Serving the Soul - Guest Post from Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam! One of my favorite teachers in the world just wrote this article and I'm sharing it with you as a guest post with his permission.  I also recently interviewed him on my Yogic Integrated Living Show on YouTube. You can watch interview 1 and 2 here. Be prepared to be changed just by listening.  Or by reading the below. Dr. Siri Atma is full of wisdom. Not only is he a medical doctor, he is a lifetime yogi and seeker of truth. He was Yogi Bhajan's personal physician the last years of his life and Yogi Bhajan taught him things he didn't tell anyone else.  He also has an upcoming workshop I'll post more about below his post. Enjoy!

Serving the Soul
A guest post by Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

 The soul is a flat disc of consolidated energy about the size of a dime. This disc of energy contains our entire being, our God-created self. When we exist as a soul without a physical body, we are capable of simultaneously thinking, he aring several divine songs (the music of the spheres), and holding multiple conversations with other souls and angels. Your soul body contains everything you love about yourself, everything that makes you unique. There’s no difference between your soul-self and your true identity and personality.

Our human existence and experience is given so our soul can learn to accept the will of God. Our karma is to go through the duality of life until we feel safe enough to let the ego (self-will) go, and let the Universal Soul, Parmatma, take care of us. Our job is to bring our vibration into harmony with the Infinite by following the voice of our soul.

You can learn to vibrate with the Infinite by merging into the group energy in yoga class, morning sadhana or White Tantric Yoga. You can tune in by teaching Kundalini Yoga and merging into the subtle energy of Yogi Bhajan and the Golden Chain. You can merge with your spouse in marriage; in the process of harmonizing with your partner’s soul you will learn to vibrate with the Universal Soul.

We practice Kundalini Yoga to become self-sensory and refine our life’s purpose every moment of every day in conjunction with our soul. In his poetry Guru Nanak refers to himself as a slave. A slave to what? To his soul. If you tune into your soul and act according to your conscience you can create a continuous flow of truth.

The experience of going to a Kundalini Yoga class is interesting. You may feel a resistance to being there. You may remember how great you feel after doing yoga and feel excited to be there. However, when you leave class your first reaction may be to do something that is not in keeping with the vibration you just created. Why is that? Because when your spiritual path comes into focus, you get a glimpse of another reality. You sense the possibility of being able to change and vibrate with your soul. Then doubt creeps in. ‘Is this real? Will anyone understand what I’m going through? Will my friends think I’m crazy?’ With God’s grace you decide to continue on your spiritual path, and invest the energy to overcome  your doubts.

The soul’s voice is the voice of the Infinite, Parmatma. It suggests that this would be a good idea for you to do, or this would be a good thing for you to avoid. The voice of the soul is your conscience, and when you tune into it the Infinite Computer calculates what is best for you instead of your finite self, your ego. What really matters is how well the voice of your soul penetrates your life.

The soul speaks to us only of right and wrong. It does not speak in time and space. When it says, ‘It would be good for you to do this,’ you get a sense or a knowing that it is something you are to do for a certain period of time. You get this sense and your mind wonders why this is so. And your soul says, ‘Because it’s the right thing to do.’

Do you recognize the subtle suggestions of your soul or your ego threatening you to take action to avoid a terrible consequence? The way to tell the difference between the soul and the ego is that your soul is suggestive and your ego instills fear.

If we don’t follow the voice of our soul, we go through life doing things just to please others. Once we start taking actions to serve our self — our compassionate self, not the passionate self — we start to see the soul within. The only thing that truly satisfies us is obeying the voice of the soul; it creates a state of bliss — anand.

We do Kundalini Yoga to control the mind so that we not only hear the voice of the soul but have the courage to follow its suggestions. Ignoring your soul’s instruction takes you to your fate; acting on it delivers you to your destiny. You are on parallel tracks of fate and destiny your whole life, and at each stage in your spiritual growth the test is of greater magnitude until you are free of ego. Yogi Bhajan taught me that ego is an illness of the soul. It causes us to act out of survival mode instead of group consciousness. The remedy is sacrifice and service; actions that are truly anti-ego in nature.
A spiritual teacher is concerned about the relationship between your soul and ego. He wants to free you from the grip of ego which keeps you separated from the Infinite. The job of a spiritual teacher is to help you overcome the trap of ego which makes you act on selfish personal concerns.

As a physician I took care of Yogi Bhajan’s physical body during the last years of his life. One evening I told him my concerns for his well-being if he didn’t follow my medical recommendations. He was very gracious. I can still hear his words, “Now we know the probability, let’s see what God wants.”

It was the most profound statement he ever made to me. It taught me to always, despite the probability, go with the truth of my soul and wait and see the outcome. No matter what the probability, if your soul says go right, go right. If your soul says go left, go left and see where God takes you.
The next day when Yogi Bhajan was fine despite my warning, he looked me in the eye, and without saying a word I could hear him say as clear as a bell, “I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do in this life. I’m not worried about my body; I’m worried about your soul. My soul is set. What about yours?”

Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, MD, author of Waves of Healing and Kundalini Yoga for Intuition & Destiny, is an engaging speaker in the field of yoga, healing and medicine.
Artwork by Hari Jiwan Kaur Khalsa

Dr. Siri Atma has an upcoming workshop on February 22, 2020 in Ojai and if you are not local you can participate via livestream. Please join him for this inspiring event. Click here to get more info and tickets!


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