It's Time For Me To Start Blogging Again

I took a break from regular blogging three years ago so that I could do some other writing, and just because I felt done. Well, guess what, it's almost time for me to start blogging again. It can feel it coming, and it feels good. I feel clear that intuitive blogging is my seva (selfless service) and it also feels like it will be my joy again. Wahe guru!

Me in Ireland, looking over Killimore Castle. 

Why almost, and not today? Well, right now I am finishing my poetry manuscript and my graduate thesis. When that is sent off, I will be ready. Oh what fun it has been these three years and what I have learned.

I feel almost like a whole new person since that other time when I was blogging sometimes 2-3x week. I have reincarnated into my own life several times over the last three years and I would like to think I have much more to share and that I also have become a better writer.

So if you want to know when I post a new blog, subscribe or do whatever you do to get the notices. I sometimes post them on FB but not always, but you are welcome to post links there in your groups or wherever if you feel inspired to share any of my words. Who knows what they will be.


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