Guess What

I got married.

I've been keeping my love life quiet for a long time. Much of that time it was because there wasn't much happening. It was a choice. Then I made a different choice and was really truly ready (not just telling myself I was ready) and then of course it was only about 2 days and he showed up in my orbit and I did lots of the mental work to conquer all the fears and clear all the PTSD that came with being in a relationship that I knew was headed toward marriage.

I'm so grateful I did! At every milestone of commitment I received so much healing. And so when he asked me to marry him and I said yes and we were thinking about how to do this wedding thing, I knew I just wanted the benefits of the next level of healing. So we eloped. Last month. It was amazing. Here is a video with some pictures.

We got married under a giant mother oak tree in a secret garden in Ojai by a friend and only 2 people were there besides us and my daughter and of course, my wonderful photographer friend.

I did have an interesting thing happen during the ceremony. Right before I was supposed to say "I do," I fainted--or that's what it looked like to everyone else.  But I think I left my body and was with the angels for a while (felt like weeks of floating on a peaceful bliss cloud) and then they sent me back to my body with some sort of healing I needed right before entering this new phase of my life. Then I came to and at first was very confused but then I realized where I was and I said "I do!" Then there was a lot of laughing. For days. I was so blissed out. It was amazing. Still am.

So maybe I'll write more later but for now,  here's what everyone wants to know.

We met online.
He lives out of state still so he commutes here on the weekends till he can find a job and move here to Ojai full time)
He does a 2 hour morning kundalini yoga and meditation practice with me every day (online)
He was baptized Catholic at birth, loves Jesus, and loves all religions and spirituality.
He goes to church with me every Sunday he is in town.
My daughter loves him.
He loves her.
We don't plan on having any more children at this time.
He is originally from San Diego and Ventura county and lived here most of his life.
He is outdoorsy and smart. His job right now involves protecting the environment.


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