Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Packing For a World Tour

Remember in the Victorian Age when British elite would all send their sons and daughters on what they called the World Tour when they were in their late teens? They considered it and essential part of the child's education.

Now college age American kids backpack Europe and go for days without washing their jeans. They sit in cafes and write in their journals and there is sometimes drinking and debauchery with other Americans.

I prefer the way the Brits did it. I won't be traveling with a cedar trunk or a personal valet, but I believe I can do it in relative comfort. And I think the world will be a great education for my daughter.

All my friends want to know how I am financing this trip. The answer is that I am not. God is. And it happens to be a lot cheaper to travel some parts of the world than to pay rent in some parts of America. So I am putting all of what remains of my stuff in storage. I have the smallest storage unit available, but I still hate that I have one. However, there are a few things I can't get rid of (grandpa's journals) and a few things that are sentimental and I love them (my chaise lounge). And I'd rather pay storage fees than pay rent for an empty house.

Our trip is open ended and I don't know how long it will last. I plan to follow the spirit where it leads us. Beginning in England, and we will mostly likely stay with friends/students and be chasing Kundalini Level 2 modules.

How to pack has been very tricky. All the lists I have found on line are for people who are not traveling with a child. And don't also have to pack white yoga clothes and some other gear I need for doing my work overseas (I have a hard time not brining a million books! So I am only bringing 8.) But I think we have got it figured. We are traveling with one carry on each and I am only checking one bag.

It is interesting to be doing two different kinds of packing. One I am very excited about (our trip) and the other I am avoiding (moving packing). First world problems, right?

I hope that when we come back we are both a lot wiser, more faithful, humble, compassionate, close to God and each other. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as I go.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Great British Kundalini Awakening Awesomeness Retreat

In less than a month, I am going to be in England, and while I am there I figured why not rent a Victorian mansion on a lake and 42 acres of woodland, and invite people to retreat there with me, Kundalini style. So if you live in Great Britain or near enough and want to enjoy 5 days and 4 nights of awesomeness, you are invited! September 22-26.  All the details are here. But here are some pictures. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clarification About Imagery Training in Park City

Sat Nam,

There has been some confusion about what I am going to be doing in Park City in less than a month. Many people seem to think it is a retreat. So if you have donated money to the book, this does not count as a retreat. If you have done my jedi program or will be doing it in the future, this does not count as a the invitiation-only retreat.

While it may be a retreat for you to get away and go to Park City, it is actually a training. It has nothing to do with yoga. It's a therapeutic training. I have been developing the curriculum for it for almost a year and those who go to it will leave with a certification and will be able to see clients and do amazing things for them. By the way it is almost sold out so if you have been waiting, register now. There are only 2 spaces left.

Sat Nam

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Kundalini World Tour (KWT)

It's finally happening. I am going on a trip. A long one. I guess you can call it my Kundalini World Tour. I will be spreading the joy of Kundalini Yoga and also exploring this great big world with my daughter. It is the best home school curriculum a person can want.

I am donating my car this Friday. (Goodbye Reepicheep.) Then I set sail September 1st in a rental car. I have no official sponsors yet, except God. But He's a good one.

What possessed me to do this?


I guess I also feel like it may be my last chance for a while. Pretty soon I might be married with 4 kids, who knows. I just know it feels like take-off-time so I am jumping on.

I don't know all my destinations yet, but I'll be in and around Utah for about 10 days to see people and teach a Therapeutic Imagery Certification in Park City.  Then we go to the United Kingdom. From there, I will travel where the spirit moves me, and I'll come back when I am called back. Wherever back is.

Camping in Joshua Tree at Sat Nam Fest.  
I'll be teaching a few classes on the road to help pay for my travels. These may be streamed. I will also find a way to do podcasts, too, because it turns out people love them as much as we love doing them. When I pass back through the U.S. I should have books to sign. Yay!

I just Googled, "how to pack for an around the world trip." It wasn't very helpful. I am not your average round the worlder.  For one thing, Iam I going to put all these books? Can I really only pack 2 turbans? I don't plan on staying in hostels but with people I know. I guess we will see how it turns out.

If you want me to come visit you, let me know. Maybe it will happen. If you have advice on packing, let me know.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moving Planets Around (My Astro Download Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3

I have been talking about the constellations, planets, natal chart, moons and how these things all affect individuals and groups. Now I am going to talk about the other side of things. This is the part about agency.

The truth is that we as humans are connected to the cosmos and therefore we can influence the cosmos and not just the other way around. Let me remind you that the temple is a microcosm of the cosmos and that our bodies are temples, and therefore also a microcosm of the cosmos. This becomes quite clear in Kabbalistic Astrology when you learn that each sign of the zodiac is also associated with an organ in the body. So each of us has a little bit of each sign within us. This is how we can relate to other signs. But it is also how we can understand and learn what exactly exists in the galaxy, and how we can understand its internal energies and inner depths. Woah! Again not surprising, the key to understanding the universe is within us."The Kingdom of God is within you..."

In Part 2 I wrote about how you can change your destiny by doing spiritual work. Some things are written in the stars, so to speak, but you can change them through your actions.  The Zohar is full of examples and stories of people who were going about their business and then performed a good deed and later they were seen bypassing death (such as just missing a poisonous snake or a ledge collapsing just after they moved off it.) These are examples of a person bypassing what is written in the stars. There are a million stories like this. It's true a good deed can change everything. But how? If the starts decree how can it change if God is unchangable?

Because we change the stars. This involves a long discussion of physics which I will skip for brevity and give you the cliff notes. I read a quote from a rabbi recently who said if it is paradoxical, it is probably true because this is kind of how God works. So here is the great paradox of physics. Is it mechanistic or is it random? Is it a particle or a wave? The short answer is,  it depends on how you look at it. Observing changes the observed. Indeed, the power to observe our own thinking is the only thing that sets us higher than animals. Observation is essential to spiritual work.

This is a picture of Jupiter and two of her moons. I took this picture with my camera in 2009
by placing my camera lens up to the eye piece of one of the largest telescopes
in the world at Mt. Wilson.  It was amazing.  
 So here is the great paradox of the universe. The stars and planets move on their orbits mechanistically, yes. On the one hand, everything is predictable. They are like a big clock for times and seasons. And time is important. Einstein said that nothing can break the light speed barrier without disturbing the time-space continuum, which he believed would upset everything so much that it just wasn't possible. He couldn't conceive of it.

However, quantum physics has proven that this can indeed happen and it likely happens all the time. If you put pressure on a system, the particles (or planets lets just say) will move and behave differently. Then when you take the pressure off, those particles go back to where they were before, faster than light speed.

Which  means that they time travel.

There are no instruments yet that can detect that they ever moved. Yet they did. In fact, everything changed.

If this is too unscientific for you, here is a study that I think I have quoted before:

In a Princeton University study, participants projected their intentions at a machine that generates random numbers, with the goal of influencing the machine to generate a predictable pattern of numbers. The results were astounding: In the majority of the 256,000 trials of the experiment, the participants were able to influence the machine. The Princeton study also included some other fascinating details:

  • The results were better when the subjects bonded with the machines––similar to how people bond with their cars––before trying to exert influence.
  • The study involved not only individuals but also pairs. Among all the subjects, couples in love were the most able to influence the machines.
  • The most astonishing of the results is that subjects were able to influence the machines after the machines had already run, suggesting that the power of the mind is not limited by ordinary constraints of time and space.

My friend Sheridan told me a story that illustrates her understanding of this concept. She was looking for something and felt sure it was in a certain cupboard. She opened the cupboard and it wasn't there. She thought to herself. "I should have prayed first, and it would have been in this cupboard."

This is how God gets so much done. He's not subject to time. He's got a telephone book that is way bigger inside and it can take him whenever he wants. And we can too.

But let's go back to the stars and planets. Did anyone start doing the Meditation to Increase your IQ that I recently posted? It's only 11 minutes. You can do it with me in this video here:

It's amazing! You are moving planets around! Not only does it increase your intelligence, but it is practice being a creator and playing with time. I challege everyone to add this 11 mintues into your Sadhana every day for 120 days. That's all you need to increase your intelligence. What's 120 days of your life? You can avoid a lot of challenges just by be being more intelligent. It is also good for depression and inner anger.

Maybe you also remember the effect that the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction had on certain U.S. presidents? This meditation can give you the power to override. To create peace on earth. This meditation gives you the power to go beyond what is written in the stars. I personally love to do it to the sound of the gong because that gong is the sound of creation and it was what outer space sounds like.

A friend just sent me this amazing find from the book of Job, Chapter 38.
31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?33 Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth? 
Read it in context if you wish. It's all about how God is great. Wahe Guru.

So the point is that the actions of man can change things, for better or worse. Sometimes the group actions of humans influence things so dramatically that the cosmos do unexpected things. And if humans below care to observe, they may learn what's coming, and how to prevent it or speed it up.

That's all for now.

Sat Nam.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Release Date - Drum Roll Please

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this public service announcement.

If you have been following the book saga, you know that I have run into one delay after another, but I am happy to tell you everything is going very smoothly now and I now have an official release date. I have decided that if the book is not ready and in print and available to order by October 4 then I am going to start releasing it a chapter at a time on my blog or via my newsletter. Because the world can't wait for the written portion of this book. Maybe you can find the yoga kriya and meditation instructions elsewhere, but the written part needs to be out there. So take that opposition. I haven't decide if I will do it on my blog or my newsletter, so make sure you are subscribed. There is a link on the right side of this page.

FYI I chose October 4th by inspiration but here are some cool things about that date this year:

It happens to fall on General Conference Saturday, and Yom Kippur, which is one of the holiest days of the year for Jews. It is the Day of Atonement and sets the tone for the whole next year. It is kind of like a new years day for Jewish people.

Another random fact about Oct 4th is that more people have birthdays on October 4 than any other day of the year.

Sat Nam.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Observing the Heavens (Astro Download Part 3)

I was at a lunch recently with someone from my church and astronomy came up. I said I was very interested in the stars, especially because of the recent signs in the heavens (such as the blood moon and meteor shower, etc) and what that means for us. He dismissed my comment saying "there have always been signs in the heavens." It was clear that the conversation was over, so I didn't press it. But what I wanted to say was, yes, there have always been signs, but those signs were for those people at that time. These signs are for us. And I hope to understand them.

To review, the word temple comes from the latin templum. According the Dr. Hugh Nibley, the word templum "designates a building specially designed for interpreting signs in the heavens--a sort of observatory where one gets one's bearings on the universe. The root tem- in Greek and Latin denotes a 'cutting' or intersection of two lines at right angles, 'the point where the cardo and decumanus cross,' hence where the four regions come together." Matthew B Brown synthesizes that "A temple is thus a central point from which one can determine the relationship between the motions of the heavens and the four quarters of the earth." (Brown, Gate of Heaven)

The temple is also a microcosm of the cosmos. Hugh Nibley, the above quoted really deep LDS scholar wrote a whole book all about this called Temple and Cosmos. I might have to do more of the meditation to raise my intelligence in order to read more than a few paragraphs of Hugh Nibley, but I'm just letting you know it's there in case you are interested.

There are also some interesting cosmic symbols on the Salt Lake Temple. My friend has a book that explains some of these symbols and the meanings that the prophets ascribed to them. Here are just a few I copied down. These are direct quotes but I have taken them out of of a table and only included a few of them:

  • Cloud stones- (below cap stones on east)  rays shining through clouds = restoration of the gospel 
  • Star stones - (most windows and doors) glory of God
  • Saturn stones - (inside towers) planetary powers - eternal increase
  • Earth Stones - (first water table)
  • Moon Stones - (second water table)
  • Sun Stones - (third water table) 52 rays - 52 weeks of the year.
  • Constellation Stone - Big Dipper - (West center tower) Lost may find way by aid of priesthood
The cosmos are obviously a huge important link that ancient prophets knew about and Joseph Smith and his early associates knew about--enough to put them on the temple--but since then most people have ignored this fundamental meaning of the temple.

The original architectural renderings of the SLC temple by Truman O. Angel.

Some say the Saturn stones were dropped, others say that they become circles with one ring around them.

I find the above reference to Saturn stones especially interesting. I have discussed the importance of natal charts, but the astrological movement of the planets through the constellations each month and each day is also important. It effects each of us and the world at large from day to day, and even hour by hour. I will attempt discuss this in as much detail as I can in more blog posts to follow.

Astrology is useful only if one has an understanding of its internal, spiritual structure and it's influence on the individual. Because there is no aspect or concept withing the human body that does not have it's counterpart in the interrelated yet independent worlds and universes. In order to do this we also need an understanding of astronomy: why the universe is structured the way it is and why celestial bodies behave the way they do, relative to where they are at the moment. This will involve some physics, but I will write it so that hopefully a 12-year old can understand it as well as a physicist (I have one handy to fact check).

But before we dive into all that, let me begin by telling a story. It is a mystery . Or it was. I am about to clear it up for you. It is known as the presidential doom mystery. For more than 150 years, there has been a doom factor for presidents elected in a zero year. It all started with William Henry Harrison who was elected in 1840. He died of pneumonia in 1841. Twenty years later in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected. He was assassinated in 1865. James A. Garfield was elected in 1880. Garfield was assassinated in 1901.  Warren Harding was elected in 1920 and died in office in 1923. In 1940 Franklin Roosevelt won his third term and died in office in his fourth term in 1945. In 1960, John F. Kennedy was elected and assassinated in 1963. (I'll stop there for good reasons I'll explain another time.)

Some of these presidents even studied the pattern in an effort to break it. But the real reason for this doom factor was not the zero year, but a planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happened at the time of the president's rise to the Oval Office, an astral event that occurs every 20 years. (Jupiter has about a 12 year orbit around the sun and Saturn has about a 30 year orbit. So about every 19.85 years they pass closes to each other. Their magnetic fields, which are extremely large, create an effect that have proven historically to have quite an affect. That affect depends on the person's chart, or on that nation's chart. It is not a bad omen per se, but it did spell bad news for these presidents, but it was more about the United State's natal chart and it's destiny than about these predients....but that's for another post.

(Nations have charts too. Imagine that. Nations are born.) I believe if you look at the history of other nations you will find other interesting patterns.

Hmm.... This makes me think of Saturn stones which represent "Planetary forces." What is that west tower trying to tell us about Saturn? Or about the planetary forces?

But aren't these things all mechanistic, you ask? Don't the planets just move on their orbits and not change? How can this affect us? These are questions I had.

Here is a simple beginning of an explanation. The constellations present constant forces in the universe, which makes sense if you understand that they represent the roles of Christ. The planets present changing forces. Think of it this way: constellations are like the face of the clock (with 12 numbers) and the planets (which move clockwise) are like the hands on the clock. Not only do they reckon time with miraculous accuracy (read a mind blowing article on that there by LDS astronomer), but the constellations carry the force, and the planets modulate it. All these forces are exerted on us, who are each made up of our own energies and receptivities, weaknesses and strengths, based on our natal chart.

But, I must emphasize again that though the stars impel, they do not compel. The degree of our awakeness, our mind power, and our deeds become factors in how the planets affect us, and how we affect the planets.

In the next post I will talk about how we personally and as group (humans) affect the cosmos. This will include some physics and some metaphysics. Buckle up.