Friday, June 28, 2013

Shadow Contracts

This is part 3 of Sacred Contracts.

The idea of sacred contracts now seems as old to me as the word destiny. But I suppose as we go through our own journey towards discovering and fulfilling ours, it feels regularly refreshed and like a new idea.

Some of you wonder like I do, what exactly did I commit to do? What tests did I sign up for to help me grow at an accelerated rate? And then there are the hard questions. Does a person contract to commit murder or genocide? To get divorced? Was Hitler just fulfilling a contract because the world needed wars?

My answer for many reasons would be no. And from everything I have learned, no one contracts to do things like that. Sacred contracts are sacred and they are things we commit to do to help ourselves, others, and God’s work. However, that said, some people may commit to come face to face with darkness or deep shadows, and they may not succeed. Whenever this happens many people suffer.

In another case, you may have a contract with someone who is supposed to help you face your shadow sides, or help you learn something—like forgiveness, or tolerance. But how that learning plays out is totally a blank space on the canvas and depends on both of you. Sometimes it happens in strange and awful ways, such as abuse. We say it happened for a reason. Maybe. Yes. The reason happened. And hopefully we grow as necessary. We can no longer change how it happened. The higher self would suggest we take the learnings from the past and play the cards we are dealt now, always asking ourselves, “what is the next most harmonious move?”

When I say shadow, I mean the part of you that is least known to your conscious mind. If shadows aren’t understood and managed, they will tend to run the show of your life. They can cause much pain, sorrow, frustration, anxiety, and not just for you, for all your loved ones, too. 

The easiest way to explain shadows is through archetypes. Carolyn Myss does a great job of this in her book, Sacred Contracts. (Do you feel like reading it yet?) We all live with many archetypes, but the easiest example is the archetype of the Child, because so much has been written about the inner child and most people acknowledge that this a real part of us. The inner child can be a beautiful and sometimes magical archetype/companion. However, the shadow side of the Child is the wounded/orphan child. The shadow child can manifest in many ways in adulthood. Lets say a person felt wounded in childhood and never really got to enjoy being a kid. Or maybe they felt that childhood was all work and no play. As an adult they may not want to work, slipping out early, always wanting other people to support them. Shadow child stuff will show up in relationship to authority, too. I’ll write a whole post on archetypes some time. The point is, if one is aware of one’s own shadows, we can manage them. We can consciously give ourselves what we need, rather than let the subconscious take it in unhealthy ways.

The shadow journey is ongoing, and of course, we often make mistakes on the way there. To some extent we may always be blind to some of our own stuff. (That's why we contract with people to help us). The world is in a mixed up state. But God is masterful artist. God’s works can never be frustrated. He allows Satan to be her because in a way it fulfills the need for opposition. But for every ugly black splash of paint we throw on the canvas or someone else throws on our canvas, God uses his brush (if we let him) and adds more paint and a little magic and turns it into something even more beautiful.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sacred Contracts part 2- Finding Your Purpose

 If you read my earlier post about Sacred Contracts and are wondering how to figure yours out, I offer you this.

One encouraging fact is that even the masters weren't born with an awareness that they had a pretty major Sacred Contract. For example, Abraham was to be a father of nations, yet he had no inkling of this till he was in his 90s or somewhere abouts. Moses was to lead his people out of Egypt. It seems pretty clear from the record, that he had no idea about that and essentially asked God, "Are you sure you have the right, guy?" Others who were prophesied in the scriptures were Christopher columbus--he was contracted to discover America, and Joseph Smith, contracted to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth. Joseph's life was predicted in both the Bible and Book of Mormon. In the book of Mormon he is mentioned by name.

"And his name shall be called after me; and it shall be after the name of his father." (2 Nephi 3:15, Joseph, Nephi's brother is speaking)

When you study each of these men's early lives, you see that they had no clear path to begin with. You also see, that they were uniquely prepared, even if at the time, it didn't make sense. For example, Moses was a Hebrew, but he was raised in Pharaoh's court. So he had an understanding of how to deal with the Egyptian royalty.

Another thing to note is that even after they learned their purpose, or part of it (our full contract usually comes piece by piece) they still had times where they struggled and doubted and wrung their hands.

There is much we can learn from these and other ancient prophets and archetypes. It seems that even Jesus Christ may not have had a full understanding of his mission on earth when he was young. The scriptures say that he grew "from grace to grace" and that he "grew in wisdom and understanding."

So how do you know what your mission is whether you are doing what you contracted to do on this earth?

In my experience, my own and that of friends and family and clients that I have watched, God nudges us and give us hints in various ways.

Open visions
These are what the scriptures describe--being carried away in the spirit and seeing or experiencing things often with an angelic person as a guide. These can happen in dreams, in hypnosis, while driving. Once you get used to this state they can happen more and more.They really do still happen.

Angels still visit the earth. In fact, they are all around you. Your guardian angel doesn't leave you. It is possible to receive not only angelic aid in terms of crisis but also angelic visitations with information. If you do receive an angelic messenger, make sure to run the angelic messenger handshake test set forth by Joseph Smith in D&C 129.

When we sleep, and all of our other organs are somewhat restful, our spiritual organs can work better. Not all dreams are prophetic or important. Many dreams are a way of venting the stress of the day. Most dreams come in a symbolic language though, and you have to learn to speak that language. Keep a dream journal and go back at times and see if you don't understand some of them a bit better with perspective.

Conversations with others
I once had a priesthood blessing wherein I was advised that God would give me the inspiration I sought in dreams and through conversations with others. Immediately following this blessing I became VERY attentive to what others had to say. I was a rapt listener. And indeed, I was having a conversation with my friend's husband about Les Miserables (he was reading the book) wherein he was giving me a very long synopsis (I had have forgotten most of the plot). I had no idea my friend's husband was even a book reader type, but he was explaining it to me with such passion I had to listen. He was amazed at how the main character had returned love for evil again and again so many times. He said it made him want to be a better person. That night I woke from a dream and wrote some things in my journal. The next morning I remembered nothing about the dream but I had written two things and one was Les Miserables. I only now realize, 6 months later, that one of the lessons I contracted to learn in this life was how to return love for evil.

Another time, after I started this blog, I had no idea what to even blog about. It was kind of all over the place. I knew I didn't want to talk about birth any more, but I didn't have a niche. Then a friend, after I taught her how to meditate, said I should blog about meditation. Of course. I just didn't see it before.

Priesthood blessings and Patriarchal Blessings
In the LDS church, a righteous priesthood holder can speak for Jesus Christ and bless others. In reality, he is supposed to be the mouth, the voice. The blessing should be inspired. I am lucky to have known some wonderfully inspired men who have voiced blessings for me.

A Patriarchal blessing is something you get once in your life, and it is thought to be somewhat prophetic and a kind of guide to your Sacred Contract. (They are recorded and written down and you can read them throughout your life.) To be honest, they are often still pretty vague. Until you get there. Then you realize that they are not. My patriarchal blessing said that I would be a teacher among the young people and indeed a teacher among others.... that I'd be called upon to share my ideas and experiences with others and that many would be uplifted by the things I would say. I had no idea what that meant for a lot of years. Since becoming a Kundalini Yoga Meditation teacher, I have no doubt I am on the right path and that sentence makes sense.

Thoughts and impressions
Standard personal revelation type stuff. Sometimes these impressions can even be thoughts of discontent. I was very discontented with my career situation in 2009 and I think that all this thoughts eventually led me to search for something new. 

When I decided to do a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I knew plenty of places that it was offered in LA, but never felt drawn to any of the teachers. One day, I felt like I should get on the internet and just figure it out and commit to a training. As soon as I logged on I saw there was one starting in 2 weeks and it was a teacher I didn't know, but who I instantly felt was right for me.

Unexplainable passions for things
If you have always wanted to take belly dancing classes, you should probably take them at your next opportunity. I have not always wanted to take belly dancing. I have always had a love of words and writing and had already put in 10,000 hours of writing practice before I was 26 years old. So there you go. Writing was definitely part of my contract.

Words that come into our mind and heart
And sometimes audible voices. I heard an audible voice in answer to my prayer of what to do with my life. It said "Go to hypnotherapy school. Get online right now and find a school and figure out how you are going to pay for it." I found a school and started two weeks later and it was all paid for.

Many people "hear voices" in their minds while meditating or in the shower. Most of the inspiration for The Gift of Giving Life came in the shower.

Sometimes the words that come into my mind are funny. They will be a line from a movie or something, but they are the answer I was waiting for. This is one way I know they are from God. Satan doesn't have a sense of humor.

De javu
My theory on dejavu is that it is God's way of letting us know we are in the right place at the right time. Then my friend told me of her patriarchal blessing that said that at times when you are just going about daily life and have a feeling like things have happened before, God's way of saying all is well and you are on the right path. Kinda cool. Not fact. But I like it.

Our Pain
One of your best ways to discover parts of your Sacred Contract is by looking at your pain. What is causing you grief or pain. It might be a person or a cause or a body part. These things are gold mines for excavation into our contract.

There are many more ways to discover your contract, and Carolyn Myss suggests using archetypes, which I love and I will probably discuss in the future. Archetypal imagery is powerful and the Hero's Journey is a series of imagery journeys that I always use with clients who want to "figure out their path." But I'll save that for another post.

One last thing I wanted to add. Answers sometimes take a while. The audible voice I heard that told me to go to Hypnotherapy school came after six months of praying and begging for a direction. But now that I look back, it was perfect timing. Had I gone sooner, I wouldn't have met a few very important people that I'm sure I was contracted to meet. Whatever the timing, you can be sure that if there is a wait, it is because God is making sure every is safe for take off.

Feel free to comment or share your own experiences.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Is Behind the Blog?

This morning I was given a warning to share with the world. Whoever is reading. It is this: ponder and pray about what you read.

In the scriptures we learn that seeking learning is good.
And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best abooks words of wisdom, seek learning even by study and also by faith; (D&C 109:7)

I'm sure if it was written today it might include blogs and other media. But the blogosphere is not always as it seems. Especially when it comes to the spiritual blogosphere. There are many wolves in sheep's clothing. Sometimes valiant people get off the valiant path for a while. The point is, ponder and pray about everything you read and everyone you follow. Perhaps pray for them, too. Including me and my beloved friends and collaborators.

I bet you don't know that I am trained and certified in handwriting analysis. Well I am. And it's fascinating. Handwriting tells so much about a person and their unconscious behavior patterns. People think I am psychic when I do a 5 minute reading. Others I know read faces. I don't know a ton about this, but I have had the faces of my husband and daughter read and they were very accurate. I know this seems random, but it connects to my next thought. 

Lots of people ask me about handwriting and what in theirs tells me xyz. The truth is, there are over 1800 traits that show up in handwriting. It is very detailed science that involves me getting out a ruler and a magnifying glass. So I can't tell you simply that if you loop your Ls like this it means this. It's far too complex. However--that said, when I first began training in it, my teacher showed me that everyone has an innate ability to intuit on a basic level things about a person from their handwriting. If I showed you Charles Manson's writing, you'd get an icky feeling just looking at tit. If I showed you the writing of a drunk bum on Venice beach you'd know something was wrong--mental illness? Substance abuse?. If I showed you another sample, you'd immediately intuit a perfectionist. And it's the same with faces. You can intuitively read who is tormented and who is happy.

One thing about internet is that it has taken away the human element and you don't know who is talking to you. You can't read their handwriting or see their face or hear their tone. But you can still intuit things. For example, if you follow a blog, how do you feel about the blog design? Is it appealing? Or is it strange and dark? Not everyone is good at design, but they still make choices even if they use a template.

Another way to learn things is from a person's picture. Does the blogger or forum member use their picture of not? Is it a real picture of them? Is it recent?
Blog name. Not everyone uses their real name on blogs, but what blog name have they chosen? Do they explain it? Does it fit?

Content: Business blogs are for business, but most personal blogs should have a personal element to them. That's the whole point of them. Even though my blog is about spiritual topics, I relate them through my personal experiences. There are many people out there who use the internet as a stage but are very vague about their own life. I get this. I still have the Gen X love of privacy, but I also know that that which is the most personal is also the most universal--that's why personal stories matter. If I am going to read a person's blog who is blogging about deep doctrine or spiritual topics, I want to know if they are living them.

There is someone I know who is very intelligent and obsessed with intellectual gospel pursuits, including the symbolic meanings in the temple. This person can sometimes blog eloquently, but isn't living worthily to go to the temple (and it was reading extensive reading of blogs and forums that poisoned his testimony). Is that person still a great teacher and writer? It depends on their motive for blogging--which we can never know. But God knows, and knows where it will lead, and that is why I suggest listening to your intuition and praying about everything you read. And pray for them! Anyone who is of light and a teacher is going to be encountering opposition, so they can use it.

Many blessings.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Gospel of Judas

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot. You know the story. He betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver. He is vilified and hated by millions. About 7 months ago I learned about the Gospel of Judas. It is apocryphal. It was recently discovered, but carbon dates back before 2nd century. (You can find lots about it with Google.) The book is mostly comprised of conversations between Judas and Jesus, and suggest that Judas was actually Christ's most loyal apostle--that he betrayed Christ because Christ asked him to do it. Apparently none of the others were loyal enough to do this.

At least, that's the story.

I'm not saying it's true. But I like it. It's a different side to the story. Ever since hearing it I realized that we just don't know. It is possible that things are not as they seem, especially when it comes to the Bible, which is a not so random sampling of thousands of books that could of have been chosen (by people who had an agenda--all do) and is not translated correctly in many instances.

Again, I'm not saying it's true, but when Christ tells Judas, "That thou doest, do quickly..." maybe he was instructing him that now was the time. Perhaps they had talked it all over earlier and Christ told him to wait for his cue. Maybe Christ orchestrated it all himself.

This story has come up again for me as I have been thinking about Sacred Contracts. Perhaps this was part of Judas's contract? After all, someone needed to do it. The point is, we don't know. We only get small glimpses into other people. Very small glimpses into ancient people. But even our friends and family members--we just don't know. Sometimes it seems that they have gone astray or are walking in strange roads, but I know that there have been many times God has inspired me to do things that form the outside seem totally counter-intuitive or even out of sync with what was "right." Sort of like Nephi begin commanded to kill Laban--but not that dramatic. Obviously, in cases like this, I have asked for multiple witnesses. But when it comes to others, we don't know what their sacred contracts entail and whether their current struggle is from living the contract (and thus will ultimately lead to joy) or being out of sync with it, which leads to frustration.

But I suppose, though we don't know, we could ask. Right? That's how Christ's church was restored in the 1800's. A boy read "If any of you lack wisdom..." and decided to ask of God--who gave very liberally.

So I guess what I'm coming to is that if family members or spouses seem to be betraying us, or if they seem in need of rescue efforts, couldn't we ask God? It seems to me that we can ask him anything with faith and He will give liberally. And there's evidence that it's a good policy to do so, especially when so much is not what it seems.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sacred Contracts

 Have you ever spoken with the tongue of angels? Have you opened your mouth and said things you didn't understand, but as soon as they vibrated the air, you knew they were true?

In January of this year I met a friend in the temple to discuss some things. The conversation did not go as I expected. Even in the temple, my friend seemed to be under some awful power of darkness and I could see with my physical eyes the struggle and the shift between the true self and something entirely different. I found myself speaking many things with authority that I didn't know I had. One of the things I said was "we have covenanted to do certain things together in this life and even though we don't remember them, that doesn't let us out of the obligation?"

I didn't know what I even meant. I just knew I was being guided by God. You see, even though for many years I felt God directing my path, I never thought the path was pre-determined. As Latter-day Saints we don't believe in fate or pre-destination. Or so I thought.

For the next few months I didn't think much of this until I had a vision. It came while driving, so it was not something I saw with my eyes, but with my spiritual sight. I had an awareness of that same friend and I in some spiritual realm, pre-birth, making promises to each other. It was an unusual promise, or so I thought, but I had adamantly agreed that I would do it. The friend made promises in return. I wasn't sure if this was real. I questioned it for a time. It was very hazy. Not like other visions I have had. Plus I had never heard of this sort of thing. Or so I thought. After that, many things showed me I could trust this inner guidance.

For the last month, every time I have done a "hookum" (a random opening of the scriptures or other spiritual book to see what message God has for me) I opened to Romans 8. There are lots of great things in chapter 8 (especially the part about nothing separating us from the Love of God, which is in Chist), but the predestination part kept nagging at me. 
"Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified." (v.30)
 Romans chapter 9 is an even bigger conundrum. Especially this scritpure:

"Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth." (v18)

The cross referenced scriptures tell of Moses and Pharaoh. Do you remember how many times Moses asks Pharaoh to let the people go? The Pharoah decides to let them go several times but then changes his mind because the Lord hardened his heart. 
"And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he hearkened not unto them; as the Lord had spoken unto Moses." (Ex 9:12)

Some have pointed out that the JST says that Pharaoh harded his own heart. But there are many other examples of this in the scritures, and the foot note in Romans clarifies that He "leaves them to hardness."

Meaning that he doesn't intervene and soften their heart. Because we know he can do that. So, why some and not others?

This idea baffled me. Also the idea that a person can be predestined from the womb. Or that God could love one and hate another.

11 (For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to aelection might stand, not of works, but of him that calleth;)
 12 It was said unto her, The aelder shall serve the younger.
 13 As it is written, Jacob have I aloved, but Esau have I hated.
 But Jacob and Esau aren't the only two who seemed fated from the womb. In D&C 84:27-28 we learn a little bit more about John the Baptist's pre-destiny.
..until gJohn, whom God raised up, being hfilled with the Holy Ghost from his mother’s womb.
 28 For he was baptized while he was yet in his childhood, and was aordained by the angel of God at the time he was beight days old unto this power, to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews, and to cmake straight the way of the Lord ....
 Recently a whole bunch of strange pieces have come together and I begin to understand. I hope I can make it clear to others. Usually my blog posts are about 6 months behind my actual epiphanies, but with this one, you are right here with me. And I am just a baby.

For a little while now, lots of near death experience (NDE) literature and pre-birth experience (PBE) literature has been coming across my path. I don't seek it out; it just finds me. Many of these stories (and they come from all different sources--LDS and non) have similarities. One is the idea that we are prepared to come to earth in a kind of school setting, but we choose what classes to take and ultimately we choose the way in which we would like to grow and progress on earth. We can progress slowly and steadily or very quickly through pain and disease. Many eager young spirits sign up for the hard things because they want to grow quickly. But it is all volunteer. Not everyone, however, is allowed to sing up for some things. Some challenges are too big and only the Noble and Great Ones can volunteer for them. 

Whether all of this is true or not, I can't say. I haven't seen it. But after thinking over my life story and my personality which has been characterized by an impatience to learn everything possible, I bet I'd have signed up to learn and grow in the fastest way. 

Death of loved ones? Abandonment? Carrying the weight of all my ancestors unfinished business? Sure! Who knows what I signed up for. 

The idea was a little annoying. And yet familiar. But it only raised more questions than answers. Such as, why does God harden someone's heart and at other times, soften it? How is that free agency? Why must we forget everything?

Finally, I got the clarity as I began reading Carolyn Myss's book Sacred Contracts. Carolyn Myss is a best selling author and medical intuitive. Her book has helped millions realize that there is a life before this life, and in it, we agreed to do certain things, for our own spiritual growth, for others, and to forward God's work. For example, in one NDE-PBE I read, the man saw Joseph Smith in the pre-mortal life and saw many covenanting with him to help him restore the church.
"Part of the contract requires that you discover what it is you are meant to do. The Divine, in turn, promises to give you the guidance you need through your intuition, dreams, hunches, coincidences, and other indicators." (Myss, p. 47)
Myss has assembled lots of evidence from all kinds of scriptures and myths, that such contracts exist. One interesting and literary story is the Story of Er, which is in the 10th book of Plato's Republic. In Plato's story, Er is a Greek soldier who died and returned to consciousness 12 days later on the battlefield. The story of what he saw while suspended between life and death corresponds to many near death experiences.

He is in a kind of way station. Some were waiting to be judged, while others are preparing to go to earth. These souls drew lots to see who went first and then the first got the first pick from a "sample of lives." There were lives of every animal and of man in every condition, including tyrants. Lives of fame, beauty, disease, health, every class and station. Once they chose, the choice was ratified by God, then they had to march through the Plain of Forgetfulness and drink from the River of Unmindfulness.
"Let him who draws the first lot have the first choice, and the life which he chooses shall be his destiny." - Plato.  

Her idea is that it is a kind of template that we choose, not a fully written story--how we play it out is up to us--how long it takes us to get there is also up to us, but it is a kind of pre-destiny none-the-less.

Knowing that our agency was involved, and that Christ or his assigns, may have laid their hands on our heads and ordained us for our mission before we came to earth answered many questions for me. I'm not saying any of this is doctrinally true, but it has helped me.

One big question I had been struggling with was cases where it seemed like people didn't really have free agency, which we put such a premium on in this life. For example, in the case of mental illness that is genetic or caused by some trauma. How much choice does a person really have when they are in a psychotic mood swing triggered by outside forces? Or in the case of some heavy legacy of ancestral garbage (such as a person who is born with devils from the womb) because of their parent's choices. If they were never really free from the beginning, how is that agency? These are the questions I have been asking myself and God for the last 6 months.

But I realized that just as John the Baptist or Samson were ordained from the womb, there may be people who were ordained for another kind of life, or incarnation if you will, perhaps more for others growth than their own.


Myss believes that the reason for forgetfulness is simple. It is to give us free agency. If you knew ahead of time what was going to happen to you, actually living it would be super boring. And, 
 "How would you ever bring yourself to begin a relationship with someone who you knew would lie to you and abuse you, yet from whom you needed to elarn a valuable lesson? How would you be able to bear counting the days when your loved ones would die?"
Read that again if you want. Yeah. Wow.

I realized she was right. How could I? In the last six months, I have been through what some would call a "dark night of the soul." What that means is that I have been through a super-accelerated period of growth that included leaving behind the known world, having all my worst fears realized, approaching death's door many times but choosing to stay, and in exchange, having a huge increase in intuitive powers, and about 20 years of spiritual, mental, and emotional growth in a 6 month time frame. It felt a little like dying and being born at the same time. I wouldn't so much like to do it again. But it has qualified me far better than anything to be a teacher and prophetess.

There were many times during these past months that I begged God for some knowledge of what was to come. Though it was dark, I was never alone. I was attended by so many angels that they often they fogged up my car windows (I'm not kidding). And God did give me knowledge--but only a few inches ahead of me at one time. I am glad for this now. I don't think I could have bore it all at once. The events have apparently worked their purpose (and still are) and I am still happily on the right path much further along.

There is nothing quite so empowering as living in accord with one's contract, and nothing so peaceful as the knowledge (or just the hunch), that others, though they may seem to be hardened, hurting others, or hurting themselves, may just be living their contract, and it may be all a act of pre-arranged self-sacrifice to help me grow and prepare me for what's next. Anyway you look at it, I have had choice, both before and now, and it is in the harmony of these choices that I feel the fulness of joy.

It is not love but choice that is our greatest power. Because one chooses first to be loving and to love.

Myss suggests that for our own good, each of us needs to find out what our mission is. The details of how we live our lives accumulate. Little traumas accumulate. Scar tissue accumulates. "The further we stray from our true mission in life, the more frustrated will become, and the more out of sync our energy will be... When you working well with your energy, you are also making the best expression of you personal power."

There are many clues and guides to help us figure out what our missions or various contracts are (I believe we make many). I will be writing more about this in the future, but for starters, there is always prayer and meditation. Speak, and listen. Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos will vibrate you back.

I'd love comments and feedback. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why I Wish Mormons Wore Turbans

Sometimes, I wish Mormons wore turbans. I mean, really, we are the only orthodox religion I know of who don't have an outwardly identifiable clothing or hair-dos. That means Mormons look like everyone else. I used to enjoy this anonymity but in recent years I almost prefer that people saw me coming.

Then before they even said hello, they would know they were dealing with someone who is not mainstream. That's right, I said it, active Mormons are not mainstream. We are minority that is as punk ethic and counter-culture as can be. Those who embrace the restored gospel of Jesus Christ resist many things the current culture embraces. That's what punk ethic means. And we are only becoming more and more "peculiar." How many people do you know who don't drink besides Mormons and recovering alcoholics? How  many people do you know who abstain from sex until marriage, and who believe that God and Jesus appeared to a  14-year old boy and that an angel gave him plates made of gold and magical stones to translate them? It's hardly conservative if you think about it. It's radical and punk ethic. And I believe and live it.  

And yet, we look just like everyone else. Sometimes, when people find out I'm a Mormon, there is an awkward shock. I can see in their eyes they feel tricked into getting to know me. Then at other times I am the one who feels awkward, when I realize they don't know I'm Mormon and it has been way too long that we have been friends for them not to know, and I feel like I did trick them a little.

I have lots of turban wearing Sikh friends and when I see them coming it makes me smile. I think, there is a person who believes in God and chants praises to his name every day.

When I meditate I love the cranial adjustment I get when I tie on a head covering. I feel humble and at the same time royal--like I'm wearing a crown. I'm so used to it that when I don't have a covering during meditation, I feel as though my brains might fall out. (Energetically speaking, of course.)

In about a jillion paintings of Christ and Christ's era, he and others with him are wearing turbanny things. Here's a couple pics.

And in Exodus 29:6 when God instructs how to put the holy garments on Aaron it includes this. 

"And you shall put the turban upon his head, and put the holy crown upon the turban."

Some of the versions of the Bible use the word "mitre" instead of turban. "A mitre was made of linen and was a wrap of linen about his head in the form of a turban... The holy crown was a plate of gold which had these words, "holiness to the Lord", engraven on it." (Bible Hub)

I'm not suggesting any new kind of dress code. I'm just saying.... We are punk ethic and I totally embrace it. That's what it means to be in the world and not of it.

And it guess it's pretty nice that I can wear a turban if I want to and not when I don't want to.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being and Raising a New Age Child

The dawn of the Golden Age of humanity has been prophesied for centuries. Biblical prophesies indicate it would be preceded by wars and rumors of wars and natural disasters. Some yogic and Mayan scriptures gave dates to watch for (such as 11-11-11 or 12-12-12). For some it was the sun’s alignment with galactic center that signaled the shift (12-21-12). But in truth it is not any of this that indicates that we are truly entering a new age. The coming of the Golden Age is verified by the birth of some very special children. I will call them New Age Children. 

The earliest of these began coming more than 70 years ago, but they were few. They began to come in greater numbers in the 1970’s. Now these highly elevated souls are pouring in. These special spirits have been saved for these last days to help us usher in the 1000 years of peace. Since ancient times, the world has been waiting for these children to arrive.

(If you speak New Age they are sometimes called Indigo children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Bronze Children, and Gold Children. Each one has unique characteristics, but I won’t go into what the labels mean too much. The important thing is that they are all here to usher in the millennium.)

Unfortunately, these special children are often misunderstood, labeled incorrectly, or treated in damaging ways. In truth, these souls are conduits of spiritual power, yet most have forgotten how to focus and direct it. They are often encouraged or required by their education and training to shut it down.

I don’t like labels much, but sometimes they are helpful in a general way. One group of these children, called the Rainbow Children are very loving and adaptable. If they don’t like the energy in a room, they can just change it. They have and intuitive sense of right and wrong and have the ability to shift energy. These are very happy, light beings, and you feel good when you are with them. If they are given the opportunity to nurture this identity, it will be great for everyone. But even they can be shut down or have it educated out of them.

Other kinds of new age kids are very scientific children who will never stop asking why or figuring out how things work. There are also a class of children who are natural born healers. They are obsessed with healing from a young age and often say they want to be doctors or some other kind of healers and don’t change their minds. They have a healing touch.

There are many other kinds of new age children, all with different gifts. Most are extremely intelligent. All are sensitive to energy, and because the energy they live in/breath/eat is usually not healthy, many become labeled with things like this:

Sensory processing disorder
Attention Deficit
Adjustment disorder,
Other learning disorders,

In truth, these children are highly empathetic. Their crown chakras are wide open. They are just downloading more than they know what to do with. Though they have tons of intuitive power, but they are also young and inexperienced. They often have no idea what intuitive even means and their parents don’t either.  Many parents, in desperation for a “normal” life wish these gifts would just go away.

Some of these things might describe you or your children. If so, I invite you to look to the ancients for the answers you seek. If these children have been awaited for millennia, perhaps the ancient teachings are where to seek treatment and answers to life path questions. The ancient science of Kundalini Yoga Mediation is not just for adults who want to elevate their spiritual path, it is for children, adolescents, and adults who have been labeled with any of the above. The technology of Kundalini Yoga Meditation can take the special child that struggles and move them to a magical place of joy, in flow with their spirit.

Since most children aren’t going to find a meditation path on their own, it begins with the parents. If parents have already established a daily practice that is changing them, children will notice and benefit quickly and often imitate or choose their own practice. See.

It is for these magical children that I am offering a 6 week kundalini yoga meditation class called Parenting the Magical Child. It could be your own inner child, your literal offspring, or other children in your life.

In this class I will teach mind-blowingly awesome technology such as:

  • Meditaiton to rid haunting thoughts
  • Meditaion for learning disabilities
  • Victory Breath
  • Brain exercises for normalizing the frontal lobes and enhancing focus, clarity and ability to communicate.
  • Mediation for Self-Worth and Achievement for the very young
  • Time-Out Meditation
  • Jupiter Chakra Meditation
  • Meditation for Abused and Battered Children.
  • Meditation for Eliminating Long Lasting Childhood Anger
  • Meditation to Prevent Nightmares
  • Meditation for Dyslexia
  • And more..

I will also be teaching a loving, friendly technique I have been perfecting for teaching children how to meditate, specifically the highly sensitive ones on the autistic spectrum.

This class will begin in July, and you can click over to the meditation page for more details if you want to learn more or sign up. It will be a live class, but I will also record it for future use if you are happening upon this post in the future. I recommend taking it live if you can. It is open to people anywhere of any religious background. As a prerequisite, I recommend having taken my introductory webinar or being familiar with Kundalini Yoga. If you haven't or aren't, you can prepare by reading my free e-book and starting a small daily meditation practice. I recommend starting with Kirtan Kriya. Many blessings.

This Class will fill fast. So if it speaks to you, sign up soon. I only have 24 spaces. Register Now.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's a Good Day For Forgiveness

In the last 6 months I learned how to forgive. I had always understood the Atonement intellectually, and had some experience with repentance and being forgiven, but I don't think I really knew how to forgive others until 6 months ago. In doing do, I have been released from all bondage.

The acrimonious relationship that I had with my ex-husband, who I swore was the one with the problem, who kept coming against me in some kind of battle every few months--that has disappeared. We have been set free. His wife, who was finally convicted a few months ago of child abuse (on my daughter) is also out of our lives.

Forgiveness does not mean that you excuse what a person has done, but you release the desire to punish. And in doing so, I feel no pull--no energetic connection whatsoever. It's almost like I have forgotten it in a way. I have memories, but they pain me no more. Forgiveness literally breaks the chains that bind us to these people. They have completely both left the picture. I don't know how. But somehow God has pressed the delete key and we are free of them.

Of course, there have been new people to forgive--perhaps to test me to see if I really have learned. And in each instance, I have found the way more quickly. And it has freed me to live in peace in joy, despite how much the crime hurt or how intentional (or not) it was. I have learned to send back love for anger and bitterness and hate. I don't know if it helps the other person or not (I sincerely hope it does in some way), but as I said. I feel joy.

It's a strange thing to me that anyone would want to hurt a child, especially one so full of light and desirous of love as my daughter. But even children are subject to the wrath of the destroyer, who can help people justify anything. I am also a child, like her, who wants nothing but love and light. And when I forgive, God is my protector and He will give me the desires of my heart.

There are two things I feel like sharing. One is a mantra. It is a beautiful mantra that neutralizes enemies, gives mental control, brings prosperity and peace into one's heart, and will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. Here it is with the translation. If you need help in any of these ways, I recommend playing it 24/7 for a while.
Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa, Har, Har, Har

Translation:You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite.

You can listen here.

 The second is a scripture. From John, the beloved.
 20 If a man say, I love God, and ahateth his bbrother, he is a cliar: for he that loveth not his dbrother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not eseen?
 21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who aloveth God love his brother also.

 If you are struggling with forgiving someone, I recommend filling yourself with light and pray and fast for the love of God--the love that sent his son, the love that permeates everything in the universe--to purify you. I also recommend energy work with someone who understands Christ and the power of forgiveness. Unforgiveness is the biggest inhibitor to progress there is. Today is a good day for forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Forgive God. Forgive your life for not turning out how you thought it should. If anything I have said here or ever is incorrect or offensive, forgive me.

Love and light.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Give-Away Winner Announcement!

The winner of the giveaway....... by random number generator, which is really as we know, not randmom, but controlled by some will of the Universe, is Wendy Cleveland! Congratulations Wendy.

But it was very close. If the number as 2 higher, it would have been Kristin. I know that may not make you happy Kristin, but if you still really want to come, I'll give 15% off for trying so hard. If you want a link for this discount, please let me know. I would love to have you at the retreat.

Wendy Cleveland please contact me!

I don't know Wendy, so I'm sure that she was meant to win this and be at the retreat. Thank you for all who entered and helped me spread the word.

Many blessings!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Real Pleasures

In The Screwtape Letters, by my favorite genius C.S. Lewis,  Uncle Screwtape, who is a senior devil, berates his young, inexperienced devil nephew (Wormwood) for allowing his "patient" to go on a walk through the wood, and for allowing him to read a book he really enjoyed because he really enjoyed it, and not merely just to sound smart to his friends.  

How could you allow him a Real Pleasure! he seems to be screaming. They had just spent a good deal of time enticing the "patient" into thinking that irony, materialism, clever conversation, etc, were pleasures, but after enjoying a Real Pleasure, such as a walk through the old mill country, the patient was sure to see through all that now. It was a huge blow for the devil.

Sigh. Since reading that chapter a few months ago I have instituted several Real Pleasure practices daily. One is to put my feet in nature. Either sand or flowing water or grass or climb a tree barefoot. And I must do it for the sake of doing it and not to put it on FB, Twitter or Instagram. The phone stays at home. Of course, I had to include one for the today. :)

Second, I read a book or a poem or write for pleasure. It must not be writing for a blog or for anything work related. I am a writer first and foremost. If you take everything away from me, I will still be a writer. And when writers are not writing, their soul begins to dry out and crack. Though I write a lot, for several years it was not the stuff I most enjoyed writing. After finishing our book in December 2011, God very specifically told me to write for my own pleasure again. I felt happy about this--like I was released from a great, but intense calling. Now I understand why He was so insistent on my enjoying a great pleasure of mine. BTW, if you are interested in reading some of my childhood memoirs or poetry, you can visit You might even find it to be a Real Pleasure.

It has been very easy to get seduced by busyness in the past. But I have vowed never to be seduced again. Not when I can enjoy Real Pleasures.  Here is a picture of the 5 minute dance party I have with my daughter at least once per day:

Image not found. 

Oops, I guess I didn't get the camera out.