Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Getting Married in 3 days

I'm getting married on Saturday. You can't say that every Wednesday. I guess you could but you'd be weird, and people would eventually stop sending you gifts and money.

I don't even know how to begin writing about it, so I guess I will do what I assigned my writing class last week, I'll make a list.


1. I conceived of Project True Love in July of last year (2011) and September 1st  was the day I officially began the project. I didn't realize that when we picked our wedding date, but later, when reading my PTL diaries, I remembered. It seems so fitting that one year after setting a clear intention I have not only found true love, but am getting sealed to that love forever. 

2. It's sooner than October 1, which would also be a good date.

3. It's the weekend before school starts for my daughter. 

4. 2012 is known among yogis as a re-birthing year. September is the 9th month of that year. Indeed, I do feel like I have been in the process of re-birthing myself since January,  and I can see that Rocky also has been on a re-birthing track. It seems fitting that we'd come together and finish this year together.

5. It is a holiday weekend and while that means more traffic, it also means more happiness in general in the energetic field. I like that.

6. It is the day after a blue moon, which only comes around once in a blue moon.

7. I feel lucky that I am getting married in this stage of life when I already have a deep appreciation and love and understanding about the temple and the ordinances performed there.

Not just in the building on Santa Monica Boulevard that I love, but also the temple of my body and the ordinances that will be preformed there after our sealing.

I will have another blog post with my deep thoughts on the above soon.

The wedding plans have been very simple and easy for the most part. I had always though eloping would be romantic and stress free, but I also wanted my book collaborators to be there, so I opted for the next best option, which is to that we are just getting sealed and then leaving on our honeymoon. No reception. No engraved invitations. Just the main event. Then the second main event.

We are having a blue moon party the night before so that we can spend time with all our out of town guests. It's going to be a reading. I'm so excited. If you know me, you know that I love words, and I love the sound current. And I can speak for Rocky's fondness of words too. (This is one of my favorite things that he has brought to our relationship.

A two volume Oxford English Dictionary. We fondly refer to it as The O.E.D. We are looking for a podium on which to rest it so that it can be on permanent display.) So we are both looking forward to being showered with cool poetry, quotes, speeches, songs, and I might make everyone chant a mantra with us. I just love the energy of everyone's voices chanting together. I love how it vibrated in my every cell. There is nothing quite so cool. I'll have to pick a mantra.

Here is one more picture of us because I love it.

I hope I get to blog again before then, but if not. Send me your words in the comments. Muah. xoxo.


  1. I'm sad to be missing the party. Love you both.

  2. So I need to prepare something to read to you guys? Kind of like a blessingway - but for marriage?

  3. Lani,

    I'm sad too. :( Yes Sheridan, sort of I guess. Didn't you get the info? I'll email it to you. xo

  4. Oh Lani, please don't tell me you won't be there? If I throw a fit will you come? I will miss you so very very much. Much love to you. (((Hugs)))

  5. I hope she can come too. I think she said if she did she would miss the Friday night party. So there is still hope. :)