Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Back In The Sun

I’m back in California. Hooray!  I have been back for a few weeks. Being away from home for a few months has given me an appreciation for the fact that I live in the lap of luxury. Here is what I mean:

The last week I have been at a beach house with no internet connection. It has been a great time to get writing done and connect with mother earth. And since I left Utah there has been a serious gushing of inspiration. Perhaps it was all that driving (I came home via a week in Arizona—so we have been all over the place) that gave me the space to receive all of it.  So, once I have an internet connection (I am currently connecting via a coffee shop), you can expect you have a gush of words coming from this corner of the internet.

First and foremost! My promised free e-book is 90% done! I just have to finish the last bits, run it by someone wiser than me to make sure it is all accurate and that I am not diluting or misrepresenting any of the teachings (purity of the teaching is important), add pictures, check the grammar and spelling, and then it will be in your hands/on your phones/computers. It will be an amazing resource for you or anyone curious about Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. It’s meant as an introductory e-book—so you can expect about 20-ish pages. I anticipate writing a longer one later that you can buy for small change. But lets start with baby steps.

And here are some of the titles/subjects of the blog posts you can expect in the near future.

  • Parenting and Mental Illness (on my other blog)
  • Ask Them Their Names (a 2-3 part series on my other blog)
  • Chain Breaking (on both blogs - maybe)
  • Enjoy It!
  • Why Me? Why Now?
  • One Thing is Needful
  • Real Pleasures
  • Sat Nam vs. I’m Not Worthy
  • Are You an Empath?
  • Differences in the Mind Body Connection
  • Ecstasy and Overwhelm
  • Being Ahead of Your Time
  • Pre-mortal Wounds
  • Documentary Film in the Aquarian Age
  • Doubt and Devils
  • Doing things His Way
  • My best friend Frank

And I have even written a few poems I might share. I await your comments on all of the above.

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