Friday, January 30, 2015

Babies! ISO Willing Mothers

Recently, through fasting, I discovered some generational issues with deprivation. So, today I had a friend guide me on a therapeutic imagery journey, and as I was carried away in the spirit, Jesus Christ stepped in and healed all the "deprived" issues in one of my family lines. As I was finishing the journey I was taken unexpectedly to a garden, where there were about 30 babies (they hijacked my journey). I could feel their pain and sadness and it was more than I could bear. I called Jesus to come quickly and heal them!

He came and his light began to heal them all, but he wanted me to sit next to some of them and help with the healing. So I sat there and I understood that all of these babies were cast off babies from my line (going way back). 

Castaways is a term coined by Sarah Hinze for souls who are aborted or otherwise blocked from their entry into the world. Lani has written a lot about them and I have some experience with working with them and healing them. Many of these souls choose to keep these wounds and feelings of abandonment and memories of their first womb experience so that when (and if) they get another opportunity to come through the same or another mother, they can help alert the world to what is happening with these millions of souls.

Castaways are all over the place. There is one in almost every family.  The human family may have gotten messed up in the last few thousand years, but God is so merciful and can fix anything. And I have found imagery to be so powerful, especially when you understand that the imagination is more real than reality.

So I sat next to some of these children, I could feel their sweet love and their desire to come and one of them looked right into my eyes and asked me to find them all parents. One of them reminded me of Lena and how I had helped her find her parents through adoption. Her story is here.

I saw all these beautiful children and that they were healed and full of joy now and that they would not have some of the special needs that castaways usually have, because these children were healed. I got very happy for them and excited and so I agreed to help them find parents. And as anyone knows, agreements are important to be kept. So this is an invitation. If you want a bonus baby, let God know and ask if you can have one of these 30 or so of my new friends that are hanging out in a beautiful garden waiting. Some of them still have work to do here. Some of them just need bodies and so won't stay for long, which may be a happy or sad thing, depending on how you look at it....

This is such an exciting time to bringing children into the world and we now have more connection than ever before in this hastened age. In fact, at the retreat I taught January 3 in Salt Lake City I heard from 6 different people that their unborn child came to them. Some of them had amazing experience with these spirits, who took away their fear, healed their pain. In fact, two awesome women recorded their experience and you can listen to it on this podcast. I absolutely adore this story and it's fun to listen to the two sisters talk.

P.s. If you think you do have a castaway baby, they may need a lot of care and healing. Or if you are one, I have created this special healing journey for castaways that you can download here on my new podcast. It's so new that I haven't announced it yet. But I plan to be sharing lots more fun stuff about imagery and an occasional free journey. I might even get my lovely co-author Lani to co-host it with me. Lani has a great imagination. :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Two Temples - Bringing Them Together In Prayer

A month or so ago, I went to the temple and I felt it was time to write this post. but I didn't feel it was time to publish it till now. So whoever you are, God is listening, and this post is for you.

This post addresses some questions about prayer and why it is sometimes so ineffective. Yes I just said that. It sometimes doesn't seem to get past the ceiling. Why?

Rabbi Phillip S. Berg said: "Prayer is a wonderful thing, but few, unhappily know how to wield it."  (The Star Connection, p 30-31)

Rav Berg talks about how as a body of people the Jews (and many others) prayed to end the holocaust, yet it didn't stop 6 million Jews from being murdered. There are many other examples of this: Cambodia is one. Pol Pots victims were not saved through prayer, etc. Why, besides all the arguments that it was God's well blah blah. Why? I loved this insight he shared.
"The Hebrew word for prayer is tafel, which literally means secondary, a reflection, the periphery channels. Prayer is not central to the issue. Prayers are merely channels, like a driverless vehicle or like a telephone line with no speaker to use it, prayers become a nullity...."
"It's a question of proper channels. If I want to watch the 11 o'clock news and I tune in at 9 o'clock I will not receive the program sought no matter how fervently I desire it. If I insist on watching channel 2, all the power of technology will not permit me to see programming on channel 4." (The Star Connection, p 31)
He mentions how every two hours our prayers are influenced by a different planet. This is not just symbolic. We know  the planets affect us, and from Ezekiel we learn that that during new moons and sabbaths, we have more access to God's "inner court." But if we don't know which planets and which hours and how the whole astronomy thing works, the only work-around is to literally pray always.
Good advice. Yet there are a number of other factors than interfere with prayer. Rav Berg says "To pray effectively, we must understand and be connected." Otherwise, he suggests, that it is little more than idol (idle) worship.

Studies on prayer also have mixed results. Some studies show that people who are prayed for heal better after surgery. Other studies show no significant difference, or the opposite, patients fare worse. One study found that the disparity was in the kind of praying that was done and whether it was directional or non directional. There are two major types of prayer: directional and non-directional. Directional is that type of prayer that wants to order God around and tell him in great detail what they want--like ordering groceries. While it's okay to be specific about needs it is important not to be so tightly gripped about the results. Not being so tightly gripped is what it meant by "intention"--the more open ended, meditative approach--you put it out there and then ask for everyone's highest good and accept God's will and methods.

In some healing modalities, such as Theta Healing, they teach that your brainwaves must be in a certain state in order for your prayer to be effective. Indeed, theta is a powerful state to pray from, yet there are still some prayers that will never get past the ceiling. Perhaps because they are too directional. But maybe there are other reasons.

All of these are good things to ponder, but I think that the critical point here is in what Rav Berg said: To pray effectively, we must understand and be connected.  In order to do this we need to achieve at-one-ment with God. There are many ways to do this, but I want to mention one tool that many LDS people have that is so amazing and yet so often overlooked.

If you are an endowed member of the LDS church and go to the  temple often and if you have been practicing Kundalini yoga (not just meditation) for any length of time, you will hopefully understand what I am about to say here. For everyone else, sorry I can't explain in more detail.

Our leaders have always encouraged temple recommend holders to go to the temple at least once per month. I used to do this a long time ago, until I heard this offhand statement from my local area authority. He said, "Once a month is an inconvenience. Once a week is a commitment." He was so right. So I started going once per week. It was so much more awesome. I anticipated the peace and the inspiration it brought into my life each week and it did help me heal and give me power. But it was still pretty slow when I look back at it.

Now that I know what I know about the body as a temple, I think about how little difference one yoga kriya a month would make. How slow my progress would be at that rate. Once a week would be better. Once yoga class/week was what I did for some time and I loved it. But once I committed to do a short yoga kriya and meditate every day at home, this is when the game changed.

Of course, most people can't go to the temple every day or even once/week because their temple may be a few hours or days away. But surely God knew this. And he gave us something more than just our garments to take home as reminders.

I want to remind people that we don't go to the temple just to watch someone's cinematic interpretation of what happened in the Garden of Eden. We go to the temple to be endowed with power from on high and to learn technology that we need to come into the presence of God.

One thing that we learn there is a way to pray that is said to be the true order of prayer. This true order of prayer is like a yoga kriya in that it's parts need to be performed in a certain manner. We learn this is in the temple and we do this in the temple. However, nothing is ever said about doing it at home or about not doing at home. We are taught that this technology can take us into the presence of God. And that kind of connection, especially while praying, is something I wish to have every day. I haven't shared this with many people, but I've asked around and I know a few people who do use this at home and some on a regular basis like me. Others only use it sporadically when in dire need. Of course, it is something you have to study out on your own, but I got the inspiration to share it now.

Obviously, if a person is going to pray in this manner at home, it would need to be done alone or only in the presence of other endowed members because it is sacred technology. Because the intention is to bring one into the presence of God, the head needs to be covered.

I do this after I have done my morning Sadhana and am very tuned in and meditative. I like to take this time to merge my will with God's, then say my very personal prayers and also pray for others, because these are powerful prayers.

I think that starting a daily practice of bringing the two temples together (body and edifice) in prayer, in your own home (second in sacredness to the temple) can have many wonderful outcomes including keeping the temple in our daily memory. But obviously ponder and pray about it for yourself.

Sat Nam

Friday, January 16, 2015

Publish Peace

My word for 2015 is Peace. It is not the word I thought I would choose, but it is the word that chose me--jumping out at me everywhere from behind other words and in unexpected places. I suppose I will write a lot about it this year.

When studying peace, this scripture, which I had always liked before (because who can resist the poetry of beautiful feet) but this time something else stood out--the word publish.

"16 And again, how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that are still publishing peace!" (Mosiah 15:16)
Here is another: 
"...and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be." (I Ne 13:37)

There are many other verses that talk about publishing peace, and the publishers are always blessed, full of joy and, of course, have beautiful feet.  

I think the reason this interested me is because I have become aware of a lot of doomsday bloggers and doomsday type posts in the blogosphere, some of them on blogs that I once linked to or endorsed. I don't read many blogs, but I stuff gets back to me. I feel the spike in global anxiety.

I have always said we are living in prophetic times and some of those prophecies are quite dire, but I would like to emphasize that we also have more light and knowledge and peace and faster healing than ever before available to us now.  How ever, we need to be tuned into the right frequency to access it. Doomsday is not that frequency. It is okay to talk about what is coming, but let's remember to focus on the positive side of it and "publish" peace.

Publish means both books, blogs and the traditional print media, but also speech and thought.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote, 
"In a real though figurative sense, the book of life is the record of the acts of men as such record is written in their own bodies. It is the record engraven on the very bones, sinews, and flesh of the mortal body. That is, every thought, word, and deed has an effect on the human body; all these leave their marks…" (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 97.)

There are about a million other quotes on this topic from prophets and from the scriptures, and I have written and spoken a lot about the power of words, but the point of this post is peace.

The word is very tied up with peace. Elder Richard G. Scott taught, "We talk to God through prayer. He most often communicates back to us through His written word." He testifies and I also add mine, that if you study God's word, "peace will prevail in your life."

"That peace won't come from the outside wold. It will come from within your home, from within your family, from within your own heart. It will be a gift of the Spirit. It will radiate out from you to influence others in the world around you. 
[and this is my favorite part of his talk] 
"You will be doing something very significant to add to the cumulative peace in the world." ("Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority," Oct 2014 Gen Conf)

It's true! I can testify, that one person with true inner peace balances the scale with 100,000 people who are who in chaos and darkness. It only takes a small minority for peace to prevail on earth. 

So I encourage you to publish peace. If peace is a foreign language to you now, I encourage you to meditate and read more of God's word (which He has given liberally to His people all over the earth through all time) and enjoy that fruit of the spirit which is Peace.  It won't make all your problems go away but it will make them seem smaller, like a speck you can flick off with just one finger. 

"Therefore, renounce war and proclaim peace, and seek diligently to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children;" (Doctrine and Covenants 98:16)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Thinks You Can Think...

I am doing another imagery training in Arizona! It is in 9 days. I'm so excited about this. It was one of the most fun and most fulfilling things I did last year and I can't wait to do it again. I don't knows if I announced it on this blog yet, but I have been posting it all over FB. But JUST IN CASE you missed it, the flyer is below, as are a few testimonials and a link to register. I only have 5 spaces left, but I have heard from a ton of people saying they want to come, or they are supposed to come, who haven't actually signed up yet. So I invite you decide as soon as you can because registration will close as soon as it fills. More details and hours are on the registration page.

Imagery is such a peaceful and deep way to heal and transform and get information. For example, in the testimonial below you will read about how Bonnie and her son both received healing from a his prior womb experience as a castaway (previously aborted soul). Other things you can do with imagery is decrease pain, discover and heal generational issues in a kind and non-traumatic way. You can also learn things and talk to cool people, dead or alive and connect with their wisdom and love for you. Just yesterday I talked to Abraham the Patriarch and he taught me some cool things about astronomy/astrology, but he also told me to focus on my destiny and not get distracted. It was through imagery that my daughter learned to understand more about her spiritual gifts. There is so much that imagery does it is difficult to describe. But I hope that even if you don't understand why, you will come if you feel inspired, as Elyssa suggests in her testimonial below.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is what Bonnie shared: 
When I first read about Felice's Imagery training, I knew it was exactly what I wanted and needed. However, the cost was prohibitive at the time and I figured that if it was meant to be someday I'd figure out a way to make it happen. A few months later, the class was offered again, much closer to home and at a price I could almost afford. I knew I had to be there.  Somehow I made it happen and I wasn't disappointed in the training.  It was absolutely life-changing. I had always enjoyed the imagery journeys Felice did at her meditation retreats and always wanted more. Now I had 3 full days of imagery journeys and I learned and grew so much that I truly went home a different person. I learned from first hand practice that I could do this for other people and I went home full of excitement to help my family using the things I had learned. One of the most profound experiences I had was being a "demo" for Felice's "Between The Wombs" journey. Both my son and I received deep, lasting healing because of that experience.  Guided Imagery as taught by Felice is an extremely powerful modality for healing and I can't wait for the advanced/mastery class!

Here is what Elyssa had to say:
I completed the Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator Training with Felice this year, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn this healing modality, but more than that, I'd recommend it to those who feel like they should be there. I knew I was supposed to go but had no idea why, and several months later, it's very obvious to me that there are many people God wanted to help through Imagery who would never in a million years have come into contact with it if they didn't know me! Much to my surprise, I feel very comfortable and confident offering what I now see as an inspiring and beautiful source of healing and transformation to various people. I've had amazing experiences as a facilitator and am grateful I was able to learn these skills. 

Here is the Link to Register Now. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Photos From the New You Retreat

Last weekend I taught a New Year New You Retreat in Salt Lake City. I always swore I would never return to Salt Lake in the winter, but it was so wonderful and worth it and I love everything about it. It was one day only and it was at a home in Little Cottonwood Canyon. A large home, with a ballroom in it. So it had a homey feeling, but yet there was plenty of room. Our hosts were amazing and wonderful to us. I had Andy Rasmussen and Michelle Larsen help me teach it, because they both live in Utah and are teachers in training, but really already great teachers. Some people are born to teach. Maybe you are too. Well here are some of the pictures. I will post more on my retreat gallery page on my web site. Enjoy!

Nam Joti Kaur

Andy Rasmussen

Michelle Larsen

Relaxing to the gong. Many couples came together.

Break out group: writing workshop. Because we haven't discovered all of the world's great writers  or world leaders. You might be one of them. 

Breakout group with Andy: Discussion on creating Zion.

Break out group with Michelle: Happy New You, Roadmap to Your Higher Self.

Healing the wounds of love.

Catering from Cantu's Creations

I have been dreaming of this picture. A person all in white meditating in the snow. 

"If you do not know how to bow, you do not know how to excel." - Yogi Bhajan

Andy teaching


The end of the night. Beautiful shiny people.

And... blogger doesn't want to let me upload anymore. But you can see more here. 

Gird Up Your Loins

The night after I taught my New Year New You retreat in Salt Lake City, a little girl I know had a vision. She has given me permission to share it but asks that if you figure out who this little girl is that you do not ask her about her experience or mention it to her. She will bring it up if she wants to.
It was more like a Near Death Experience, but she didn’t die. She was feeling funny Sunday night and went to lie down. A few hours later she woke up sobbing. When I reached her, she tried to talk about it but became overwhelmed. She said that God had shown her too much and she couldn’t handle it.

I intuitively knew what was going on, even though I didn’t know all the details. Basically, she had a HUGE energetic/spiritual download, and her nervous system wasn’t strong enough to handle it.  She got a headache and felt sick. So I called for the man of the house to give her a priesthood blessing. It was beautiful. He rebuked all her sickness and pain and counselled her to basically stay close to her mother and her mother’s teachings. Though he didn’t say “do more yoga,” it felt implied.

After all her pain was rebuked, she threw up, said she felt amazing, then fell into a restful sleep.
The next day I got more out of her. She said that everyone is walking around with a veil on, but in her experience, she didn’t have one at all, and she saw a million things that she just wasn’t strong enough to handle. She said once we get stronger our veils can come off.  She described my veil as being “almost all off…like a quarter on.” 

The big thing she said she learned was that a veil is necessary. We need to get stronger in order to see things as they really are.  She currently has her veil back and is grateful for it, but my private opinion is that I don’t know how long it is going to last.

I spent several days pondering what she told me, wondering why she had this experience, and wondering what I could do to help her.

In the temple yesterday, I picked up one of the books of scripture that were lying around and pulled a hukam. A hukam is a Kundalini term for a random opening of the scriptures (or other spiritual text) with the intention of getting the answer you need in the moment. So I asked my question and it fell open to this:

“But the day soon cometh that ye shall see me, and know that I am; for the veil of darkness shall soon be rent, and he that is not purified shall not abide the day.” (Doctrine and Covenenats 38:8)

This scripture basically explains what happens when the veil is removed when people are not prepared for it. Exactly the situation I was praying about. I love using the scriptures in this way. They contain unbelievable answers exactly for all of our needs. I read on, knowing there was some advice. Here it is:
“Wherefore, gird up your loins and be prepared. Behold, the kingdom is yours, and the enemy shall not overcome.” (verse 9)
I turned to the friend with me and asked. “What do you think ‘gird up your loins’ means?”

After a pause, she said, “The first thing that comes to mind is the Root Lock.”

Of course! I love finding yogic tidbits in the scriptures that have been there all along. Once you know what the Root Lock is, it is so obvious.  I recently made a video about the body locks (also called Bandhs). It is embedded below. The purpose of the locks is to seal or move energy in the body.  To pull the Root Lock, which is commonly used to end each Kundalini yoga exercise, one contracts the anus and sex organs (like stopping the flow of urination) and pulls the navel in toward the spine. By squeezing and holding, or systematically squeezing and releasing this lock, a person is not just strengthening their muscles. They are working with the lower chakras, which is where all the worldly, telestial problems originate. They are also moving the kundalini energy (your divine true self) to the heart center and to the upper chakras, which are the spiritual centers.

The heart and upper centers are where the energy is going to flow if one is purified, and then this energy blends with God at the crown chakra and then dumps the nectar back down through the body and it’s amazing and like a rebirth.  But the lower chakras have to be open for the kundalini to rise to the heart. The key to an open heart and a strong nervous system is strong lower chakras.

Some people who do a lot of spiritual work and not enough work on their physical body or their lower chakra issues, can have very open upper chakras yet their lower chakras are not as strong. This imbalance is often the cause of psychic events that they can't totally process --like the one my little friend had.

While it is good to do spiritual work and meditate and seek out the mysteries of God, if this spiritual practice it is not combined with a physical practice, the nervous system won’t be strong enough to deal. That’s why Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations are so physical. They physical body has to change to stand in the presence of God. There are myriad changes that take place during a yoga kriya or meditation or pranayam. But the lower chakras are our base. We need to start there. We live in a physical body and a physical world.

So the answer I got to my personal question was to teach her Mulbandh, and Sat Kriya (which uses Mulbandh) and have her do it every day.

Or it could have meant this:

But the scripture I found was in the D&C, which is modern scripture. No tunics in 1831. And even four thousand years ago, I don't think God was referring to clothing. As I have shared in my book, the ancient prophets and patriarchs knew even more than we do about the temple of the body and this yoga.

I just talked to another LDS Kundalini friend who is going to be putting together a series for teens and the inspiration she kept getting today was: Teach them Mul Bandh. Teach them Mul Bandh. Like a flashing red sign. It felt like a third or fourth witness.

My little friend and I realized that she had this experience because God wanted to show her the importance of being prepared (because He is about to give her more), but He also wanted her to share. This is why she gave me permission to write her story. The scripture I pulled in D&C 38 was for everyone. If you have ever wondered what gird up your loins means, now you have a very good explanation and a how-to. 

I encourage you to watch the video I made on the body locks and try the simple practice of pulling all the locks in succession each day. It’s easy. You can do it at your desk or in the car (if you can get your spine straight). No one will know you are doing it. It will massage all your internal organs and help you work out all your emotional baggage.