Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Empathetic Bonding With Reepicheep

This post is about prosperity, intention, imagination, and new names. Since moving to Ojai I have seen so many miracles as it relates to prosperity. Everything I need and many things I wish for even off-handedly, come to me-- like a gorgeous place to live, help with my book from so many sources, the ideal school/homeschool hybrid, and more. Well this week I realized another prosperity miracle. It is about my car. I drive an adorable green convertible that I love. But it's old. It is going on 17 years old.

Like me, it has always looked young for its age, and for many years it gave me no trouble. I didn't drive it much, and even though I lived in LA, it had low miles. But then we ran into a few years where it started to act its age. It died about 4 times in one year and each time I thought it was going to give up the ghost. But then something would happen, and for a few hundred dollars, and sometimes only a few dollars, it was revived. But it had stopped being something I could rely on. I used to worry about driving more than an hour away because what if it broke down?
May 2011. One of my breakdowns was documented by the friend who saved me. 
So this year as I came into my full awareness of all the prosperity that was available to me if I only just asked, I began to think about my car. I could surely manifest a new reliable car. But thinking about a new car made me sad and I didn't really like what the word "reliable" implied. The things we own sometimes become a part of our identity, whether we want them to or not. So I realized I was going to have to be specific if I was asking for a new car. So I put it out there that if my car died, I would really like another car that is reliable, but also cute, and a convertible (you can't go back once you own one), and I would like to have this magical car appear with all expenses paid. I don't believe in making car payments, and why not ask God to pay the insurance, too. Oh and good gas mileage would be a plus. Then I totally forgot about it. 

Around the time we moved to Ojai, it somehow occurred to me that I had never named my car. I had tried in the past but nothing stuck. But a name chose itself this time and it was Reepicheep. If you have read the Chronicles of Narnia, you will know and love this name. Reepicheep was a talking mouse character, who was a great and noble warrior and very loyal. He sailed to end of the world with his kings and queens and I felt that it suited my little green VW who has been a good team mate for so long. 

Every now and then I find myself patting the dashboard and saying "Thanks, Reep. I love you."

Fastforward to now. It has been 6 months since we moved here and I can't think of a single problem I have had with my car and I have taken it on many long journeys. The LA temple is now an hour and a half away and I go all the time. And we we even drove to the Sequoias last fall, which ended up being a 4-5 hour drive (one way), and I haven't really worried about it. 

I realized that this rebirth of my car has been just one of many prosperity miracles. I think that God probably listened to my list of what I wanted and based on my description, saw that what I really wanted was the car I had, but for it to be more "reliable." And so that is what happened. Oh, and my insurance also went down $300 when I moved. Nice.

Love Reepicheep.

On the way to yoga.

Glamour Girl has been riding in this coach since birth. 

Convertibles are great for hauling large objects like this stick/branch she insisted on taking home.
Lani snapped this while she was here.

This miracle reminds me of/has me thinking of several different things:

Right now I am reading The Neverending Story to my daughter. It is so cool. If you haven't read the book, it's way deeper than the movie (also fun). But basically the gist is that all of Fantastica (and imaginary land inside of a book but which turns out to be much more tied in with "reality" than is first realized) is about to be destroyed unless they can get a human from the outside world to come and give the Childlike Empress a new name. This new name revives her, and then through her power and the imagination of this human, all of Fantastica is reborn. Interesting, huh?  You will have to read the book to get all the layers of meaning there. 

I am also reminded of a cool study done at Princeton University on the effects of intention on random number generating machines. The studies proved that by using only intention, people could get a random number generating machine to generate a predictable pattern of numbers. The study was repeated with 250,000 participants. Amazing I know. But what was most interesting to me was that they found that the results were better and faster when a person first spent some time doing some empathetic bonding with the machine, like people do with their cars. They also found that when a couple, who were in love, were the ones to direct their intention at it, these results were also super fast and awesome. 

Therefore: intention, imagination, and love really do have the power to heal/change all things, even machines, which we often think of as cold, or without life. And sometimes, a new name has all this power within it.

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