Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Getting In Tune With My Moon (Cycle)

In my last post, I shared my recent health journey--the slow decline and blood loss and fast rebound to rebuilding my red blood cells and vitamin levels-- but many people have asked about how I healed the heavy uterine bleeding. So here is a quick post about it.

As I have said before, we are educated to believe that the female cycle has a lot of variety and it is normal for some women to bleed a lot or have cramps or spotting or starting and stopping or PMS. It's not true. For almost all women, a healthy cycle is not more than 80ml of blood (16 reg tampons), lasts maybe 4-5 days, has no cramps or clots or pain, and no PMS symptoms. It also tends to start on the full or new moon.

So many women are so far from that "norm" that it's hard to believe. Where there is a lot of variation is in what is making the cycle off. That's why I can't share a one stop fix for everyone. I had to educate myself on a lot of things and test and try some things and eliminate possibilities. Don't assume because your friend had a fibroid that this is the cause of everyone's heavy bleeding. Luckily for me, the ER visit eliminated the possibility of cysts or fibroids or tumors.

Of course, I thought at first it was all emotional and could be fixed by fixing the emotional, and I went that route for healing. There were a lot of emotional layers, for sure. But even if the cause is emotional, the physical body needs a lot of healing with physical healing methods (touch, food and herbal medicine, exercise, western medicine, homeopathy, etc) to support the emotional healing.

I'll share with you some of the resources I found most helpful.

VitaLivesFree is a youtube channel from a woman named Vita who went on a journey to take charge of her health and she has a lot of information.

Here is her Hormones Balancing Series which has great info on heavy periods, and decreasing fibroids naturally.

She also has a playlist on Adrenal Health.

There is a lot of beautiful info out there if you use the right search phrases. Just be intuitive and discerning and you have to do your own research and try things and consult with your health provider.

I have been lucky and it was easy for me to figure out what I needed. But I also know I have to keep in tune with my cycle and my temple body for life. Needs may change. But I know how to find what I need now.

The nutritional support I am getting from the supplements I am taking has been half the healing of my cycle. Firstly, because it is reducing stress on my body. After all the medical help getting my blood numbers back up, I still felt marginal. But after consistent superfoody supplements I am having all kinds of unexpected benefits. My fatigue is gone and I feel 27. Seriously.
This was me and a bestie at the last Hawaii retreat. Still a little tired, but relaxed.
I also added some herbs a couple months ago to help my body make more of the hormone I was low in. And they are working!

But I have found for me that the most important thing is reducing stress. I am taking herbs to destress and am on a regimen of yoga to transform stress.

I can't say enough about how we all have to reduce our stress. If you are having an abnormal cycle, it is a symptom of some kind of stress or constriction. Stress steals progesterone, if you already have low progesterone or have estrogen dominance, stress will just make it worse. And if your liver is stressed, it can't get rid of excess estrogen (one of its jobs). And then the stress and feeling crumby makes it hard to want to eat right or exercise or do any of the things you might do if you felt better.

Life is full of stress. Even good things are stressful: getting married, moving, getting a new job, having a baby, sending a child off to school. These are all on the top stressors, but most people would consider them good things. Then there is a the chronic stress of living in a toxic world, dealing with people who are having an overload of stress themselves, financial stress, deadlines, being interrupted repeatedly by small children, the physical world (cold, hot, prickly, dry, and other physical sensations that stress our bodies, etc.)

I can't write much more today (more will come soon though!), but if you need help with stress, I'm launching an 8-week stress workshop in January 2019. It includes all the yoga for transforming stress and supporting and healing the adrenals, liver, kidneys and other organs that don't get enough love. It will also include hypnotherapy MP3s for repatterning our stress footprint and recipes and nutritional info. By the end, we should all have a new way of being, even if our world hasn't changed, we'll be able to enjoy the preciousness of life.

 Here is the link if you want to register in advance or get the recordings if you find this at some future point.