Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Fasted For You Today

I had this realization today as I fasted for you, but I am having trouble explaining it. Basically, I have felt that there are more people who need to come to my Bali retreat and to some other things I am doing, like my imagery training. I have been doing this kind of thing for a long time. I pray about doing something and I get a number of how many people are supposed to come. When they still haven't all signed up, I start to pray and fast. A lot. My realization was that I am fasting for you, not me.

Ok so it's partly related to me, because if you (or they) don't come, it can cause financial stress for me. But it's really for the persons who belongs. Because it is sad when I do a retreat or a class and there is this feeling that someone is missing. It is a loss for me and everyone. Others notice and comment on it too when it happens. God is only trying to bless us. So I fasted today that you will accept that invitation. I believe you know who you are.

I have two spots left for the Bali retreat and the retreat center keeps bugging me to know who is coming and if the rooms are all full. And despite making them a little irritated, I have held on to these mystery spots hoping that who ever it belongs to will just figure it out and come. I take a financial risk in doing this. And so I can't do it for much longer or I will be in trouble.

So if you have felt the pull to come to Bali-- it is now spur of the moment (it starts in 2 weeks from today) then please contact me ASAP or register here now.

Or, if you feel like you need to do imagery training this year (I won't be doing it again till next year) then I'm inviting you to act on it by Aug 4, 2017. Reach out to me if you are worried or have obstacles you need help overcoming. There is a way through every block.

Sat Nam.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Magic of Simple

Simplifying is something on many people's minds. With the success of Marie Kondo's book about tidying up and the life changing magic that comes with it--many people are clearing out the closets. Letting go of stuff feels good. So does letting go of those steamer trunks full of emotional sand bags. But it's not always so easy to move into simple. Simple isn't always easy. Here's a trick I have learned: your surroundings, your diet, your habits--will only change as your consciousness changes. Slow and steady is a great way to do it. But if you want a quick and magical shift into an improved and authentic life--you have to go away. Getting out of your routine and your life as it is and going away for a few days or a week or more can give you the perspective you can't get at home. Going to a retreat where you will be given the opportunities to learn, heal and see with new eyes, is the best possible scenario.

It has happened to me many times. It's why I offer retreats in far away places. Sure, it's nice to have one in your back yard and avoid air travel, but a retreat in your back yard won't shift you quite as much or as fast. There is something about crossing an ocean than makes you humble, teachable, and re-activates the belief in magic, beauty, and God's desire to bless you. And you will come back blessed. Simply. Purely. Gracefully.

I have two upcoming retreats that I would love to invite you to join, while spaces last. The first one coming up is
7 Days and Nights in Bali! Destiny Alignment and Christ Consciousness are the themes. Men and women welcome. Teens too. All levels welcome! It's happening August 13-20, 2017.  Click here now to accept my invitation and come! But today is really about the last possible day to register. So if you miss it,

The next one is called Self-Love - A Luxury Woman's Retreat. Kauai.  November 2-7, 2017. As it states, its for women only. And space is very limited as it is meant to be intimate.  Register Here Now. 

I love you and hope you have a great week! If I can help you overcome any obstacles to coming, please let me know how I can help you.

Sat Nam,

Nam Joti Kaur