Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Little More Time And a Few More Monkeys

I have been thinking a lot about Moses. There was a moment when God became so fed up with the children of Isreal that he declared he would destroy them all and raise up a new covenant people. But because Moses pleaded with the Lord on their behalf, he changed the mind of God.

I have also been thinking of the parable of the vinyard in Jacob. The Lord of the vinyard is ready to burn it down and cut his losses but the servant keeps imploring him to wait a little longer. Do a little more pruning and grafting and see what happens. 

I feel that this is what happens. The timeline and destiny of the world changes day to day based on the prayers of the faithful servants. Someone told me a story about President Kimball (although she wasn't sure if it was him or President McKay so perhaps one of my readers will have a reference for me) about a time he was late for a meeting and his explanation was that he had received some revelation that Christ was coming soon and he had been pleading with the lord for a little more time to build up more righteous people on the earth. 

I keep feeling like we are getting more time. Things are still hastening, but there is no date stamp on things. And the whole way things play out could be different. 

I was recently reminded of the 100 monkeys again. I wrote a blog post about it last year. You can read it here.  I asked God how many enlightened monkeys there are in the world now (in America is what he is showing me) that can move a mountain with their faith and the number is now 85. That means only 15 more to get to 100!

If you know the study then you know once the population of monkeys who had adopted the new consciousness of washing their sweet potatoes rose to 100 suddenly all the monkeys on the whole island and actually whole chain of islands knew how to do it. 

I'm blessed to know many of these 85 people and hundreds more who are so close. So if you were thinking of maybe setting the intention to increase your faith or be more (rather than do more) I invite you to do so and join me. 

Sat nam

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