Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Do You Know The Snow Queen?

It’s no secret that I don’t like cold. That’s why most of the retreats I have taught have been in warm seasons or places. But there is a part of me that keeps coming back to the snow queen. 

She is an image that keeps showing up. She looks like me in a Galadriel sort of way, long hair flowing down, standing on top of a mountain in a long white dress, surrounded by snow. But she is warm. She doesn’t need a parka or a knit hat with a puff ball on top. Or leg warmers or fleece lined tights. Her skin and eyes and lips all look like she is standing comfortably in the tropics, as every snow crystal radiates its unique brightness around her. 

This is the Goddess. The goddess in me. That carries warmth and radiance no matter where she is. And this must be the driving image behind the women’s retreat I will be co-hosting with Heavenly Mother in the lofty peaks of Utah in January. Otherwise, why would I go back to that snowy place? 

What better place to break the frozen lake within, enter and learn from the 7 layers of the heart, heal the voice, and allow the goddess—your own true self goddess image to arise in you. 

Join me and other women in warm community on this vision quest rebirth and make this coming year the best ever. 

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