Sunday, May 17, 2015

Intuitive Teen Summer Camp

Does your teen see dead people? Hear voices? Know things before they are known or before they happen? 


There are lots of kids coming in with these gifts or waking up to them suddenly. They are legit spiritual gifts, but chances are, if you are a teenager you are not super excited to have them. Being a teen is about wanting to fit in. I have worked with some pretty special kids and teens and most of them have no one else that is like them that they can talk to. And often they feel like they are crazy. They can be somewhat troubled at times, but they are awesome.

I realized that kids like this need to be able to meet people like them, and they need adults who can mentor them in these gifts. And probably most importantly, they need to learn a spiritual discipline like meditation that will help them regularly empty the garbage of the mind and balance their elements (which are often out of balance in the teen years). If you have ever watched Kung Fu Panda or read Lego chima or watched ninja movies you know that super powers without meditation are not a good thing. 

 So I am working with several other people to put together a teen girls camp.  Girls only right now during our pilot program. (Sorry boys.) It will be one week in a cabin Aug 3-8, 2015. The location will probably be McCall Idaho--North of Boise, but we are also toying with Star Valley, Wyoming. 

The girls will have opportunities to not only learn and be mentored by awesome teachers during the camp, they will also do normal fun summer camp stuff like water sports or hiking and outdoorsy things.  

My intention is writing this post is that it will bring the girls to us that need to be at that camp. So if you have a teen girl that WANTS to go to something like this and meets the qualifications of having unexplained superpowers, then please contact me. 

We are also looking for sponsors who want to donate to this, because God told us we can't charge the girls more than a certain amount of money and it's going to cost us more than that to provide this experience for them. So if you want to help provide for one or more girls to come, let us know. Or if you have a large cabin in some healing place or if you are passionate about working with teens or somehow being involved, let me know. 

Sat Nam. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Adventures - Come Join Me

In my last post I announced that I will be leaving my beautiful nest here in Southern California's best kept secret to go to Utah for the whole summer. God has me working on some things there and He says "there are more treasures than one for you in this city." So I am going where He wants me to go.

However, I am still a mom first and in the summer that is a full-time gig. So my teaching appearances will be limited, but I thought I would announce a few of them if you want to come. I have so many students now in the Salt Lake area that I haven't met and would love the opportunity. 

But first, if you have even remotely thought about doing my Imagery training, this might be your last chance. I'll be doing it in Pocatello, Idaho May 28-30, 2015. I have a feeling there will be no other trainings for a while, although I follow inspiration and unless someone bribes me to go back to Hawaii and do it there, I don't forsee anymore live trainings in imagery for a while. So register while there is still space. I know there a few people who still need to come. You know who you are. So click here now and God will stop nagging you. 

Following fun times in Idaho, I will be in Salt Lake most of the summer being a mom and taking care of the projects God has for me to do. 

Right I only have 3 things on my public calendar. Here they are:

I'm subbing for Khushbir Monday evening June 8 and June 15 at Dancing Cranes in Salt Lake City at 5:00 pm. (The yoga room is in the back corner) I know it's a random time, but the store closes at 7 so that is when they have class. The class is 1.5 hours and it is only $9! The store has a cafe so you can come and eat dinner after and still make it home for FHE. Or bring the whole family and call it FHE.

Peace Feast--which I just blogged about: Date still TBA

I will also be teaching at the afternoon session of this event. July 11, 2015.  It's a one day Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop. You can attend all day or for just the morning half or afternoon half. The morning will be great for absolute beginners or people who have begun their meditation practice but still haven't done much of the yoga. From there you will be better prepared for the afternoon session (after a great lunch). Or if you already feel like you have the basics down and just want to come for lunch and the afternoon session, you have that option too. I am really looking forward to teaching at this space at the Krisha temple in Spanish Fork. The Hari Krishnas and I go way back. I used to eat with them every Sunday in Los Angeles. 

The event is Christ-centered, but it is open to all and I hope you bring anyone you want to, because Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and Christ Consciousness is for everyone. 

Click the picture above to buy tickets. I am not hosting this event though so if you have questions please address them to the hostess. Sat Nam!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Peace Feast

My word for the year as you may know is peace. A few months ago I found this in the Bible Dictionary under Sacrifices:
Peace offerings, as the name indicates, presupposed that the sacrificer was at peace with God; they were offered for the further realization and enjoyment of that peace. The characteristic rite was the sacrificial meal. A feast symbolized fellowship and friendship among all its partakers and providers, and also a state of joy and gladness. (Luke 14:15; Ps 23:5; Matt 22:1)
I love this idea of a feast and sharing peace with one's friends. I vowed then an there to have a feast for my friends. I thought of all the people I would invite. An exclusive little dinner party of my besties. 

Then I read some of the scriptures associated with it. Ha! In the parable of the feast a man decides to have a feast (in some accounts it is a wedding) and he sends his servants to call the invited guests and they all make excuses and don't come, so he invites anyone and everyone off the street so his house may be filled. 

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet by Paulo Veronese 1563
Luke 14:12-14 says:
Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbors.... But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.
The Lord is trying to teach those who will hear to reach beyond their orbit and bless yourself by blessing others. As Nanek said, all souls weigh the same. Ultimately, Zion is about being of one heart and mind--this does not just mean with one's friends and kinsmen. That is hypocrite Zion.

I had an experience in Hawaii where I realized that many of the people we see on the street that look "homeless" are actually translated beings. And I had a blissful experience at Sat Nam Fest where I was dancing during the Ajeet concert and looking into the eyes of hundreds of other souls and didn't know who was human and who was angel. There was no difference. And I thought, there could be world peace if we all looked at each other this way. 

So I am hosting a feast. And I am inviting all. All people of all faiths of all backgrounds to come and share with me in fellowship and friendship. The Hari Krishnas have this down and so do the Sikhs in many places. They know how to feed the masses and welcome all who come. There is something about feeding the masses and peace. They are intertwined...Something to think about. Interesting that the Sikh outreach share a meal program is named The Khalsa Peace Corps.
Mormons need serious help in the feeding the masses area. (Hint: plant based food will not offend anyone!) But instead of complaining I am inviting. 

This is where I let out my big secret about my summer whereabouts. This summer, for the whole summer, I will be doing the work of the Lord in Utah. I am subletting a house in Salt Lake City. It's not a big house so it won't take much to fill it, but I want to fill it. And if anyone else wants to be a provider at this feast let me know and we can coordinate feastly details or find a bigger location. It will probably be in July after I return from the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice Event. I'll post the date when I decide on it and then you can get to work on inviting anyone and everyone. Even the homeless guy on the corner.

Though I will be in Utah the whole summer (for reasons I'll write about another time), I won't be making a ton of appearances there, because my first priority (especially in the summer) is being a full-time mom. So if you want to come to a class or something I am teaching make sure to sign up for my newsletter list so you know when and where they are happening, including my feast. 

I look forward to feasting with you soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blessed Are the Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Mercy

I think one of most commonly misunderstood beatitude is the one about mercy.

"Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:7)

Most people think that it means to be nice and forgive others. This is part of it, but to truly be merciful to someone else, one has to first have the capacity to help pay the debt. This makes total sense in monetary terms.  I can't walk up to you and say, I forgive your debts. You are now debt free--when you don't have the money to actually do that for them. 

It is the same with spiritual things. Yogananda describes mercy in The Yoga of Jesus as a sort of "fatherly heartache for the deficiency of an erring child."

As we at-one with God we reveal the Father and attributes of God in us. Jesus was the ultimate example of this and he was so gentle and forgiving of his accusers, because he could be. He was elevated and had the capacity to penetrate with love for all.

I agree with Yogananda that only the wise can be truly merciful. And by that I mean those with divine sight, who can perceive wrong doers as souls, and who have the capacity for being helpful, can be merciful. Mercy implies the ability to help. 

I will never forget one line I heard President Gordon B. Hinkley speak to us when I was in college. He looked up at us in the tiered seats of the convention center, a galaxy of young faces, and he said: "You are good. But you need to be good for something." 

It is in the usefulness that mercy becomes a virtue. 

"Mercy expresses itself in usefulness when the fatherly heartache tempers the rigidity of exacting judgment and offers not only forgiveness but actual spiritual help in eliminating the error in an individual." - (Yogananda, The Yoga of Jesus p 79)

He is basically talking about being a teacher and forklift. God loves teachers. In fact, he falls in love with teachers and gives them back help and mercy 100 fold. 

"Persons who continuously develop themselves in every way and who mercifully feel and alleviate the lack of all-round development in others, surely will melt the heart of God and obtain for themselves His unending and matchlessly helpful mercy. " (Yogananda p 80)
 "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:" (Matthew 6:14) 
"...a Teacher has to have width of heart, and a deep understanding to know. If you don't know to know, how can you know the Unknown?" - Yogi Bhajan, The Master's Touch p 123

I am trying to find another quote by yogi Bhajan about how God loves and does anything for a teacher but I cant find any. There are about 1000 of them but right now no one specific one is wanting to be found. But I can attest to this. God takes care of teachers. So I guess this post is a call for teachers. If you have already elevated yourself enough that you are no longer surviving day to day, it's time to be the forklift. You don't have to be perfect. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is even more healing than just having a deep daily practice. Teachers get extra bonuses and grace. Ask any of us. It transforms your life. 

 If you are interested in becoming a Level 1 teacher, you can look into a training near you at KRI's website. Click on "View Upcoming Programs" on the left.  If you live near Salt Lake they are starting another training up in the fall. Here is the info. If you live else where, look on the KRI site. There are LOTS of options and more popping up all the time. 

One of my favorite quotes from Yogi Bhajan is this one:

Bless you on your journeys. Sat Nam. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Aloha, Mahalo

I have been on an amazing journey since the March 31 White Tantric Yoga event when I finished all my generational healing and chain breaking. I haven't blogged much since then and I have wondered why. I think because for the first time, this journey has been my own and it's kind of nice to have some privacy. There are no ancestors's subconscious patterns or thought forms joining me on this ride for the last 40 ish days. So much of what I have experienced since then has been unsayable. So I am just letting it grow and ripen.

But I will share a few awesome things that I have been up to:

Sat Nam Fest! Sat Nam Fest is a Kundalini Yoga Music Festival in April in Joshua Tree California. They also have on on the East Coast in Oct. I love this event. This was our second year going. Amarjot loves it too. She got to sing on stage with Snatam Kaur again, and I got to do yoga with iconic teachers and dance at concerts and look into the eyes of other beautiful souls who looked into mine. It was mostly bliss, plus a lot of dust up one's nostrils. But I can take it. Amarjot was a good camper too.

closing day.
Amarjot did lots of her own work. She set a powerful intention and all of her own chain breaking was done after Krisha Kaur's class.

I love the desert sunrises and sunsets. But boy the weather changes 20 degrees fast.

Singing with Snatam Kaur

Camp. Our tent is the red one. A mansion tent.

Don't worry mom. I'll keep my white shirt clean. 

A few days after unpacking from one event, I got to pack for another. We flew to Hawaii the day after tax day. Hawaii.... It's another country really. 
Inhale. Inhale more. Inhale more.

Retro Aloha

 I did a Level 2 course on the island of Kauai that was incredible and challenging and I made great friends and I had a few days off to explore and snorkel.

Be the light house

Level 2 besties
Our outdoor yoga classroom.

The epitome of Kauai. I stayed with a local yogi. 
One of my yogi teachers. I love her.
Portable outdoor traveling beach classroom at Anini Beach. Not so bad.  

Sunset at Ke-e Beach  in Kauai. Look at the light all around me!

On one my snorkel adventures I played with 3 sea turtles and one of them looked me in the eye and gave me a transmission mind to mind. I was deep and unsayable, but mostly it was about how not everything needs to be said. I love sea turtles. They have wings. And they are super calm. Good energy.
Sea turtle. Not the one I talked to. But a cousin I'm sure. 

Right after we tuned out after finishing Level 2 Mind and Meditation this rainbow appeared. 

After surviving Level 2 gracefully (only a few mental intrigues), I got to fly to the island of Oahu and teach a Christ-centered yoga retreat on the north shore outside Haleiwa town. It was a full week so the dynamic was so different than my normal retreat. Some guests joined only for the weekend, but those who were there all week had a deep and cool journey.
Teaching on the beach. 

Interactive ocean meditation. 

A monk seal decided to join us. He is doing relaxation. Liz is sending him love.

Last night. Breath walk on the beach. 

It was ashram style so we all helped with the food prep and clean up. We experimented with all kinds of yogi Bhajan recipes and can I just say I am IN LOVE with anti-smog pancakes. If you make them from this link or the book don't add 6 additional cups of water like it says. Only about 1 cup. There was a typo in the original recipe and everyone copies it, so if you don't know that it won't work so well for you. But 2 cups total should be enough water. We were all a little afraid of them because they have wierd ingredients but we all were surprised at how good they turned out. YUM! You can serve them with syrup or yogurt or some jalepeno mint chutney.  I have been craving them since. I need to go out and buy some parsley and jalepenos so I can make some more. 

I also made Kitcheree and Yogi Mush. Yogi mush is pretty good too, especially with the cottage cheese. Yum.
Yogi Mush

I got to go to the Laei temple and took Amarjot to the PCC night show, which sort of felt like the temple in a way.

I didn't realize it till half way through the retreat that we were healing the islands (lots of polarity there) and they were healing me too. 

Did you know that Aloha is an invocation of the divine, and Mahalo is a divine blessing. Most people think it just means hello/love and thank you. But it is so much more. The native Hawaiian language is very high vibrating with all of it's vowel sounds. I love it. Especially the name of the state fish. There is a song about it. Shout out if you know it.

After the retreat, Amanjeet Kaur (Nancy) and Liz and I stopped spur of the moment at this sacred birthing site where all the old Hawaiian royalty was born.

At the sacred birthing stones in the Piku of the island.

It is in the piku (or belly button of the island) in the exact center of the island. Lots of people come there and leave offerings for fertility and birthy people go there and do birthy things, like healing circles or what not. I thought it was very interesting considering some of the things each of us had gone through during the week and all the rebirth that happened. Very special.

Amarjot joined me for part of the retreat and while I was in Kauai, Amanjeet (Nancy) took care of her and gave her a daily dose of the ocean, which is her happy pill (mine too if you want to know).  

We only just got back a few days ago, and it's hard to reintegrate to mainland life. I am glad I live in small town that is pretty quiet. But I still miss the islands. I have a feeling I will be back. Several yogis on Kauai were really excited about the work I am doing with the LDS population and have decided to be my missionaries to the LDS people and share my book with them. Fun, huh! I'll write more about it sometime. 

Till then, Aloha, and Mahalo. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Update on Babies!

Back at the end of January I wrote a post about my experience with 30 unborn souls  who asked me to help them find parents. Immediately after the post went live I received texts and emails from people saying they would take one. How wonderful. Within a few days I felt like I had most of them placed. I want to share one though that has been pretty special. The first person to text me was Siri Dharma Kaur, my friend also known as Katy. She said she'd be happy to take one if it wanted to come to their family.

Right away I texted back that there was a really cute girl who would like that.

Katy said her daughter would be thrilled to have a sister.

So that was it. I figured she would just come, but after a month or two Katy felt like she wasn't going to come the usual way and she started to ask if I thought maybe she would come through adoption.

Of course! I said, remembering that the little girl in my vision who put her hands on my face and asked me to help had black skin. I realized that being black was part of her mission here and so adoptions was the way that she was going to come to them!

Yay. So in a matter of a few miraculous days, okay maybe 2 weeks, after they decided to do adoption, Katy's husband got a promotion, they sold their home in one day for cash and found a new home in a new state where his new job is and they got their adoption profile up!

It feels like are being helped a lot. This baby is coming and soon. So I am sharing their adoption profile so that you can be part of this and if you know of any young women who are expecting a baby girl that they would like to place for adoption with a good family please share their profile.  I personally endorse them as a great couple and great parents and family.

This little girl is very special and will help and bless the lives of her birth mom and her family as well as her adoptive parents. She has already blessed mine and has informed me her name and that she wants me around. So I am going to be an auntie soon. I am super excited. I wish I could post a picture of what she actually looks like but that is in my mind and not on film, so it's only mine right now. But one day I'll post her real picture. Can't wait to meet her on this plane of existence.