Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Day or Her Day?

Today is the 6th anniversary of my birth into motherhood. I told Phoebe it was also my "birth-day" and she got excited then asked how old I was. I said I am a 6 year-old momma. She laughed and laughed and said I was a kid. She's right. I am a kid. I've only been doing this for 6 years. But feels like I was never not doing it.

For her birthday I took her and her best friend out to a cool bakery and told them to get whatever they wanted. They both got chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. I would normally never feed them this garbage, but hey, it's her birthday. Interestingly she told me it was too sugary and only ate a few bites of the chocolate cake and none of the frosting. I didn't complain.

Then we went to the beach and made salad out of sand. The shells and rocks were the olives and the cheese and pepper on top.

It was fun, but for some reason I was a little sad. I had to take her to her dad's house and she didn't want to go--not unusual--but that was harder than normal today. So I came home and took a nap and made some meditation videos. I felt way better after Kirtan Kriya. They should be up by tonight so if you have been waiting, check it out.

In just a few days we will leave for our trip to Utah for all kinds of book launch stuff and to see cousins. Then I'll have her for a few weeks straight. It will be fun. I have to admit something.though. I told her it was her birthday trip so I could get out of throwing a party this year. I'm kind of over birthday parties.

Maybe I have written about this before, but I feel like we don't do anything to have a birthday. We just stay alive. And sure that is reason to celebrate. But what would be way cooler is if we celebrated, the way some outback tribes do, when we went through some sort of rebirth or change in our consciousness or way of being. And only we could know when that happened, so we'd just let everyone know when it was time to celebrate. And what a reason to celebrate!  

I probably would not have had a celebration for a lot of years, but in the last few years I would have had several a year. In just the last 6 months I feel like I have been through about 3 major transformations. Some days I am so overwhelmed with joy that I just gush tears because I can't believe how good God has been to me and how amazing my life is. What's amazing is that it is not fleeting, but has become more of the norm, so that sadness or commotion or negativity feel less common. Not surprisingly this rebirth stuff makes me feel very alive.
So if you want to come and celebrate with me, I'll be in Salt Lake City at our Gift of Giving Life Book Launch Party on Tuesday night June 26, 2012 at the Belvedere Grand Party Room. 29 S. State Street.

 I often wish I could meet some of my faithful and supportive blog readers in person and hug them. So I hope you will come and let me hug you.