity. So I am teaching a prosperity series -- 6 weeks of live Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes focused on prosperity, destiny and identity. It will be on Wednesdays this time. If you can't watch live, there will be recordings. I pushed it back a week so it starts next week (October 30) and will carry you through Thanksgiving. To register, please go here now. Sat nam. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Effects of True Faith

See that mountain over there on the right. Would you mind moving it just few hundred yards?

One of the biggest lies I hear told every week by people of faith everywhere and especially in my own church is that you don’t have to be perfect. In fact, some people say that you can never be perfect in this life. Yet Christ commanded us to be perfect, even as He was.

Let’s be clear that perfect, correctly translated means, whole. It doesn’t mean that you will never say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or that your house will never have any dust. That is a set up for failure. Whole means healed, complete. It means that you know how to apply the Atonement and you do. Every day. And by its power, and by faith you are made whole and every day become more like Christ "until the perfect day," which can be in this lifetime. 

Yet even with this translation, many people still feel that this goal is unreachable. The distance, however, is not on God’s side. It is on ours, and it comes down to faith.

In the Bible Dictionary under “Faith,” one can find the following.
…”The effects of true faith in Jesus Christ include (1) an actual knowledge that the course of life one is pursuing is acceptable to the Lord (see Heb. 11:4); (2) a reception of the blessings of the Lord that are available to man in this life; and (3) an assurance of personal salvation in the world to come. These things involve individual and personal testimony, guidance, revelation, and spiritual knowledge. Where there is true faith there are miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that He gives to His saints.
Point 1 -  This is what everyone wants to know! What is my sacred contract? What did I promise God and others on this earth that I would do here? It is so awesome when you know you are doing what you were born to do.  

Point 2 – Number 2 is huge. Basically any blessing that the Lord has given to any man or woman in this earthly life is available to you too, through faith. So that would include things like translation (Enoch), teleportation (Jesus, Paul, John), walking on water (Jesus, Peter), time travel (Uncle Rico), visions of everything--past present future, all of the worlds God has made (Abraham, Moses, Nephi, etc), parting seas, instant healings. I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted the superpower of teleportation.

Benefits of teleportation: you don't have to pack. You can always go home and get clothes or shower, in the event that you are camping. 

Point 3 – I think that the third point is saying that through faith, it is possible in this life to get that assurance that you will be saved/exalted/etc.

When I was thinking about these things a few years ago, I decided that I wanted more faith. I had always thought that faith was just something you had. The Bible dictionary says that: Although faith is a gift, it must be cultured and sought after until it grows from a tiny seed to a great tree. 

So I sought after it. Jesus pointed out some obstacles to faith (John 5:44 and 12:39–42) and so I tried to eliminate the obstacles. I read Lectures on Faith, which is an amazing little volume by Joseph Smith that used to be part of the preface to the D&C but was taken out because it was a bit lengthy. I kind of wish it was still in there because it is now not as widely read. Although you can get it free as an e-book from DB and for .99 on Amazon. It gave me about a million Ahas.

However, the biggest way I have grown my faith is through meditation. About 600 days ago I started a new 40-day meditation (I hadn’t meditated consistently before that) and I set my intention as “faith.” It took a few months to actually do 40 days in a row, but once I did, I didn’t stop again. I have only missed 2 days since then. 

Each day that I would come to my sheepskin to meditate, I may have had a something different on my mind, but I felt that everything went back to faith, which is, after all, the first principle of the gospel. So every day I would set that intention. Many days it was an act of faith just to get up and meditate. I think that this is part of it. 

When my friend Rachel found out my intention she was surprised. She said she would have characterized me as having a lot of faith. My answer was that I couldn’t move a mountain and that we are supposed to have enough faith to move mountains. I felt I was living below my spiritual potential. As are most people. 

Though typically I do not believe in asking for proof of progress, I do think that once every 9 months or so it is good to look back at how far you have come, but just for a minute. Until recently I only had outward ways of measuring this progress and guesses at inward changes. But because of a sometimes trying friend who tends to see everything as a dot on a numbered line, I have found a new way to measure. I won't go into it all, but let’s just say that faith could be measured in units. And lets say that it takes a certain number of these causal faith units to move a mountain (equal a mustard seed.) And lets just say I could find out how many units I had one year ago, two years ago, today. You get the picture. If muscle testing is your special gift, you could try this. Or you can pray and ask for an answer about where you stand on this faith scale.

My friend/s and I have discovered through prayer, experimentation, muscle testing and spiritual confirmations, that most good faithful people (including stalwart LDS people) fall abysmally, pathetically, horribly (yes that deserved 3 adjectives) below enough faith units to move anything. This may be one of the reasons united prayer is so powerful. Because when you add up everyone’s faith units and beam them at the same purpose, things start to happen. 

Though my intentional journey, I have in fact, increased my faith exponentially from where it was in January 2012. Part of that is because of the accelerated times we have entered, and part of it is the technology I am using. The Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technology is much more than a forklift. It is a rocket and I am happily riding it. I would say that my hair is blown back, but I'm totally rocking the turban.

If you haven't gotten intentional about forklifting yourself and others too, I invite you to do so today. If you have, and want to share your intention or something else, please do so in the comments.
This is a beautiful message from Yogi Bhajan on being a Forklift. If you only have one minute. Watch one minute. Sat Nam.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Ethics of Healing

In response to my post Energy Healing Explained for Mormons, I got the following comment.

If you had cancer, would you really try to cure it with crystal waving and meditation rather than going to an oncologist? This perfect synthesis of Eastern and Western nonsense would not be noteworthy at all if it weren't promoting dangerous anti-scientific ideas that can get people killed.

This is a good question and a real concern, so I thought I would write a blog post about the ethics of healing.

This is how I used to imagine energy healers, and how I'm sure many people still do. 

Personally, I hear the fear in her statement. And I can see the perceived stupidity of crystal waving over doctors. My own mother died of cancer when I was 11, after a 5 year battle. I was terrified of getting cancer for years afterward. Terrified. For years. It's not a happy way to live. 

My answer to this questions is that I would first seek personal revelation. And unless God told me to, I would probably not see an oncologist. Not because I don't respect science. I adore science. If you know me, you know I am a scientist at heart. It was a toss up between English and Biology as my major in college. My reasons for not seeing an oncologist are personal, so I will keep them to myself. And I reserve the right to change them.  

When it comes to clients, however, there are laws and codes of ethics that I abide by. Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the state, however, I am certified by a respectable organization and I can legally practice under California Business and Professional Code 2901 which states that hypnotherapy is for the purposes of vocational and avocational self improvement only except under medical, dental, or psychological referral. 

That means if a client wants to work with me on an issue that could possibly have a medical ideology, I get a medical referral. The same goes for clients who disclose a psychological diagnosis, I get a psychological referral. This means that they bring a letter for their doctor or dentist or psychologist to sign that states that they are aware that their patient is seeking complementary services and that they are not contraindicated to any of their work. In many cases, I will talk to the doctor or psychologist on the phone and we work together as a team so that I can reinforce what they are doing, or lessen the side affects or prepare the client for surgery, etc. 

Most doctors and psychologists are aware of the many benefits of hypnotherapy and other complementary therapies and are happy to sign off. 

For those who like science, there have been MANY reputable studies done on hypnotherapy and guided imagery and the many benefits for cancer patients. UCLA, my home town school, has done some amazing studies on imagery and cancer. The medical community prefers the term imagery instead of hypnosis, because of the old stigma. In truth, the word imagery might be more accurate because the client uses the power of their imagination to imagine scenes in their mind and body that can not only reduce pain and discomfort but can shrink their tumors, change their blood counts, and much much more. (There are too many studies to pick just one to link, but if you are interested, please go to Google Scholar and type in imagery hypnosis cancer.)

If you search for studies on prayer and healing, again there are hundreds of them. But here is one
There is a lot of solid science behind energy healing, scientists just sometimes use different language to explain it. They recognize that the increasing number of people seeking complementary therapies is growing exponentially. If you are interested, here is an article form the Journal of American Medical Association about these trends. 

As far as choosing to forgo medical technology altogether--that is a personal choice and I haven't had too many clients do it (they have to sign all kinds of waivers)--most chose some combination of medical and complementary therapy.
It's not an either or choice.
Maybe not all healing practitioners abide by these same standards and ethics. I can only account for myself. Just like each person, when seeking help for a problem, whether medical or psychological or just for personal self-improvement, must also be accountable for their own choices and seek personal revelation. I don't use just one modality for healing, and I don't rule out medical care when I am inspired to use it. Doctors are some of my good friends. Some of them are my clients.

As a family member or observer, though, I know how difficult it can be to trust in someone else's faith. I had a friend who's mother had a kind of illness that she had to take medication for--in order to stay alive--for the rest of her life. One day her mother said that she felt like she needed to stop taking her meds--that it felt right to her. My friend was struggling with her mother's decision. I even raised an eyebrow about it, knowing what I know about the disease. I watched her struggle to have faith in her mother's faith, and I saw her grow to appreciate agency in a different way. 

When my own mother was in her 5th year of her battle with cancer and found it in her brain, she decided not to go through any more medical treatment. I knew this meant she would die, and I also struggled to have faith in her faith. 

In the end my mother's friend lived, and my mother died. But all was as it should be. I have faith in that. 

As far as crystal waving goes, I am not a crystal or healer, but I do know that every plain of existence has God-given power to heal if harnessed and used properly. That includes, the rocks, the plants, the animals, the energy field, the sound current, the angels, etc. I figure, if you are trying to heal something, and God tells you to keep searching and trying things, why not hit it from every angle that is available to you? 

I have one last thing to share. I got my nails done about 2 years ago with a woman who lobbies for Chinese medicine. She told me about a lunch she had just come from with the president of one of the premier hospitals in the country. I will not name it here. The hospital president told her honestly, that for about 80% of the people in their hospital--they didn't know what was wrong with them and they didn't know how to help them. (!) This is why he met with her. This is why that same hospital came looking to recruit hypnotherapists at my school. 

Maybe it is one of the signs of the times, but many people are feeling it. Something has to give.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Energy Healing Explained For Mormons

A hug is energy healing.
I have talked about energy healing here and there, but I have been feeling the need to explain the basics to people who might want to know.

What is energy healing and how does it fit in with the Gospel, if it all?

1. A better first question might be "What is energy?" If you look around you at the first object your eyes fall on--perhaps your hand, or your computer--and you imagined magnifying that object until you could see inside the cells, what you would see would be just vibrating bits of energy. In truth, all matter is just energy. And not just matter. Sound and light are also vibratatory frequencies. Vibrating energy. So the answer to "What is Energy?" is really: everything.

2. The cool thing about energy is that it is also intelligence(s). The energy/intelligence in your hand knows to be a hand and not a book. The energy/intelligence in my desk knows to be a piece of wood and not an elephant or cloud.

3. Pictures, music, and words, both spoken and unspoken are energy and they influence other energy/intelligences. Some wonderful experiments have been done on this. Probably the most photogenic experiments were the ones done by Matsuro Emoto on the nature of water. Here is an example of some water taken from the same source that was then spoken kind words, unkind words, prayer, etc.:

He also did experiments where he played music to, showed the water pictures, and spoke mentally to the water. 

The logical next thought you might be having is that humans are 70-90% water--depending on age...

In my book, The Gift of Giving Life, I referenced the grain of rice experiment (p.405 ) which you can replicate at home.
In this image they used many grains of rice, but you get the idea. 
You can read more about this in Emoto's books. 

4. Once you understand energy, the next logical question is "What is Healing? And How Do Poeple/Energy/Intelligences Heal?" The simple answer is: all healing comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It just does. Even if people don't know it or acknowledge it.

5. At it's most basic level, energy healing is about changing the energy/intelligence from one frequency to a higher frequency. (The ultimate highest frequency being like Jesus Christ.) Since all energy is also intelligence, it responds to divine intention and command. Because we are all, royal, children of God, and joint-heirs with Christ, we are divine, and energy will respond to us.

This is not a new idea. Perhaps it is just being presented in a different way in this new age and so it seems new. In truth, energy healing happens every day without your realizing it, as you can see with the water experiments above. If you say something kind or give someone a hug, you are doing energy healing. Prayer counts as energy healing. A priesthood blessing does, too.

Our negative thoughts and exposure are also affecting our energy or vibratory frequency. A simple way to think of it is that if our vibratory frequency falls below a certain level, we get sick or other kinds of dis-ease.

5 1/2. Intention
Many great peer reviewed studies have been done on the power of intention and have been replicated hundreds of times with the same results. For example, there are several studies on using intention to stop the growth of yeast in humans (and in dishes). In another experiment, intention was directed at random number generating machines--each time, the subjects were able to get the machines to generate a predictable pattern of numbers. This study was also replicated hundreds of times. The HeartMath Institute was the first scientific institute to notice and document that the very act of viewing an experiment changed the outcome of the experiment.

I should note that because we live in a polarity planet (opposition in all things), the same way that energy can be upleveled to create healing, it can also be downgraded by our own negative thoughts, bad behavior and by tools of Satan to create sickness and sadness and even death. The devil also uses energy as a tool. 

6. Why is energy healing needed? 
If you think about it, a cancerous tumor is just energy. If it is just energy then it can be healed by energy. Old hurts are energy too, and when they get trapped in your body, they start to get everything around them vibrating at the same frequency. Pretty soon everything starts to go to that frequency. Maybe it becomes a tumor or maybe a person just becomes bitter and attracts more bitterness into theirs lives.

Deep down everyone wants to be happy, and deep down we all have the resources to get there. But most people, especially once they fall below a certain frequency, can't access these resources on their own anymore. They need help.

Some people with spiritual gifts and training and who understand the way energy works in the body and with the mind and in relation to the energy around you, can help. Sometimes they call themselves energy healers. Sometimes they have other names. The really good ones will always act under the direction of and give credit to God.

7. The ultimate energy healer: Jesus Christ

When the woman with the issue of blood touched Christ's robe and he felt "virtue" go out of him, what He was really saying was that he felt power go out of him. What most people don't recognize is that this power was not like oil in a lamp that became depleted. It was more like electricity--an energy-- that went out of it. This power doesn't run out. But He could feel it had been activated and flowed from him. It was activated in this case by the woman's faith. Faith is also an energy. The combination of his "virtue" and her faith are what healed her.

8. Distance and Proxy Healing. Energy/intelligence is smart. It knows how to get where it's going, and it knows when it's being acted upon even at a distance. That's why energy healing works at a distance and with proxies. This is how all of our temple work is done for the dead--by proxies. How do you think that ordinance knows how to get to the right person? It just does, conditional on them accepting it of course. There are many examples of distance healing in the scriptures. Christ healed many people that weren't present, just by saying the word and commanding it so. Have you ever witnessed anyone be miraculously healed through group prayer or fasting? I have. That is distance healing.

9. I have found many more examples of energy healing in the scriptures by Jesus Christ, his apostles and many old testament prophets like Elijah and Elisha and many more. I will post about some of them them soon.

10. Energy healing is becoming more common and there are about 100 different modalities of energy healing. There are many great ones. One day, I will list all the ones I have heard of/tried/studies/practiced and you can all help me add to the list.

If God is guiding you to try it, or to study it, etc, you should ponder and pray about how to go about it. We need more good LDS healers. At it's core, the LDS church doctrine and Christ's life are all about energy healing.

11. Some Issues: That said, I do have some issues with what many people call Energy Healing. I have a background in hypnotherapy and then I have added lots of energy healing techniques on top of that. Although hypnotherapy is also energy healing--but for the most part, what is categorized under energy healing tends to be very focused on the past and healing the issues there, and I don't feel that there is enough or any emphasis on developing skills to cope with life now and move forward. Very few "energy healing" techniques have this built in. Sure, clearing old stuff may help with life now, but not as much as you would think. Balance is needed. That's why I always think meditation (and some forms of hypnosis/imagery) is a great core practice if you are on a healing journey and especially if you are a healer.

Meditation, in my opinion, is the best kind of energy healing, and it is free. Everyday you can go to the ultimate healer. Not long ago, I started to require all my clients meditate and it cut their visits down a lot. That sounds counter intuitive as a business strategy, but it allows me to see the next person who needs help and creates more healthy people who can then help others.

My other issue is that there is sometimes a little too much emphasis on technique or training or certification. Certifications are definitely important if you are seeking out a healer, but if you are just wanting to learn to help your family and friends, they are not as important. I went to school for a long time with a lot of people from all walks of life. Some took every course and got every certification and were poor therapists. Some were technically very savvy, but there was no love and they gave up pretty quickly when it wasn't making them rich. I worked with and practiced with many therapists/healers and eventually taught at an accredited college of hypnotherapy. When I taught, all the students wanted to know the secret to success. This is what I found: the best healers are the ones who know their stuff, but in the end, will throw out everything and follow intuition with confidence. They are the ones who have their own lives together, they live what they preach, and above all, they have an unconditional positive regard for all people. These are the people that just being in their presence is healing. I am grateful to know a few people like that. And now that I think of it, I think all of them meditate in some way. :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Day Like Today

My friend Laura, who is a fabulous poet and teacher, sent me a very specific poetry form she was having her students do last week as a kind of challenge. I like working in forms sometimes because it forces me to do things I'd never have done on my own. I followed the form strictly and then went back and revised and little and broke some lines for pacing. The form is below if you want to try it. I dare you.

A Day Like Today
by Felice Austin

The sun swoops over the lake
The green tulie reeds shiver in the glitter
Look at them.
This minute.
The sun's tongue laps
up some water.
There is a 7-year old girl standing on the shore on her hands.
Presently, she finishes the circumference
of the wheel and presently lands on her feet.
I dare not look away and miss the first half again,
I dare not die.

I clap.
The tulie reeds rustle like an audience delicately
Whispering, about her adorable
But imperfect landing.
I whistle a forgotten theme song and 
Speak my prayer to the wind. 

Poetry Prompt from Laura

Form: Each of the numbers below signifies “a line” in the poem. Though some of them ask you to break that given line, so it will actually be 2 lines. Just follow the directions and follow the form. This form was taken from a free verse poem written by a poet we have read....I will tell you which poem and poet it is later. Often, writers will try to mimic how other writers write as an exercise for their own work. This poem should be written in free verse. In fact, avoid end-top rhymes for the lines, they are not a part of the form for this poem.

1. Pick an object from nature that is symbolic for you (something not animal, or human, or a place). Put it in an opening line where you describe it doing some action (personification) and participating with a place in nature. 
2. Pick something else that you would logically find in that place in nature, something that would be there naturally, and personify it. (For example, “Rocks continue their millennial nap.”)  
3. Write a simple command to the reader.
4. Give a time to do that command. Say it in three words or less. (For example, In a minute, Yesterday, Next week.)
5. Describe the action from line 1 in a different way. This time, instead of personifying it, give the object animal characteristics.
Break this line somewhere that seems appropriate to put emphasis on a word (end of the line) or a possible small phrase that gets moved to the line below. 
6. Go back to the place in nature you described in line one. Put a person there. Describe them simply, but with an unexpected detail.
7. Have that person do some kind of action, use a word that denotes time (such as now) twice, and break the line
as you describe what happens when that person moves.
8. Now put yourself in the poem. What do you dare not do?
9. What else do you dare not do? Say it in three words or less.
10. What do you do instead? Say it in three words or less.
11. Pick whatever something that would be in that place in nature from line 2 and describe it having some kind of movement. Describe what it looks like (simile) when it moves.

12. You’re back in the poem: Use the first person “I” and do a similar action as the object in line 

Have fun!

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Week In Idaho

Last week I flew to Idaho to teach a retreat and see some lovely people I know there. The retreat was in Lava Hot Springs area--but really it was in the middle of nowhere in a little inn that used to be a school house. After a nagging feeling like I needed to go to Idaho, I literally planned it in two days with the help of some great students/friends who had some generous hookups on air fare, helped me find a location, and helped me find a chef.

The quirky little inn was decorated kind of like grandma's house--which was kind of retro-chic. But the school gym, where we did kundalini yoga and meditation, was a pretty ugly space when I got there. But by some miracle, Mandy Williams had moved just a few miles from there 3 weeks before. Mandy is not only an awesome photographer, but she also packed up her car with all kinds of pillows and fabric and frames and pictures and mirrors, cinder blocks, plywood, and other odds and ends. With help from some early arrivals we transformed the space in an hour. 

That stage is made of cinder blocks, plywood and sheets. The backdrop is an overturned ping pong table with fabric draped over it. There is a basketball hoop over my head with fabric cascading out of it. I'm not usually the kind of blogger who swoons over fabric (at least not in this forum) but I do appreciate beauty of spaces, and in this case I had very little control. I could only pack my clothes... But God provided a way. 

He also provided a sound system and a microphone. Woot! Woot! And it may count as a miracle that I found a really amazing vegan/raw food chef who cooked us lacto-vegetarian meals that kind of blew everyone's hair back. Hello pumpkin miso soup in a pumpkin. Raw keylime pie? Yes please. 

I'm waiting for more pictures, but here are few Mandy sent me that kinda rock my world. I know a lot of photographers, but she has a way with light. And light is what it's all about right?

This field was right across the street from the inn. 

In one of the rooms at the Inn.

After the retreat most of us drove over to Grace, Idaho to watch the RS Broadcast. I wish I had pictures of this. Everyone was so radiant. After all that elevation we were ready for more. Someone asked me at the retreat if I ever listen to hymns at home. I have to admit I rarely do. I mostly listen to Kundalini mantras. In fact, my daughter thinks Long Time Sun is a primary song and tried to ask the chorister to play it a few weeks ago. She was very confused why it wasn't in the book. But one thing that I have noticed since meditation has become a huge part of me is that I like signing in church much more--not all the hymns, but some of them. And at the RS broadcast I realized that the two songs we sang were the songs that have been unconsciously going around in my head for months: I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord, and More Holiness Give Me. I could barely get through them. The combined global sound current was so amazing my heart was bursting. I now understand that line in that one song...about how God hears the songs we cannot sing.  

I stayed in Idaho for a few more days and went to a Gift of Giving Life book party in Rigby hosted by Mrs. Rigby and some other lovely ladies. It was awesome. It was the first party we have done that was a lunch and where kids were running around all over. It was a wild. It reminded me of my mommy and me yoga classes. The moms would be meditating and the kids would be cycloning around them, the eyes of the storm. The stories shared at this party were amazing. I forget sometimes what an amazing book I was part of writing. When I started writing it I just hoped that one or two women might read it and have a better birth experience. I'm so happy that thousands of women have read it now. And I hope they continue to share. 

But I have to say one of my favorite parts of our trip was staying with Robyn. Though we wrote a book together and knew each other in heaven, I haven't spent that much real one on one time with her in real life. It was fun cuddling with her bab(ies) jumping on her trampoline, eating with the family, and our Idaho corn maze adventure, though it left me bruised, was a great memory. I was happy that I got to bring Phoebe with me. 

I already miss everyone.