Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Practical Application of Unusual Spiritual Gifts

Before I left for Hawaii I took a spur of the moment trip to Chicago and to Michigan to see two friends I really wanted to visit before I left mainland and before it got too cold.

It was so much fun. In Michigan I visited Alison who is a kundalini yoga momma and also a shaman and a Mormon and mother of 9 and living her dream (and sometimes nightmare) homesteading on a farm about an hour outside of Ann Arbor. 

While I was there I made my own shamanic drum. Making a drum is a deep experience. It is beyond description at this moment but I'm sure one day I'll write a poem about it. I chose deer hide because deer medicine is all about the heart center. The whole night after I made it, I felt like I was running with deer. But this isn't about me and my drum. So let me begin again. 

I really love people. I love getting to know them up close and personal. They always surprise me. I love having all my expectations and stereotypes blown away. And I love to share this with others and to show that Kundalini Yoga is for all people. 

Lately I have been having lots of fun interviewing people. So while I was in the midwest I did lots of short video interviews. Below is one that I made about Alison. I also took a few of her kids and her husband, which you can see more of on my youtube channel. It was so much fun.

I love what she says about the practical application of spiritual gifts. Alison is a great Shaman (one who sees in the dark) and is going to be holding space with me at my Vision Quest retreat in Solitude Utah coming up in January. FYI there are only a few spaces left for this... (and only one left for overnight accommodations) so if you have been on the fence, register here now.

The Utah Vision Quest Retreat will by last retreat outside of California or Hawaii for a long time. I'm happily back in California and need to put down roots.

Love to all. 


  1. I truly feel like that last spot is meant for me. I'm working on manifesting the cost to make it happen!

    1. email me or FB message me. (I'm Nam Joti Kaur on FB). I might be able to help.