Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Names of God Part 2

If you read part 1 you might be wondering about the mantra I mentioned that has 8 different names of God.

It is: Gobinday Mukunday Udaaray Apaaray Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay

It is usually translated as: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlgihtener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless

I had someone ask me once about the last two and how they fit in with our (LDS) belief system. It is funny that one of the names of God is nameless. But when I think about it, it makes sense.

First, in the Book of Revelation (2:17) there is a promise that those who overcome will be given a white stone with a new name written "that no man knoweth, saving he that receiveth it." It is possible, that though God has many names, there are names we don't know and won't know.

Secondly, all the names of God are actually aspects of God. He is not just a Liberator or a Sustainer. I don't know if it is really possible for one name that can encompass all that he is?

Now about the last word in the mantra: Akamay is sometimes translated as Desireless, but I have also seen it translated as Pure Light.

The concept of being desireless I think has to do with being free of unhealthy attachments and desires. Christ definitely was and taught that principle. In fact, I wrote a whole essay on Christ's teachings of non-attachment in The Gift of Giving Life. I won't rewrite it here, but it's a goody. It's in the Pain chapter, if you wish to revisit it.

Chanting this mantra is said to have the power to break through deep seated blocks. It cleanses the subconscious mind and brings patience and compassion the person who meditates on it.

But this mantra by no means exhausts the names of God. There are hundreds more. But as I mention about, and I think this is the take away, is that all the names of God are actually attributes or aspects of His character.

My Muslim friend told there are 99 names of God in Islam. But in truth, they know that this is not all. She said, "We call on the name of God all the time. Whenever we make sounds, we are calling on God." For example, a moan in agony. Or a cry of delight. If you think about these sounds, they are both a call to God and an aspect of God.

I love that idea. It makes me think of a laboring woman and of baby talk so much differently.

In the Kundalini yoga meditation technology, there are different classes of mantras. All of them seem to invoke a name/attribute of God, but are used for different purposes.

For example,

Har-- A base mantra, concerned with the lower chakras. Good for earthly stuff, including prosperity. Har is the generating aspect of god. 
Wahe Guru--One of the highest mantras. It expresses the wonder/ecstasy of Good and being one with God. It can be used for lots of things, but it is a heavenly mantra, concerned more with the upper chakras.  
The Adi Shakti mantra- Calls on the creative aspect of God. Great for creativity, women, female stuff, intuition, etc. 

All this is to say that the revelation I got about using the correct name of God for my specific request seems to be a theme. God works by laws and codes. I may not always understand them. But when I have the have the faith to follow the code, the results blow my hair back.

I'd love to hear your experiences with this.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Names of God

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a year. But I kept learning, so I kept putting it off. Now it is about 4 blog posts, but I better start before it turns into more.

It all started with a conversation with Heather. She noticed that at different times for various purposes, different names of God were used. She also mentioned that she felt the Lord was telling her to ask Him her question in the right name and He would give her an answer. I pondered this. There is a Kundalini Yoga Mantra that has 8 different names of God. It is one of my favorite. I gave it to Heather and it became a favorite of hers.

I started to make a list of all the names of God and Jesus Christ that I could find in the scriptures. Then my life fell apart a little and I found myself doing a lot of praying. One night I had the same inspiration: "if you ask me in the right name, I will give you what you want."

I asked if God would tell me the right name? He said to open my scriptures. I found it in 2 Chronicles. It was Lord God of Our Fathers.

Reflecting on this, I realized that this name was totally appropriate because I was praying about chain-breaking issues. From then on, whenever I pray about chaing-breaking, I address God as "Lord God of our Fathers."  Sometimes I use multiple names at the same time, just to cover my bases. You will notice that they use many names of God in some of the temple dedicatory prayers. Here is an example. 

The idea that certain names of God could be a kind of token or password is interesting to me. I haven't got a master list of all the names and how they are used, because it seems to me that these tokens are individually assigned. God told me that if I used that name, He would grant any of my desires (in the area I was praying about) because He knew I would not ask for anything unrighteous. However, using that name of God wouldn't necessarily give someone else the same power.

But it's worth pondering. When you pray to God, are you asking in most effective way?

I believe that this is why some mantras are used for the prosperity mediation and others are used for healing. They all call on different names/aspects of God.

"Heavenly Father" is a good blanket name that we use often because it sounds sort of nice. But sometimes it might be more appropriate and effective to call on the Lord of Hosts, or Lord God Almighty.

To keep this post from getting super long I will post more in separate posts. However, here is a list of all of the names of God, and Jesus Christ, that I have found so far in the scriptures and a few other sources. If you have more to add, please do so in the comments.

Lord God Almighty
Rock of Our Salvation
Most High
Wonderful (My personal favorite)
Anointed One
Author of Salvation
Only Begotten
Atoning One
Good Shepherd
Lamb of God
Lord of Hosts
King of Saints
Lord of Lords
Light of the World
Messenger of the Covenant
The Son of God
Son of Man
Man of Holiness
Master Issa
First and Last
The One
Faithful and True
The Great I Am
Lord God of Our Fathers
Author and Finisher of Our Faith
Author of Life
Prince of Peace
Abba- Father
Heavenly Father
Living Water
The Rock
Light of the World
The Way, the Truth and The Life
The Word
Corner Stone
Bread of Life
Lion of Judah
Sure Foundation

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The "O Crap" Mechanism

Recently there was a long and somewhat humorous thread in my Facebook Meditation Support Group. Since it seems to be a topic of interest to many people I thought I would post some of it here and let it continue in the comments.

Here is how it started:  After my post Why India? Hannah posted in the FB group:
"Felice, I would love to hear more about how eating meat puts our body into survival mode. I've never heard of that before."
Several others chimed in "Me too." 
My response: "yes. the blood of the animal when it sinks into our gums hits the nerves and they respond with an O Crap mechanism. ESPECIALLY if the animal felt fear when it was killed.
When an animal is killed it releases a kind of hormone thing into it's blood that is basically toxic to us. Now, I am not forbidding anyone to eat meat, but it is worth a re-read of the word of wisdom if you are interested. The way I interpret it is that it is to be eaten in times of winter and famine. What happens in those times? Food doesn't grow. but in our day, we have grocery stores and we have access to grown food most all the time. FYI I don't think fish are the same as animals. They have a different nervous system..and Jesus ate a lot of fish. But there are concerns about fish so I don't eat them much.
Lani said: I totally think the way the animal is killed makes a difference. And how the animal was raised too. 
Where can we read more about the "O Crap mechanism"??
Me: I'm not sure. I'll ask my yogi friend with the long long beard. But aren't you a research expert? 
Lani: Ha. Do I google "O crap mechanism" then? 
Me: yeah. Go for it. See what happens. No I will get some info for you, but I'm sure you'll probably find something first
Lani Google says: No results found for "O crap mechanism".
Me: Really? Shocking.
Emily:  I have read about the O Crap mechanism. Its in the book that talks all about this meat eating thing that turned me vegetarian in the first place.....hmmm....I'll figure out the title and post
Me: Try O Sh*t mechanism. :)
Lani: ha... this thread is getting kind of hilarious
Lani: I have a theory though that our bodies are actually more suited to digesting meat when we're in a chronic state of stress/anxiety/panic (as would probably be the case in an ice age or famine). I consumed vast quantities of meat last summer because that's what I felt prompted to do. I think it helped keep me alive.
Jennifer: My last few pregnancies (#5,6,7) have been very heavy on meat, because I had trouble digesting plant proteins.
Emily:  I agree Lani and am so grateful you verbalized that aha moment for me. I was fine without meat until earlier this summer when I felt very strongly prompted that the only way I would heal was to add it back in. And it was just that (my life), a chronic state of stress/anxiety/panic. I also agree with Felice that in happy times meat really shouldn't be a staple. Mostly because I have never liked it, not since the day I landed on this planet.
Lani:  One of the big things that happens to our bodies when we're under extreme stress is the depletion of B-vitamins. I think that's one reason meat is good famine-food. It's chock full of B-vitamins and can give us a quick boost when we're depleted from stress. 
 Me:  One of the big things Kundalini yoga does is release us from this stress/survival reptilian brain mode. So we can do what we were put on this planet to do-- evolve spiritually.  so if you have to choose, add in more KY.  
Lani: The more KY I do, the less I crave meat.  (Also, the less I need to eat, in general.) 
Quincy: What a fascinating thread (on many levels, wink) but this explains something. I have almost lost my desire to eat meat, for the first time in my life. I've actually been a strong proponent for not being veg because of the missing vitamins and minerals in all plant-based diet, the deep nourishment found in bone broths, plus having access to grass raised and finished and humanely raised/processed beef (my farmer loves his cows and lovingly grows special grasses and crops for them to feast on) and we have participating in raising and processing our own chickens offering prayers at all points of raising and butchering them, grateful for the fulfilling their measure of creation. All this to say -- It was the KY! It DOES decrease a desire to eat meat and I'm totally blown away! (I just know I was being led for my own health over the years and my children who are half Samoan and have a strong need for certain proteins for their body make up. It's a journey!)
Me: Yep. KY will help your body get what it needs on so many levels. I notice after a whole day of KY at a teacher training or something I hardly need to eat much, but I am totally nourished by what I do eat.

Then there was some misunderstanding and a hilarious digression when several people didn't realize that KY stood for Kundalini Yoga. I won't post that part, but it was pretty funny.

Okay here is one highlight from that digression:

Rebekah:   Funny story - I signed up for the free Friday music at and made a folder on my computer which I named FreeKYMusic - then it looked like "Freaky music" the next time I was in the folder ... so I renamed it....

But enough about that. I think diet/food is fascinating, and of course totally part of our mind-body connection stuff. I don't usually talk too much about food in a public setting because I find that I get a LOT of negativity from people who have very strong opinions one way or another. I'm not sure why. I think maybe people don't want to feel judged, so they defend their own choices, sometimes strongly and them seem judgmental themselves.

But no matter. 
I love that this conversation was friendly and non-judgmental and I love that each person has had their own experience and learned from it and I'd love to hear more, especially from people who have been meditating or doing Kundalini Kriyas.

My own personal experience is that I have been mostly vegetarian for years for my own reasons that have evolved over the years. But I never dreamed of cutting eggs. But in just the last few months I completely stopped liking eggs. The Kundalini Yogic lifestyle, which is not required by any means (Kundalini Yoga is a technology. It's not a religion. You can pick and choose what you decide to adopt), is lacto-vegetarian meaning no eggs or meat. Other dairy is fine. (FYI, it is also a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.)

I had no idea why I stopped liking eggs, when I used to eat them by the dozens. I never associated it with the Kundalini Yoga till this thread because I thought if it was going to happen it would have happened a lot sooner--like in the middle of a 220 hour teacher training. But nevertheless, it happened, probably for some of the reasons Lani alluded to. I have gotten rid of some of the stress/famine mentality. I just stopped liking them. Felt very confused about what to eat for breakfast for a while, but now I am getting creative. And I take it as a good sign that my body is getting what it needs without them. I love my body. It's such a fabulous miraculous temple.

Feel free to share thoughts, experiences, recipes, whatever. If you haven't read the Why India? post, I suggest you read before commenting. "

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Last Day In LA

On our last day in LA before moving day, PJ and I got up early and went to the beach with the fire pits. It's not a pretty beach, but it was perfect for our needs. 
These pictures should be self explanatory.  

Mantra I chanted: MA (for rebirth) 
7+ years of stuff to burn took more than one fire pit. 
Then I did the Adi Shakti meditation. Phoebe took pictures. 

Burning things takes a long time. Hours. 

The sun eventually came up and so we decided to go for a dip. 

 It was perfect. 

Goodbye old life.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving Day

Phoebster drew this they day we sold everything (but for the smallest U-haul) and drove away from LA.

It was awesome.

She is awesome.

Mantra that got us there: Aap Sahaee Hoa. Among other things, it helps one walk into the unknow without fear.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

East Coast Women's Retreat --Oops I Meant Luxury Retreat

I send this out in my newsletter and put it on my Kundalini Yoga website, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am doing a women's retreat on the East Coast the first weekend in November! (November 1-3). If you live anywhere on the east coast or like to visit there when the leaves turn colors, this is centrally located (central in that it is in the center of the east coast. It is actually in the Blue Ridge Mountains (about 45 minute from DC) overlooking the Shannendoah Valley. Here is a picture from the the actual cabin in which you will stay if you are a guest.

And here are some pictures of the inside of the cabin.

This retreat will included vegetarian catering as well as cooking classes from Mandi Felici, our host, president of Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Mandi is also an essential oil maven and will probably be teaching us good stuff about this too.

I will be teaching kundalini yoga and meditation on the above topics that relate to Mandi's business name. The retreat is Christ-centered and will probably be mostly Mormons, but any woman is invited. 

There is only room for about 14 people and if you want a private room, you should sign up asap. Either way, space is limited, learn more and register at this link now. 

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions leave them in the comments!

Give-A-Way Winner

Hello. The winner of the mantra music give away is Amy. I think there is only one Amy who commented, and I think I know who you are, but just in case it is a different Amy, please email me your addy soon or leave it in a comment I promise not to publish.

Thank you!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Dont Cry About It Any More

March 2013, Antelope Island
Since December (when life as I knew it got turned upside down when my husband started going through some stuff) I have had some intense emotions come and go. Throughout the whole journey I have still had a lot of joy and hope. Since I came back to California though in late April, I have had to place my hopes elsewhere and get on with the grieving process. And it is a process with sort of a life of its own, but I let it happen organically and I found that about an hour a day of weeping was all that seemed to be necessary. Then it became less and less frequent and soon it was a week or two between crying sessions.

Recently, however, moving, and pulling up my roots has triggered some serious root chakra issues, and so luckily I had a healing session scheduled with my own energy healer last week. Yes, I have my own healer(s) and my own hypnotherapist and I have yoga/meditation teachers! We are all blind to some amount of our own stuff and I am smart enough to know that. So I keep up with my self care.

We cleared some serious issues around not being supported and I felt pretty good, but I asked her to intuitively look into my right thigh. There is dark spot there in my handwriting. Handwriting analysis--something I am trained in--can show physical problems as well as subconscious behaviors and more. This spot has been in that region of my handwriting since forever, but I rarely feel any kind of pain there, so it has just been a mystery, but not an urgent one. When I do feel pain there, the only way I can describe it is that I feel like the right side of my right thigh is evaporating.

So we got into it, and to get straight to the mystery solved part, the outside of the right leg has to do with men/masculine, and we found that the cause of this "spot" went down to the soul level. It had to do with some people I knew in the pre-mortal life who chose to follow Satan, particularly one man.

So we witnessed God/Christ heal it, and I went on with my day of packing. It wasn't until that night, however, when I was saying my prayers with Phoebe that I realized what we had actually discovered and cleared. It was not just sadness for friends who had chosen Satan's side. It was about one man. A man that I loved. A man that was my partner. And he had gone and done what he wanted, and it was not what was right. (Sounds familiar.) And I had been rejected, abandoned, and sad about it ever since. The realization swept over me with such force that I just started weeping uncontrollably. Phoebe got very concerned and started praying for me that I would be okay and stop crying.

When I was finally able to stop weeping (only about 5 minutes really), I realized that this explained so much about my life story. All the abandonment. All the loss. Men who try to destroy me, then blame me for the problem. I realized that it was all part of my sacred contract--to learn how to heal from abandonment and loss become rejection proof. I have done this through some really intense oneness with God and coming to an experiential knowledge that I am accepted and loved by God.

In the post-cry calm, I felt overwhelming gratitude for Rocky, for being willing to take an incarnation (for lack of a more Mormon term) and his specific challenges that would help me to learn this, even if it didn't happen in the highest and best way. I feel so grateful. I know that God is preparing great blessings for me. It's an amazing feeling to know you have accomplished a big part of your sacred contract.

For the last few days I feel nothing but joy, and I am so ready for and excited about my new life. (It was interesting timing. I think the day of my session was the same day as my divorce was final.)

I do wish Rocky could experience the same growth and joy, but maybe he will someday, like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. I pray for that. But I don't cry about it anymore!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why India?

As I wrote before, much new evidence has come out to support Christ’s “lost years” were actually spent in India, where according to scrolls discovered there, Jesus (known there as Master Issa) went to study the Vedas and learn the ancient science of God-realization.

Even if you accept this as fact, as I clearly do, you may be wondering why India? What is so special about India or the Vedas?


It is pretty well accepted by historians, religious scholars and other people who have lots of initials after their names, that India is the mother of religion. (Try not to think about the current India with its caste system, poverty and other problems. Try to think of a lush, peaceful country, thousands of years ago with a LOT less people.) Here are just a few quotes some PhD and professorial type people about India as the mother of religion:

“The old saying: ex oriente lux (‘From the East, light’), is not platitude, for civilizations torch, especially the core sacred tradition of perennial wisdom, has been handed down from the eastern hemisphere… The Middle-Eastern creations of Judaism and Christianity, which largely have given our civilization its present shape, were influenced by ideas stemming from countries further east, especially India.” [1]

The scriptures of India are know as “the oldest extant philosophy and psychology of our race.”[2]

“India’s past is so ancient and has been so influential in the rise of civilization and religion… the mother of religion, the world’s earliest spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition contains the most sublime and allembracing of philosophies.”[3] 

One of my yogi teachers has shared some interesting insights on why India, and its subcontinents has been the source of so much wisdom. He points out that all of the earth’s mountain ranges go north-south, except the Himalayas. When an ice age comes, as they frequently have in earth’s long history, ice moves down or up from the poles and covers the earth. Most of the mountain ranges on earth make a nice little slide for the ice. But the Himalayas provide a barrier, and have protected India and the Indian subcontinents from experiencing ice ages.

This is important because ice ages create a lot of problems for humans. Ice makes food stop growing, which means people have to start eating meat, and it is just a fact that eating blood sends a message to your nervous system that you are in survival mode now. It also means they had to hunt. And they may be hunted themselves. These ages that required pure survival instinct affected the evolving brain of humans.

However, the human was not put on earth merely to survive, like animals. Our purpose on this earth is spiritual development. Have you ever thought about it? Animals walk within minutes. A baby snake knows its mother for zero amount of time after it is born. The mother lays the egg and then leaves. The baby snake is on its own from birth--and it doesn't cry about it. Humans couldn’t be more different—especially in the care and nurturing our young require. This difference, too, is meant for our spiritual development.

Therefore, because of its lucky geographical situation, India and its subcontinents were the only place that was uninterrupted by ice, and where humans were able to continue doing what they were meant to do—develop spiritually. If this true, then it makes sense that the oldest scriptures and sacred technology like kundalini/kriya yoga would originate there.

As a child I was interested in Christ’s early life, but as you know, the records are sparse. The story of Jesus teaching in the temple at 12 years old seemed to sum it all up--he must have known everything already by then and then he just bided his time till he was 30 when he could be taken more seriously as an adult and begin his ministry. But later I realized that this was not true. In the D&C we learn that Christ was not born with a fullness of knowledge. He had to learn and grow… Here is the exact scripture I am thinking of (D&C 93)
 11 And I, John, bear record that I beheld his glory, as the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth, even the Spirit of truth, which came and dwelt in the flesh, and dwelt among us.
 12 And I, John, saw that he received not of the fulness at the first, but received grace for grace;
 13 And he received not of the fulness at first, but continued from grace to grace, until he received a fulness;
 14 And thus he was called the Son of God, because he received not of the fulness at the first.
 15 And I, John, bear record, and lo, the heavens were opened, and the Holy Ghost descended upon him in the form of a dove, and sat upon him, and there came a voice out of heaven saying: This is my beloved Son.
 16 And I, John, bear record that he received a fulness of the glory of the Father;
 17 And he received all power, both in heaven and on earth, and the glory of the Father was with him, for he dwelt in him.

(I love that the Doctrine and Covenants has so many more of John’s words revealed to Joseph Smith through revelation, and this section promises that we will one day receive the fullness of John’s records. Yay! I guess John was Christ’s advanced placement apostle after all.)

The words from grace to grace, imply a sort of step by step progression, which is a pattern of learning we are all familiar with, but you will notice that preceding that verse John says that He received grace for grace, which implies an exchange. I have been thinking about this exchange for years, and it gets a little deep so I’ll have to write another post on it, but the point is, Jesus had to learn and put in some work to receive the fullness.

It appears by 12 years old, He had studied Jewish law and scriptures well enough to awe the elders at the temple. It makes sense that when He had maxed out on spiritual truth where He was, that He would go after more, in the East.

According to the above passage of scripture, Jesus did not receive Christ status until after he received the fullness. It was not until after 17 years of study in India that he returned to Palestine to begin his ministry. Then he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost like a dove. This is when John bore witness that Jesus had received a fullness.

For now, I will end with a quote from Yogananda in The Yoga of Jesus:

“India’s priceless contribution to the world, discovered by her rishis [seers]… is the science of yoga, “divine union”—by which God can be known, not as a theological concept but as an actual personal experience. Of all scientific knowledge, the yoga science of God-realization is of the highest value to man, for it strikes at the root cause of all human maladies: ignorance, the beclouding envelopment of delusion. When one becomes firmly established in God-realization, delusion is transcended and the subordinate mortal consciousness is elevated to Christ-like status.”

I plan to write lots more on Christ’s yogic teachings, and I would love to hear your comments and questions as I go along.

[1] Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., Subhash Kak, Ph.D., and David Frawley, O.M.D. , In Search of the Cradle of Civilization: New Light on Ancient India (Wheaton, Ill, Qeust Books, 1995)
[2] Will Durant Our Oriental Heritage (The Story of Civilization, Part 1)
[3] Robert C. Priddy, On India’s Ancient Past (1999)